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After only several hours of work I've just completed the Rebuild of the Pistol i made a while ago... i feel this one looks Much better even considering it took bugger all to modify
I haven't gotten to making anything on the list i set for myself to build... oh well :P

Black - Means nothing has been done since the last update
Red - Means i have done some but not completed
Striked Red - Means it has been completed since last update
Green - New to the list and nothing has been done

these are my Current Build & Rebuilds Lists


  • Battle Mech
  • Small planetary shield emitter
  • Large drop ship (large- being able to drop in roughly 200 soldiers)
  • The Bridge and several key areas to the McQuinn
  • Variations for the Infantry Weapons D10 Pistol- R-95 AR - Q78 SMG - QH980 SR
  • Variations for the Manned and Remote Fighters
  • A Light and a Heavy Bomber


  • Fixing up my weapons and the ammunition to make them look more realistic (D10 Pistol- R-95 AR - Q78 SMG - QH980 SR)
  • Building the Cabin for the new corvette and some final touch ups to the ship
  • The Small Transport Shuttle - that i did not really release apart from glimpses in other models with a full 'refurbishment'
  • The Omega Class Heavy Attack Frigate - just clean up some of the rough edges i left and make it a little more realistic

Looks good. I like the pistol designs the best. Will be very interested to see what the crafts will look like once the textures are applied.

Oh, and an advice for future posts: Include progress pictures. Not everyone will be as thorough as I to check the images section...

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[$#!T-Happens] Author

thanks.. I'll remember to link some pictures in the future

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