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Im in a bit of a predicament... I "MIGHT" write a few short stories about the Tanean race and i'm not quite sure if i want to incorporate them into an already existing fictional Universe or create a a brand new one...
I was thinking that if I incorporated them into another universe it would be the universe of Either --Stargate-- or --Mass Effect-- (I am looking for more suggestions... but i do want one that i know a lot about... and that would fit :P)
Also ModDB in the Middle East is on hold for the moment as I cant really be bothered writing anything more for a while so lets say its the end of a very short mini series XP

My laptop decided it wanted to shit itself for some reason and deleted all files and folders on my desktop, which is where i had my Moddb in the Middle East files and a fair chunk of my Sketch up models... thankfully i did backup the "GOOD" Sketch up models *Phew*... but lost some major changes i had made to my new frigate that I've been making.... which has set me back quite a fair few hours, back to how it was when i took the last render that i posted :[
I had actually finished the next part of Moddb in the Middle East and was part way through part 10 but now that's gone so i gotta start those again :[ so yeah not a very good weekend for me....
on the bright side I did manage to save a Brand new warship and several new Turrets I've been making but aren't quite perfected yet so hopefully I'll be able to render a couple of those in the next few days and post them up for you :]

The next couple of months are going to be utterly awesome because Mafia 2 is coming out at end of next week which is gonna rule (and if you haven't i suggest you download the demo it rocks... much better than original which was EPIC!!!), Halo: Reach, Fallout: New Vegas, some RDR DLC's and COD Black: Ops, SW:TFU 2, and probably some other awesome games that i just cant remember :P
but yeah its also gonna be awesome cause in a month and a half I'll be finishing my probation period at work which is when i get some money to go towards buying a toolbox :] so then i wont have to borrow tools... but then i gotta pay a heap out of my own pocket :[ but meh its still gonna be awesome :P

ALSO If you have any suggestions for names or what i should do to make my new Frigate better it be much appreciated if you gave me some ideas (u will be credited for help)
AND any ideas for "ModDB in the Middle East" would be awesome as well :P

ADDITION: I've also come up with a name for an enemy for the Tanean Race and an ancient race that once existed before.... mainly because i got really bored... doubt i will make anything for either of them but nice to know i have the option XP


It had been several days since Tactical had run off and the team had pretty much forgotten about him already and were trying to figure out a plan in case they were attacked.

“I say we get some of the crates that have dropped in and make barriers with some trenches out the front to hold attackers off from” Shit-Happens Suggested.
“No we should just block of the door so they cant get to us and if the do we just knock em out... and since we have no ammunition what good would trenches do us since we cant shoot back?” Scarecrow pointed out.
“I say we just cross that bridge when we come to it” Sierra said
“I agree... I say we just sit back and wonder why the hell we haven't fixed the roof yet?” Sensu asked
“Because were to lazy” Shit-Happens responded
“Makes sense” Sensu said getting to his feet and walking over to the doorway
“does anyone else hear that?” Sensu asked
“you mean the sound of a thousand clones marching across the desert?... of course I didn't hear anything... I haven't heard anything since we tried to kill Tactical” Shit-Happens remarked
“Hey Shit-Happens.... a Thousand clones marching across the desert” Sensu said in a way that reminded them of the second Family Guy Star Wars movie, while pointing at the giant army of Kiwi Warrior clones marching across the desert towards them,
“Damn... hey look that clones wearing Crocs” Scarecrow said joining the others at the door... it was at this point that Sierra leader wondered where the others had gotten binoculars from and asked himself why the hell didn't he get a pair?
As the clones got closer and closer the team did nothing but stand there and watch as the army moved in, until they were standing in formation ten metres from the barracks
“Surrender or die... you are heavily outnumbered” The real Kiwi Warrior said moving out in front of the army accompanied by Tactical
“TACTICAL” Sensu yelled, trying to hold himself back from jumping forward and ripping Tacticals head off.
“No I don't think we'll be doing that” Scarecrow said
“You are more foolish then you look” Kiwi Warrior said
“Yeah we do look pretty foolish don't we” Sierra said
“Not helping” Scarecrow mumbled
“Well he's never helped before why the hell should he start now” Shit-Happens pointed out
“He does have a point...anyway back to the matter at hand” Sensu butted in, pointing at the large army that was still standing in front of them
“Oh yeah right.... so where were we” Scarecrow asked
“Well im not sure about you but I was just about to ask why you wont surrender?” Kiwi Warrior asked
“About that.... your army isn't actually that big” Shit-Happens said
“What makes you say that?” Kiwi warrior asked with a nervous look on his face
“Well for one your army is made up of only 1...2...3...4...5... Six people” Scarecrow pointed out
“Can you not see the might before you?” Tactical said
“Yeah its six people and some mirrors” Sensu said
“Your point?” Tactical asked
“We'd still own you... I mean we have the high ground” Sierra pointed out
“but we have guns....” Tactical said as the army of six pointed their guns at the team
“Didnt think about that one did we?” Sierra asked
“OH COME ON” Sierra yelled in return as the team was shoved inside at gun point by Kiwi Warrior, Tactical Machine and the four Kiwi Warrior Clones.

