Hi there fellow Stalkers, friends and followers, I am the Project Leader of the awesome and anticipated, although severly delayed, STALKER Rebalanced Mod. It is a pleasure to have made your acquaintance :-) Please feel free to add me as a friend in Battle Log for BF4, user name: _St0rm_Shad0vv_

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_storm_shadow_ Jul 26 2014, 6:05am replied:

Not true, and if you really believed that instead of trolling, you would've logged on with your real ID.

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_storm_shadow_ May 2 2014, 1:24am replied:

It should only disappear for a second, then the dialog box to choose your amount of sleep should open. Is this not the case?

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_storm_shadow_ Apr 30 2014, 4:38am replied:

No info at this time.

Happy memorial for April 26th.

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_storm_shadow_ Apr 30 2014, 4:37am replied:

Hope all is well with you too buddy.

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_storm_shadow_ Apr 30 2014, 4:37am replied:


I agree with your comments. THis mopd is not dead. Lack of updates means that back ground work is going on to balance many aspects of the gameplay.


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_storm_shadow_ Jan 18 2014, 5:14pm says:

Depending on how long you sleep for, you may wake up hungry, but you will always wake with fully rejuvenated endurance (energy).

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_storm_shadow_ Jan 18 2014, 5:05pm replied:

No **** indeed, lol. Take a look at the comments of this screen shot, where I explain the hunger/endurance system employed in Reb:


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_storm_shadow_ Jan 12 2014, 12:46am replied:

Hi, excellent questions;

Yes, stealth works perfectly. I especially love doing the Mill Case mission for Trader in the Cordon. I wait until night, take a silenced weapon and sneak around the mine field and over the back fence of the Outpost, then onto the roof of the Barracks, drop down through the man-hole, grab the case. Then sneak up the stair case, over the fence, and back out through the mine field. It's intense.

Of course, there is still the engine bug, that you don't want to load a saved game while sneaking in the shadows, or you will be magically detected. The work around for this is to save save before sneaking in, and if you get detected or killed, then you just have to do that bit again.

Sorry to disappoint, but this version is not yet released, stay tuned tho.... You can still find the old version at Stalker Files, but I wouldn't recommend it, it's rather dated now.



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_storm_shadow_ Dec 5 2013, 5:47am says:

Apologises to all the Mod's followers and thank you for your anticipation. Other RL commitments have got to many team members, myself, I have recently moved address and this is the first day I've got internet back on. My whole computer is still in boxes, as is most of my house.

Don't worry, this is not vapour-ware, a release is still intended. The next patch to the current RC build will be released to the testers shortly, once I'm back up and running, etc. Then the mod should be in a ready state to be released to you.

At this time, I think that I won't be including the latest ZRP in this release. Although I am anticipating a lot of great features from it, the work required to merge it in will incur even more massive delays. It will be intended for a later release of Rebalanced instead.


Storm Shadow
Project Lead
Team Rebalanced

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_storm_shadow_ Oct 3 2013, 11:38pm replied:

You won't be disappointed with the grenades I do have though. I have Napalm, White Phos and Air-burst. The NPCs can throw them too, and soon they will be able to use their under barrel launchers aswell!

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_storm_shadow_ Oct 3 2013, 11:03pm says:

Description of the included binaries, Extended Grass Draw Distance:


These binaries are from XiaNi's Increased range rendering of grass, translated by Bamah.

XiaNi's comments here:
"Range rendering grass is now limited only by the number of slots in the level.details and the amount of memory allocated for instance CDetailManager.
supports all renderers SoC 1.0004, 1.0005, 1.0006; CS 1.5.10; CoP 1.6.02. >> binary patcher libraries xrRender_R *. dll on Perl: v.0.8 >> Also see the thread render in XRay extensions especially for foreign Komrad - this thing is set up fellow KD aka KD87 with the participation of persons listed in the readme.txt. Older screenshots: Animated comparison (full-size images, high traffic )"

Bamah's comments here:
"In Stalker grass is drawn by default 49x49 square cells with the player at the center. However, the
in this box are imposed some processing engine, so that in fact it is almost a circle
with a radius of about 49.
The parameter line must specify a new range of "circle."
Warning, do not fit any number. It must:
a) be odd
b) to give 1 as the remainder of division by 4.
Example: 53,57,89,97,125 well, something. Think for yourself, these numbers dofiga.
The rest is at your own risk.
The maximum number of as yet unknown. Stalker works fine PM and 401 meter
radius of the drawing. Pick a comfortable fps on your machine."

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_storm_shadow_ Oct 3 2013, 10:56pm says:

Description of the included binaries, Large Memory Aware:


These binaries are from Techno Bacon's STALKER Soup mod. He gave me permission by email to use these in Reb. His comments below:

also, have you tried using one of the extended xrgame..dll files? the 134 version gives me 3.88gig of ram to use. not 100% sure of the differences in the extended xrgame.dll files but all three support the digital zoom, new in dmx133/134, as well as containing the ‘large address aware’ header for win32/64

And from his readme:


To achieve more ram for renderer, the xrgame.dll file in the STALKER bin folder needs
to be changed.

