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Help Needed

8 years ago The Corporation 1 comment

To help make this mod something worth playing, we currently have all positions open , if you enjoy modding and, above all, are dedicated and enthusiastic...

Media Frenzy

Media Frenzy

9 years ago The Corporation 9 comments

Since our last update in august, the team behind “The Corporation” has been working very hard to produce some top-notch ingame material for release...

A Grand Birthday

A Grand Birthday

9 years ago The Corporation 4 comments

Wow, one year, well as of the 21st. It has been a long time hasn?t it? It has taken some hard work, but "The Corporation" is still very much...

Media Rollout

9 years ago The Corporation 0 comments

In September I joined the mod as a level designer. The mod wasn’t anything special, just another half life 2 mod, but thanks to the very determined...

The Media Train

10 years ago The Corporation 0 comments

That’s right, more media! Today I bring all of you people some media to feast your eyes on, some weapon renders and a new map! We have a showcase of...

Hazzars are in order

10 years ago The Corporation 0 comments

As the title of the news implies, very happy news is upon us, with the help of the great Moloy and his knowledge of site design, we have a new site. Note...

Recruitment for "The Corporation" mod

10 years ago The Corporation 0 comments

Hello to all, I’m SgtJman, the mod leader of “The Corporation” a single player modification for Half-Life², we are currently looking for new members...

Media Release and New Site

10 years ago The Corporation 4 comments

As said above we have our new website. For those of you who don’t know The Corporation is a Sci-Fi HL2 mod taking place in the future where the government...

News flash

10 years ago The Corporation 0 comments

We have a new host for our website, check out Our website will be yet it does not exist as of yet, though much better than freewebs. I was making a flash...


10 years ago The Corporation 0 comments

The Corporation Mod now has it's own forums, you can reach them from here or from a link on our website. on the forums there will be posts about...

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