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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 26 2008, 9:55pm says:

oh and for anyone reading this the show will be delayed until january next year.... so we have more time to plan, make the first few episodes, and so we dont have to work too much over christmas

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 26 2008, 9:43pm replied:

yeah just go to the admin only part of the forum and we'll use that so people don't find out too much

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 25 2008, 6:17pm replied:

yeah beta testing was so much fun......until you have to restart the game 3 times to make sure exactly what the bug is... but merlin you guys have done an exceptional job on it.....just need to wait for the new computer im gettin so i can run the game at high grapohics all the time

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 25 2008, 3:08am says:

dude i loved TFU and thank god i found this....i love you guys (not in that way you sick people)

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 25 2008, 2:58am says:

yeah i made the group like 4 hours after i posted that and i'm still waitin for authorisation

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 24 2008, 8:49am replied:

seriously the makers of these mods should be getten commision or somethin...lots of people are buying these games for the mods

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 23 2008, 9:02pm says:

okay then i'll start the group as soon as possible

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 22 2008, 9:42pm says:

looks good
can't wait

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 22 2008, 10:35am says:

can't wait

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 22 2008, 7:32am says:

are you sure thats not a real teacup?

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 22 2008, 7:30am says:

im thinking of starting a group were all the videos are posted and stuff, but that means that i'll be in 5 groups and that seams a bit much

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 21 2008, 7:47pm says:

okay so far we have:
4 people who want to help: Marauder76, CKYRules, TROGDOR!!!!, and ZionandGaz

Marauder76: Story Writing.
TROGDOR!!!!: Editing, maybe Recording.
CKYRules: Story Writing, Map Making(hopefully).
ZionandGaz: Story Writing, Editing, Maybe recording.

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 19 2008, 6:49pm says:

either that or the Supergate

+1 vote   media: History Is No Longer Set...
[$#!T-Happens] Nov 18 2008, 10:35pm says:

i think that it's an ancient outpost

+1 vote   media: Ragh!
[$#!T-Happens] Nov 18 2008, 5:50pm says:

lookin good
so i gather there is a crashed BC-304 and a landed one?

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 18 2008, 8:40am says:

some things i forgot to mention
1.i will post the first couple of episodes on moddb and i will be posting all the episodes (obviously) on youtube under the username "SGEAW15"

2.each episode will be approximately 15 minutes, 25 tops.

3.the pilot will be realesed no sooner than friday the twelth of december

4.i am planning to have one episode every week, and there will be a few breaks of a week. maybe two of three tops

5.there may be 20 episodes a series and a break of a couple of weeks if i find enough support to do a second series

REMINDER: most of this information is not final, it is subject to change. and i am looking for community involvement

I will be running comps over the next few weeks to give names to the ships, people and places.(this is definite)


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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 18 2008, 8:11am says:

this is for a Mini-series that I am making using SGEAW... and im not yet sure if I will have scenes from the show and if I do it will only be from season 5 of Atlantis unless I can get my Fraps sound recording to work properly

Here’s a short overview

The Russian government gets a new BC-304 class ship called the "Aushev" and are out on routine patrol of the Pegasus galaxy to find a planet that would be suitable to create a Russian outpost. They find a planet that is suitable for an outpost and set up.

When the "Aushev" goes to leave an Ancient battle cruiser appears out of nowhere and remains still. The "Aushev" contacts Atlantis and a team is sent to investigate. They arrive with the Apollo and attempt to dock with the ship but it enters hyperspace before they can. The Apollo tracks it back to Atlantis where another ancient Battle cruiser is waiting....

That’s pretty much as far as I have gotten with writing the story...
I am looking for some help with recording, story writing, scene making, and also editing etc.

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 16 2008, 11:21pm replied:

yes very weird little things...... very annoying weird little things.....
especially when you have to continuously restart the game cause of very annoying weird little things

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 15 2008, 8:36pm replied:

i know sometimes confuses me!

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 15 2008, 11:30am replied:

install 1.05 of EAW then install the 0.8 mod..... but you might aswell wait for the final 1.0 that comes out in 15 days (roughly), cause you'll get used to 0.8 and then when you get 1.0 it's really diferent and you'll get ****** off..... i know i did (although thats the beta)

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 15 2008, 11:26am says:

too dark... cant see it properly...looks alright from what i can see though

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 15 2008, 8:21am replied:

yeah but i've noticed the more money i have the more friends i have and right now im pretty much broke so yeah

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 15 2008, 7:36am says:

do you know how hard it is to make these models and the textures for them......Bloody Hard

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 15 2008, 6:25am says:

my mom hates the fact that i mod.... she thinks it's a waste of time...pfft

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 15 2008, 12:47am says:

the only reasons that the graphics aren't the best is because if the'yre too detailed it limits the amount of people who can play it and if they're more detailed it makes the game bigger and take longer to load

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[$#!T-Happens] Nov 14 2008, 12:26am replied:

just go to the GOA site and put in an application in the Forum
although i have to say we need voice actors and texture artists more

+1 vote   game: Stargate - Gates of Atlantis
[$#!T-Happens] Nov 13 2008, 8:58pm says:

dude that looks wicked

+1 vote   media: Till the end
[$#!T-Happens] Nov 13 2008, 8:53pm says:

I love the new P90 and the event horizon

+1 vote   news: War Begins
[$#!T-Happens] Nov 13 2008, 5:40pm replied:

i guess with the calm writing he likes to repeat himself......maybe i'll shut up

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
[$#!T-Happens] Nov 12 2008, 5:44pm replied:

it should be released on the 30th of this month

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