There are three versions provided that are known to work:

4gig_132_verified - Version of 2-29-2008, works well with some older versions.

4gig_133_verified - Version of 11-21-2010, so far the most stable (least cstack errors). RECOMMENDED

4gig_134_verified - Version of 10-26-2010, verified for Steam but still evaluating overall performance
and stability.

ALSO: Field of View switcher for ver 1.0005 xrGame.dll that gives standard FOV or 90
degree FOV while NOT disturbing the large address patch.
Remember that the collision distance was set based on the standard FOV thus you will
see through cracks and corners when against walls when in 90 FOV.

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_storm_shadow_ Oct 3 2013, 10:55pm says:

Description of the included binaries, Sound Engine:


These binaries are updated from the retail release, they fix/reduce some crashes related to the use of certain Sound Blaster cards. These files are from Imperial Reign's Ambient Audio Overhaul mod, which is included in Reb in full. His comments below:

Included with AAO (since original version), and also part of the SWO3 release (IIRC). Also, unless I'm mistaken, I've been the primary *push* for the mod scene adopting the new audio libraries as well. The older BF2 OAL.dll was a work-around for audio-related game crashes people were having back during the early days of WIN Vista (though no one was having issues with XP at the time - lots of technical on this, which I'll not delve into here).

Actually, the BF2 OAL32 is an older version than the one I've provided with AAO. The EAX.dll is actually nabbed from FEAR, and is the most current version of this library available on the i-nets (v4.0.0.2 IIRC)... even the eax.dll used in Doom3 and Thief eadly Shadows (both support EAX5.0HD) is an old release library.

wrap_OAL.dll is hit or miss. The library I provided is the newest I could get my hands on, and that works with SoC (not all versions will)... *but* it DOES NOT work with either CS or CoP. The changes to x-ray are looking for a specific file version, not just a named library, as some of the internal architecture of the library was changed with newer updates. Through all my testing, the only version of wrap_OAL.dll that works with x-ray 1.5 and 1.6 are the versions that were released with the game...

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 21 2013, 5:22am replied:

Since my last comment, I have changed that MP5 to a PPSh-41 :), much more fitting.

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 20 2013, 9:22pm replied:

The thing that makes Rebalanced great is all the little things. And I mean like all of them combined, there is so much to consider when balancing all aspects of this amazing game-play. So much testing and adjusting, finding themes to apply to all variants of certain aspects. This is why it takes so long between each release and each patch, but this will make it totally worth while.

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 20 2013, 7:28pm replied:

yeah, like on Metalocalypse "Blood Puke, awesome title for a song!"

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 20 2013, 7:26pm replied:

yeah bro, they all got full working iron sights, except the SKS, that's scoped. it is a little orange, perhaps you could touch it up a bit....

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 20 2013, 2:09am replied:

Yeah, these weapons more suit the style of load-outs that the Bandits use in Rebalanced. Cheap and reliable. There is also an MP5 and an Ingram Mac-10 (not pictured), which will also be good for the underground too.

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 14 2013, 10:07pm says:

Hey everyone,

Just a friendly reminder; all team members are expected to read all the News Articles, as posted here:

Rock on,


PS, and make sure that you are all watching (tracking) the group, so that you will get notifications from ModDB of all new updates, news articles, etc.

and PPS: make sure you read up on all of the forum's threads and thread watch them all. plus make sure your personal profile is checked to receive Email alerts when a comment I posted is replied to.

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 14 2013, 10:20am replied:

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 13 2013, 11:29pm says:

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 13 2013, 11:26pm replied:

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 13 2013, 8:26pm says:

Best wishes for your Engineering degree man.

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 12 2013, 1:20am says:

Please read the Download and dropbox location thread for the details of where to download the current build, and if you have files you want to upload for the team:


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_storm_shadow_ Sep 12 2013, 1:08am says:

Mean! the old version still looks pretty good to this day. The new version's not quite as vibrant, not quite as high contrast. Although the old version still looks really good in screen shots, I found that the shadows were too dark. I have put a lot of effort into getting the ambient lighting to suit all environments, so that shadows aren't too dark, but nights are still suitably dark. Like any time you need to use a flashlight to look into a shadow, I knew that something was wrong. This has been addressed considerably more now.

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 11 2013, 5:50am replied:

haha, that would be cool. but not in this mod. sorry.

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 11 2013, 5:34am replied:

no no, its just to replace the model for the anti-rad and adrenaline, which are already there, just don't have a good model.

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 11 2013, 5:16am replied:

fo sho! lol. yes, all those items and some new ones too will be in. im currently working on syringes, but don't know if they will make the final build (bit buggy, which is a pity)

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 11 2013, 4:18am replied:

Good to hear my friend. You won't be disappointed. v1.2 concentrates on an awesome gameplay blend that really makes you work for it, which gives a great sense of reward. Of course it has all the graphical tweaks too.

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_storm_shadow_ Sep 9 2013, 7:50am replied:

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