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It's been over a year since my last update i thought I'd do some reminiscing... also since it won't be that long and I'll have been a member of this, the most awesomest of websites for 5 years...

...Count em' 5 years...

Something that's been Awesome in that time is watching some of the best mods/games I've ever played go from nothing more than an Idea and one Picture to a full blown download. there is nothing better than not only playing a mod/game, but to watch it grow and evolve, that's what makes it even sweeter. I remember in the early days playing an early (Pre-SGMG) version of Stargate: Empire at War (Star Wars: Empire at War), Being Confused as all hell with Cube Experimental(Fallout 3), playing god knows how many Mods for Mount and Blade... and loving every minute of it.

Looking back on some of the fun and mental anguish that has happened I have to say... Its been a pretty damn good time, watching members come and go, and return out of the blue months later, Starting a war between Sierra and Piper by simply changing my username and almost starting a second between Australia and the Kiwi's (Got so close). I started a Stargate video project, that ultimately crashed and burned (mostly because work and life got in the way for everyone on the crew). Also made some 3D Models for a few projects around the place... God knows if any of those projects actually survived.


3D modelling has been another major part of my life on Moddb. started off creating VERY basic models and eventually with the help of more than a few people, mainly SCARECROW, have become a bucket load better and totally rebuilt a few of my earlier models or even scrapped and replaced many. Unfortunately in the last few months i have had very little time for it, which saddens me since I used to love to spend hours at a time making ships and weaponry. And even tried my hand not long ago at a, for lack of a better word, "droid", which like many models, such as the McQuinn, the Rifle, the shuttle and many others, remain unfinished.


The "Stargate ModDB Fan Group" has got to be the only project I've had that has really survived. 4 and a half years and it has 584 members, couldn't be happier, Well i could be if the show was still on the air :[. Unfortunately even it seems to be dying since the end of the show and the 0.001% chance that we somehow manage to get a proper Stargate game that's not a mod or on tablets, no matter how awesome those mods are. Hopefully the group can survive on the little trickles of news that manage to get thrown in.


When I joined ModDB back in 2008 I was still in school, working in a fish and chip shop 3 nights a week and had a good 40 hours of free time a week... now im working in a giant hole in the ground called the super pit, which is just as dirty and smelly, work 5 days, 12 hours a day, and only have about half the spare time, which means less time on what I'd rather be doing... scouring ModDB for those hidden Gems.

The Next 5 Years...

I hope to god im still an active member of this site in another 5 years. Would be over the moon if I was, and i also hope that most of the awesome people I've met in the last five years are right there with me.

Who knows what might happen. I may finally get that War with the Kiwi's, or finish of some of those unfinished 3D models, or hell we may even get a Stargate console game (if we're EXTREMELY lucky). All i can hope for Is that in five years I'm still here, the most awesome people (you) are still here... and that there's a bucket load more fun, mods and indie games to come from ModDB

I'd like to end this with some wise words from Colonel Jack O'Neill: I'd like to apologize in advance for anything I may say, or do, that could be construed as offensive, as I slowly go NUTS!

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Havoc_frost Nov 18 2010 says:

no prob and it looks like theres an argument on your page!

+2 votes     reply to comment
KiwiWarrior Nov 14 2010 says:

@C&C-Pickled hmmm tank vs tree what wins -.-, plane with bombs vs trees what wins -.-

+2 votes     reply to comment
C&C-Pickled Nov 20 2010 replied:

tanks IN trees, vs tanks hmmm... who wins there...

+2 votes     reply to comment
sgt.davis44 Nov 19 2010 replied:

Don't worry, we'll send some lions over. Tank vs. Lion, who wins?

+2 votes     reply to comment
[$#!T-Happens] Creator
[$#!T-Happens] Nov 15 2010 replied:

nice :P

+2 votes   reply to comment
KiwiWarrior Nov 4 2010 says:

sigh the the hell


+1 vote     reply to comment
KiwiWarrior Oct 29 2010 says:

@SCΛRECROW Oct 27 2010, 10:12pm replied:
New Zealand has no combat aircraft, no tanks and no submarines... :P

why would we fight in the water =P, when you guys come over here you will see trees and be like WTF are those, i ever seen a tree before =P, wheres all the dust xD

+1 vote     reply to comment
C&C-Pickled Nov 12 2010 replied:

New Zealand is so special that we don't need tanks or anything, all we need is our best of the best S.A.S. teams. All our men are trained to the highest standard and equipped with the latest in combat gear. You will find that us Kiwis would have an advantage through our home ground being not suitable for aircraft or tanks or submarines. Because of the extensive forests in our country we can fall back to the forests where out snipers will pick off any troops, your tanks will be unable to move through the area and aircraft will be ineffective due the the massive extense of forest New Zealand boasts which is not as susceptible to bush fire ans Australia so it cannot be burned down. And of course as far as I know submarines cannot walk yet. Also we have developed a special project to genetically enhance the kiwi bird to become augmented super soldier birds! with guns for beaks and toasters for feet!

+1 vote     reply to comment
SCΛRECROW Oct 30 2010 replied:

At which point we would bomb the trees with our air force to turn them into dust. :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
micky123 Oct 31 2010 replied:

*cough* ash *cough* lol :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
KiwiWarrior Oct 30 2010 replied:

yes ****** yes there is and how this get up here god dam it,

aussie moddb hits again

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