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Spec Ops Warfare
Battlefield 2

1. Spec Ops Warfare

1 week ago Released Jul 30, 2013 Single Player First Person Shooter

A mod about stealth,technology,extreme fighting, and guns!

Extreme Singleplayer mini-mod
Battlefield 2

2. Extreme Singleplayer mini-mod

1 year ago Released Jul 18, 2011 Single Player First Person Shooter

Extreme Singleplayer mini-mod AI mod, It allow play all sizes 16, 32 and 64 basic BF2 maps with bots support.

Russian Insurgency
Battlefield 2

3. Russian Insurgency

1 year ago Released Feb 24, 2012 Single Player Tactical Shooter

The year is 2017. The federalist Russian government has issued a law that makes any practice of communism a crime against the state. A group of men and...

Battlefield: Scandinavia
Battlefield 2

4. Battlefield: Scandinavia

1 month ago TBD Single, Multiplayer & Co-Op Tactical Shooter

After nearly 5 years of brutal fighting between the European Union and the Russian Federation, a depression has gripped the Western World. The EU has...

SOW: After The Nuke
Battlefield 2

5. SOW: After The Nuke

1 year ago TBD Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

this mod will have all the high tech toys from SOW but this time those high tech toys are for those post nuke survivors a.k.a zombies. this is a spec...

Battlefield 2

6. Revival

1 year ago TBD Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

A mod with the aim of "Reviving" Battlefield 2 to feel generally better. Well...not really, I just needed a base mod to dump all the content I do for...

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