amei sort of have an idea for a more professional story than Moddb in the Middle East.... Here is a sample of my writing... i know there are a few imperfections in the grammar here and there but CBF goin through it to work it all out ATM :P
This is just sort of an introduction into the Setting, Characters and a tiny, tiny, tiny, look into the storyline :-]

so here it is:
The dark hallways left much to the imagination but the base was not there to look good, it was there to get the job done. The base had all the luxuries of the highest priority armed forces bases, from across the globe. The base had numerous gyms, firing ranges, armories, and three underground hangars that held the three customized CH-7 Chinook's that were at their disposal. And even had a large area mined out and an underwater dry-dock built in to it, to allow the two subs they had, access to the base.

Many hundreds of people had worked on transforming the island from a jungle paradise to a special forces underground base, but much work was still needed to get it completed. The satellite dishes that had been built on one edge of the island sat out like a sore thumb, only over-shadowed by the dirt airstrip being cleared further along the island. The entrance to the underground base was hidden by large tress that had been moved to act as a cover and as a minor protection against satellite images.

The base was located on Henderson island, a small island located in the middle of the Atlantic between South America and Australia and New Zealand, disguised as a refueling point for planes. The Henderson Island base was home to 15 squads of 4 men each that worked throughout many different countries helping their governments take down terrorist cells, smuggling rings and even you typical most wanted criminals. The Lead Squad, known on record as STAG 1, consisted of the best of the best that the International Special Tactical Assault Group Project, codenamed 'I.S.T.A.G', and even the world, had to offer.

Colonel Jack Homewood, Leader of STAG 1 and Australian team member. Known as Sabre to his team mates, he was a dogged pursuer of dirt bags. Although his rough exterior made people identify him as one of the dirt bags he chased around the globe, rather than the suave, quick shot he really was. He had the physical well being better than most top athletes but had surprisingly never been one for athletics or sports. Jack was one of the only two original STAG 1 team members left after one botched operation resulted in the deaths of the other three team members.

Major George Holmes, Jacks second in command, one of Jack's closest friends for almost twenty years, and the only other surviving original team member was the middle-aged man of the squad and was the kind of guy you would not want to meet in a dark alley, mainly because anyone who had, usually ended up dead. Known as Smoke by his team-mates, Charlie was an expert in anything explosive and any type of heavy weapons known to the armed forces, and even some that weren't. Being from England the team often made jokes referring to the Queen or more commonly about 'a cup of tea and some crumpets'.

Captain Charlie Brastet, or Arch-Angel to the team, was the designated sniper, and one of the best snipers in the world. Even though he looked old he one of only a few men in the world who could take down a whole platoon of men with just a few claymores, a sniper rifle, and a bottle of Jack Daniels. Charlie was originally chosen as the leader of the lead recon team, but then requested to be put placed into the active lead team because a lack of 'action' during recon.

Captain Frank Mead, was the unsung hero of the group, being from New Zealand, Charlie and some other members of the project didn't believe him to be as important to the project and didn't see how much he actually contributed to the project. His biggest contribution to the project was in the line of stealth work, that nobody took into consideration because 'sneaking around wasn't actually fighting'. Yet they didn't see the irony when they praised Charlie for being able to take out an unsuspecting guard from a hundred metres away with a throwing knife, or the fact that Charlie sat back and didn't give the enemy much of a chance to fight back.

