I am very passionate about civil rights for lazy people.

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0 comments by Lt.Dann on Nov 26th, 2014

If you do what you love doing for as work, then you won't love it anymore.
I think males and females are equally stupid and selfish, but in their own ways.
You might just have to kill your parents.
My logic has a bigger dick than your logic.
I had a bad childhood and psychological damage, therefore I'm entitled to get the attention I want.
Nice people don't think of themselves as nice people.
If sex roles are made by society, why do animals have sex roles?
If I could be any animal, it would be a mother fucking T-Rex.
I heard feminists say rape is not sex or sexual it's about dominance; has she ever heard of BDSM?
I think everyone should learn psychology, because narcissists are born to manipulate our minds, so the more modest people know about psychology, the best we can defend against this eternal enemy.
What I like about Russia is that they openly show their lack of empathy, while the United States works through manipulation and seduction.
You turn my software into hardware.
I'm not antisocial I'm pro-silence.
Narcissists are vampires in sexy clothing.
The problem with women is that I never got laid.
Scientists now believe that women are also from Mars.
You are all just jealous of my modesty and selflessness.
I'm not totally against capitalism, I still need someone to buy drugs from.
Governments and corporations are equally untrustworthy, so what do we do?
Did I mention I wanted to be a mother fucking T-Rex?

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