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Red Orchestra

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It's not realistic at all. Your character can't run 10 feet without running out of breath, it feels like you're sliding on ice all the time, there's no way to reload any MG, the weapon sway is set to high, your allies LOVE to run you and other allies over whenever they get inside a tank, the AI barely shoots and when they do it's always from the hip so their shots go wild all the time and the controls are near impossible to learn. Oh yeah, and the char models look like ***. Some of them (I swear to god) looks like they're victims of a domestic dispute.

If anyone wants to get a (somewhat) realistic WWII shooter, don't go for this mod, instead get Battlefield 2 and download the Forgotten Hope 2 mod. Or better yet, if you want a more realistic game PERIOD, get the Project Reality mod for BF2.

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