The I.S.T.A.G Operations were run by a group of four Generals representing the five most involved countries who took part in the day-to-day operations of the facility. The Australians and New Zealanders were represented by General Mark Monroe, Codenamed Bush Bear, the light hearted one of the Generals. He is the kind of man who will disobey direct orders if it means a chance to save his men, even if it risks many more in the process. which has payed of for him every time, which is why he hasn't been court marshaled yet.

General Bill West, Codenamed Snow Bear, was the Canadian of the project leadership, like Bush Bear, he was light hearted but not willing to risk peoples lives in the way the Bush Bear did. He preferred to lead the recon teams because of how much tempers flared in the control room when something did not go right, and because there wasn't as much risk of death involved.

General Walter Barker, Codenamed Beach Bear, was the British lead on the project. He was more of a strict leader but was willing to risk lives but only if completely necessary. He was cautious like Snow Bear, but knew when a mission had gone wrong and liked to pull things off to avoid large scale incidents, or things that would lead to possible problems down the road.

General Leon White ,Codenamed Papa Bear, ran the American side of things, and was the hard ass of the group. The other Generals aren't big fans of him cause if he's around and he's not in control you'll damn well hear about it. Another reason the other Generals didn't like him much was because he was one of those people who thought America should be running the show on its own and didn't need the other Generals there, but was more than happy to take the money they input into the project. Unlike the rest of the Generals Papa Bear, was the kind of person who didn't care how much of a mess was made just as long as they got the bad guys. Even though it had meant the death of his son, the original sniper of the lead S.T.A.G team.



Tactical awoke once again on the bed but this time his arms and legs were strapped down to the bed, a large machine hovering over him and a seat with a large back sat in the middle of the room.
“We meet again Mr Machine” a voice said as the Chair span around to reveal a Stranger wearing a mask sitting on the chair patting a cat.
“Okay got a couple things to say” Tactical said “First I don't know who you are cause of that mask and secondly do you like clichés?”
“Okay yeah you wouldn't know me even if I didn't have the mask and no I don't like clichés...why?” the Stranger asked
“so you don't like yourself then?” Tactical asked
“I love myself.... why do you ask?” The Stranger asked
“Well you have me tied down to a bed with what seems to be a laser like object hovering over me, you have a mask on, and the whole spinning around on a chair patting a cat.... total cliché” Tactical said
“Touché, Douché” The Stranger responded
“Okay what do you want from me?” Tactical asked
“well you have stumbled upon my laboratory and have activated one of my devices... I want to know what the hell you are doing here?” The Stranger asked
“Well I was running from this guy who wanted to.... wait what exactly does that tube thingy do?”
“Well I could explain it or I could just show you” The Stranger explained getting up from his seat and walking over to the three discs were sitting on the ground
After punching in a combination of a few buttons three more tubes rose from the ground revealing 1 clone of the Stranger and two of Tactical
“Wow.... its so life like... what is it?” Tactical asked
“Oh my god your a moron... this should make for valuable data on the cloning process” The Stranger said returning to the console by the three tubes
after about five minutes of pushing buttons the tube with the first of the two Tactical clones opened allowing the clone step out
“Tactical_Machine batch one Clone one reporting” The clone said
“good he survived... unlike the many others” The stranger said moving back to the console and pressing more buttons
“the many others?... how long have you been doing this?” Tactical asked
“Only a little while” The Stranger responded
“OK.... its amazing how you managed to clone my clothes as well” Tactical pointed out
“yeah the tubes can clone almost anything... things like ammunition and small things are easy... people not so much” The Stranger said
After several hours, and the Second clone dissolving before he got out the third clone was released from its tube
“Kiwi Warrior Batch two thousand one hundred and three Clone one reporting” The Third clone said
“good bout damn time I got one that can string a sentence together” The Stranger said who Tactical had assumed was named Kiwi Warrior... but was still skeptical to whether he was or not... even with the evidence right in front of him.... literally


Tactical had been running around for what felt like a lifetime before he saw the lights of the other base that Sensu had mentioned.

