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"The Box"

After an almost sleepless night that continued well after the end of Part 2, which involved Sensu being stunned at Sierra's ability to remember it's Sensu, Scarecrow pointing out every little spllng and gRaMmAtIcAl error in these stories and Tactical running around in a circles for hours screaming rape before almost being crushed by a strange box that had fallen throughb the incomplete roof of the barracks.

"What the hell is it" Shit-Happens asked the group not able to take his eyes off the strangly crafted runes on the side of the box
"Who cares it did a shit job of killing Tactical... i mean if it cant even crush him what good is it to us " Sensu pointed out looking around the room trying to locate the babbling mess but being unable to find him
"Why don't we open it?" Sierra Asked
"Does it even open... and for that matter if it does whats to say it wont be something bad" Scarecrow said leaning closer trying to determine if it was dangerous or not
"Yeah but what if its something good" Shit-Happens said still unable to take his eyes off the runes and unable to stop poking them
"Ah Touché, Douché" Scarecrow responded
"Yep... wait what" Shit-Happens snapped finally taking his eyes off the runes
"Oh for Gods sake here" Tactical said walking over to the strange box and tapping runes on the side and making the box glow.... before once again returning to his corner
After Tactical had touched the box a small screen had opened on one of the sides and was displaying strange symbols that the group had concluded were complete mumbo jumbo
"OMFG!.... and you guys say im the dumb one... its a god damn timer" Tactical yelled actually getting up from his corner again and standing next to the group to take an active part kin the conversation
"Look every second the last symbol changes and every ten the next one changes and every minute the next one changes"Tactical explained to the group
"Yeah.... yeah we knew that" Shit-Happens said, looking confused and
"Now.... what could the timer be for" Sensu asked
"OMFG" Tactical screamed once again returning to his corner but instead of rabbling he laid down and went to sleep, while cursing the group
After ten minutes of sitting back and doing nothing to the box Scarecrow finally broke the silence
"Okay i can now count these numbers... and as it turns out we have three and a half minutes till the timer gets to zero"
and after a nother 3 or so minutes....
"How long now" Sierra asked
"You know what if your gonna ask that every five minutes then..." Scarecrow said before being interupted
"What... its only been three minutes since you figured out what the numbers were and 10 seconds since the last time he asked...why did you say five minutes?" Sensu asked
"Being around you morons every minutes feels like an eternity" Scarecrow snapped
"Dude... you still didnt answer my question" Sierra snapped back
"DING" said the Box
"Dude what... the bomb said... nevermind i dont wanna know" Tactical said
after the ding the box glowed and then the roof of the box rose from the box and flew across the room smashing into Tactical who had returned to sitting in the corner
"Dude whats in there" Sensu asked having been shoved behind the rest of the group who were peering inside the box
"I believe they are M4 Carbines, fires 750 to 900 5.66 mm rounds per minute at a velocity of"
"Scarecrow a simple, its full of M4's would have sufficed" Shit-Happens interrupted

"The Barracks"

The team was lying in their barracks looking up at the stars remembering they had failed to complete the roof of the building due to the setbacks of Sensu almost killing Tactical the first day there... to expand on the story a team of moddb members had been dropped into the Middle East and given a heap of supplies to keep them alive.
"Ahhh S-H you probably should have explained this in the first part" Scarecrow butted in
"Shut up dude im writing this thing" I replied
Anyway, lets continue with the story...

