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Okay, I've been watching
the news for 10 minutes, maybe 20, and already, I've found things that
make me sad to be human.

First, this kindergarten girl was stripped by 3 kindergarten boys at
recess, one kept her head down, another held her legs, and I'm not
going to say what the other did with his head. The boys can't get in
any trouble because they're not 10 yet.

Then, 2 parents beat they're 3 year old son so badly, that his eyes
were swollen shut, he had multiple fractures to his head, and even more
I can't remember right now, because he was "possessed by demons". They
beat him with bamboo sticks, and stabbed at his feet with chopsticks.

If you pay attention to the news, you'll find out even more. Like that
Octomom. You know, the spoiled brat who has 14 kids, no job, and just
fired her nannies. The one who relies on strangers to pay for
everything. Her father bought her a half million dollar house. She
could have accepted a house from the service that got her the nannies,
but she didn't take it because than she couldn't have a TV show in it.
If she gets her show, I'm not watching TV anymore.

This is where we are as a planet. Killings in the name of religion,
Babies exposing other babies, demented freaks getting children,
innocent people dieing every minute, parents calling cops for neighbors
threatening to tell the parents they were swearing, ignorant rich singers/masochists marrying their abusers, and all we hear about is the
spoiled celebrity staring in a movie that sucks. The media is geared
for the idiots who live by knowing things about "stars", and when it's
not for that, then it's to satisfy mankinds morbid curiosity.
Personally, I prefer the insane. I envy the insane. They don't
have to worry about the stock market, or their appearance, or anything.
Their reality must be simpler, better, peaceful. And who's to say
they're the insane ones. Maybe they are the ones that see what's
actually there, and we are the ones blind and insane. Who's to
say what's real? Whats real is something that you can feel. You can
touch. How many times have you had a dream that was so realistic? How
many times have you been confused when you awoke because you thought
you were awake? I, myself, think that we hope to stay in our dreams,
and try so hard that we lose reality in the moments while we wake. We
desperalely need to stay in our dreams, because that's what
should be. No "Holy Wars", no "Hanger 18" or "Area 51", no corrupt
officials, no damned "PMRC", no false records in schools, no rich, no
poor, no crime, no need for crime, nothing that exists in our f***ed up
reality. The reason for bad dreams is the fact that they aren't dreams,
they're premonitions of what to come, just jumbled up, maybe you
getting run over by an 18 wheeler in a bad dream, when someone is getting run over at that moment. You notice that you never remember peaceful dreams, just the bad ones. The reason for that is remembering without being able to live it is too depressing to comprehend.

Shadow28 Creator

And I thought I was the one with no life.

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