"Seriously Bellus, we could have had this roof up if you hadn't beat the crap out of Tactical" Sierra Leader said
"Don't make me beat the crap out of you dude" Sensu yelled back at Sierra, getting out of his bed and walking through a hole in the wall that had been made, due to them also forgetting to install a door
"And we could have had a door rather than a hole if you had been watching what you were doing Sierra" Shit-Happens said sarcastically while Tactical still dazed after having the crap beat out of him, sat in the corner continuously mumbling "we're so dead, we're so dead we're so screwed"
"I think he may need medical attention... His mind is massively screwed up" Scarecrow said looking over to the corner at Tactical
"umm... sorry to burst your bubble dude but he was always screwed up" Sierra joked
"yeah maybe your mind is screwed up if you forgot that" Shit-Happens Joked as well
five minutes passed without a noise until...
"Hey Bell... is a good thing to ring" Sierra said trying to get Sensu back inside then remembering the name change as Sensu walked back in while brushing dirt off his shoulders
"what happened to you" Sierra asked
"Well... they sent in another team of moddb members" Sensu told them, making them sit up as fast as if they'd been shot at
"Dude when?..... and why didnt you tell us" Sierra, Scarecrow and Shit-Happens Said Simultaneously
"Well it only happened bout 5 minutes when i walked out and cause nobody followed me outside i investigated on my own" Sensu said "there is four of em and you know how our crates are red?"
"Really... i didn't notice" Shit-Happens said getting up to look at one of the crates out side "huh" he said returning inside
"Well theirs are blue" Sensu said
"Wait a minute.... this sounds familiar... like some sort of red vs blue thing... oh well" Sierra Kenny said
"wait... what why with the kenny again... what did i do?" Sierra Kenny asked
"I just remembered you forgetting about the whole Sensu thing" Shit-Happens explained
"Oh man this is so unfair... tactical did it too" Sierra Kenny explained "oh come on now" he continued
"Yeah but he had the crap beaten out of him and he is mentally unstable" Shit-Happens explained to the dead man
"OH COME ON" Sierra Kenny yelled
"Hey you deserve it since you also forgot to install the door which meant we had to break the wall that was supposed to be the roof which is another reason why the roof isn't finished" Scarecrow explained.... as he did for the next ten minutes...
"yeah but Sensu wasted time.... and what do we need a roof for there aint gonna be any rain here any time soon... its the freakin desert"
"he does have a point" came the voice of Tactical before his return to his usual nonsensical blabber

<!-- In my last Blog i mentioned a novel i started writing... this isnt it but i just had a little creative writing session and came up with this and I think you'll find this... well... "enjoyable".. :P i might make more parts but we'll see about it


As usual it was a hot winters day in the Middle East, and many of the worlds governments have started conscripting people into the armed forces from the moddb community... for some strange unknown reason cause i sure as hell wouldn't trust any of them with a gun... anyway i'll get on with it.

The moddb task force had been contructed to give the little gamers a taste of what their characters in their games went through. Anyway Sierra Leader & Shit-happens were having an argument about who should lead the team, Sierra Leader, was pointing out how his SN actually had leader in it, shit-happens was saying how he was writing the story and it was his choice. Meanwhile Tactical was saying he was chosen because he was the best out there, Sensu.Okami was complaining about people continuously calling him Bellus and Scarecrow was pointing out all the things that were wrong with this story.

"But my name has leader in it. I mean how stupid would it be if i wasnt the leader, i mean come on" Sierra Leader explained
"Dude im writing this story, so if your gonna keep complainin bout this i'll make you the guy who gets killed every episode.... i may even start calling you 'Sierra Kenny'.. how bout that ?" Shit-happens snapped back
"Nah im fine..." Sierra leader replied retreating to the rest of the team to find tactical standind on a group of crates and going on about how great he was
"The reason they chose me is because i am the best moddb has to offer... you guys , and that means you Bellus, are just here so i dont make the rest of the army look bad" Tactical yelled at everyone
"IM NOT F***ING BELLUS, IM SENSU" Sensu yelled before jumping up the crates and tackling Tactical
"You should have used your shoulder more in the tackle rather than your arm and also Tactical, your here to get you of the moddb servers so you will stop annoying people" Scarercrow interrupted
"God dammit Scarecrow... you gotta point out every little flaw dont ya" Shit-Happens said while getting Sensu off Tactical
"Well someone has to" Scarecrow snapped back
"I still think i should be le..." Sierra Leader said before getting a look from Shit-Happens
"Sorry, slip of the tongue" Sierra Kenny explained
"oh come on it was an accident" Sierra Leader snapped
"Thankyou" He continued

since completing the Omega Primus... i have nothing to do, i cant seem to be able to even get a base desing for the McQuinn or anything like a space station or anything... gotta wait till june for my apprenticeship to start so got nothin to do till then :-[
i got so bored today i actually started doing some creative writing and actually made up a complete baseline for a novel.... the even stranger thing is that i have actually kept writing into the story :P
i may write a blurb about what it is about and maybe even eventually upload the story here or somethin.. if i end up finishin it :P

well the omega primus is coming along better than i would have hoped, still have a fair bit to do on it though... ive just started a new ship which will be a hell of a lot bigger and than the omega primus and have a hell of a lot more weapons... soon i'll start remaking my original tanean ships with a lot more detail including hangars, bridges, and weapons on it and pretty much totally remake the ships.

got a big year ahead full of 18ths, already had like one each week already and got somethin like 7 or 8 next month... its bullshit though that i gotta wait till right at the end of the year for mine and ill probably be away on holiday for it so i wont be able to spend it with friends, which is a massive bummer.

the best thing about aussie day isnt celebrating our whats-ama-jiga its the drinking.... (yes i am currently drunk :P and listening to hilltop hoods)
and beuing drunk it is remarkable how i am able to avoid a large amount of spelling mistakes (lovin firefox's spell check :P)... gotta love Jack Daniels :-]

Jack Daniels :-] Jack Daniels :-] Jack Daniels :-] Jack Daniels :-] Jack Daniels :-] Jack Daniels :-] Jack Daniels :-] Jack Daniels :-] Jack Daniels :-] Jack Daniels :-] Jack Daniels :-] Jack Daniels :-] Jack Daniels :-] Jack Daniels :-]


well its the middle of summer and the temperatures out in the middle of nowhere are reaching about 45 to 47... thats in celcius.. in Fahrenheit thats roughly 113 to 117...
it's becoming a pain in the arse to make most of my models cause i do most of it in my room where the air conditioner is having problems getting fresh air to... so its still very hot...

had a pretty good Christmas... managed to catch up with a heap of family and got some good pressents as well... got a V-Rocker (a curved gaming chair with speakers in the head rest) got a new Samsung F480T touchscreen phone, two hundred dollars cash, a new DVD player, season 4 & 5 of Stargate Atlantis, seasons 1 & 2 of Scrubs, and a couple more Clive Cussler books to add to my collection.

i managed to get to level 54 (Brigadier General) on MW2 in a total of 1 day 21 hours and 16 minutes of multiplayer gametime :P... and if you think thats a lot one of my friends (TrulyImpulsive) has played for a total of 5 days 10 hours and 44 minutes and has reached prestige twice and is back to level 46 already...

well not currently working on anything... put all my 3d Models on break and have only made a light assault rifle and Gauss rifle since the last update.. neither are really that good...
still looking for a new job, gaining new friends, losing old ones, realising what a tool i am.... spent 5 minutes trying to open a bottle just to find out i was twisting it the wrong way, and then remembering that i didnt even try it the other way :P.
might upload a new avatar and banner, maybe some more pics.... and maybe just get some inspiration for some stuff...

finally i will be graduating and tomorrow is MUCK-UP DAY!!! and then the FIGHT!... for those who dont know muck-up day is the students last day of school where you do anything you want at school and prank everyone,... im pretty sure most of you have heard of it but a british kid who is new to our school had no idea what it was :P

and our principal tried to take the fun out of things by saying that we were only aloud to use flour and water in the fight,... but that aint gonna happen :P


well so far i've been working on this ship for the past 2 or so months... and i thought i'd share what i've done so far... unfortunately it's still a WIP, and wont be completely finished for a fair while...

-> General Shots
User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image
-> The Control Room
User Posted Image
-> The Hangar
User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image
-> My New Fighter Model
User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image
-> And The Bridge
User Posted Image

--> You can download the Model or view the model a little better here:

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