“Hello” Tactical called into empty barracks

The barracks in the second base were much smaller than that which the original team possessed, but was much better built, and only contained one bed. The second base also had several tents set out against the outer walls of the barracks which had electronic equipment set-up underneath them. Tactical noticed that there were three flat round disks on the ground inside the barracks near one wall and another single disk beside the bed on the other side of the room all of which seemed to do nothing.
“Hello” Tactical called again walking outside and lying down on the bed. Just as Tactical started falling asleep he heard Sensu
“TACTICAL....HERE BOY” Sensu yelled, taking on-board Silent-Enemy's methods of finding Tactical
“Dude it's Matthew—Scott now not Silent-Enemy” Silent-enemy said
“Nup stuff you... you can stay Silent-Enemy ”
Tactical rushed around looking for somewhere to hide, when the single disk over by the bed lifted up and revealed an empty tube. Tactical ran into the tube which then closed and filled with liquid and dropped back down into the ground.
Half an hour passed but Tactical was still trapped inside tube, but strangely enough he did not feel the need to breathe, eat or drink but the need to sleep had become overwhelming until he finally drifted off to sleep.
Tactical awoke, but he was not in the tube as he thought he would be, but instead on the bed next to the tube that had dropped into the ground before he woke. He rose from the bed realising his clothes were bone dry as he walked outside to see it was day. As when he went into the barracks nobody was around. So he had to think of what to do, return to the group and take a chance at being killed by Sensu or having them help him, stay at the second base and wait, or run off again. Unfortunately for Tactical he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head before falling the ground unconscious
“Well think of it like this.... hes probably dead so now we can get back to trying to survive” Shit-Happens pointed out as the group made there way back inside the barracks
“but I wanted to kill him” Sensu said sitting down on his bed as the others sat down on theirs as well
“well so did we but you dont see us cry... I mean complaining” Silent-enemy said
“looks like we found Sensu's next victim” Shit-happens laughed
“wait what no thats not fair” Silent-Kenny said
“oh come on... the Kenny stuff again... seriously?” Silent-Kenny asked
“im not meaning to be rude or anything but why haven't I had a single line in this part until now???” Scarecrow asked


After yet another night in the cold, and another failed attempt to kill Tactical with beds, Sensu was starting to lose the anger he had once held against Tactical...
“Whoa whoa whoa... that's a load of crap... I'm as angry as ever” Sensu butted in
“Really...oh sorry... I'll just redo that.....” Shit-Happens said
After yet another night in the cold, and another failed attempt to kill Tactical with beds, Sensu was as angry as ever... so angry that he had been trying to kill Tactical in his sleep... which in turn had forced Tactical to run off during the night.

“Dude where the hell did he go?” Shit-Happens asked while standing in the “doorway” looking out over the numerous dunes trying to find any sign of where Tactical could have gone.
“Who cares... he's gone that's all that matters” Sensu said, lying back on his bed looking up at the giant hole where the roof should be that still had not been fixed.
“Dude he's a human being not a dog” Scarecrow said standing next to Shit-Happens in the doorway.

“Hey that's not a bad idea” Silent-Enemy said getting off his bed and walking to where Shit-happens and Scarecrow were standing.
“Here Tactical... Here boy!...oh and by the way its Silent again” Silent said before returning inside with a sarcastic grin on his face
“Dude pick a name and stay with it... its making these stories confusing for even me... oh and yeah...Not helping... we may need Tactical later on... wait no we wont... Oh well”Shit-Happens said before leaving Scarecrow standing in the doorway for about a second before Scarecrow joined the rest inside.
“Yeah us need Tactical... were better off without him” Silent said
“Yeah your probably right.... if he hadn't been here we would have been able to complete the barracks properly” Shit-Happens said “hey Sensu you know how you said about there being another team that dropped in” Shit-Happens asked
“Yeah” Sensu responded not moving from his spot
“Do you know who they were” Shit-Happens asked again
“Nah I didn't get close enough and it was kinda dark” Sensu said
“Bummer... I think we should go over there and introduce ourselves and find out who they are” Scarecrow said sitting up
“I reckon that's a good idea... maybe there are some girls over there” Silent said
“Well I hope so... get us away from this sausage-fest” Shit-Happens said
“You know what... I think Tactical might have gone over to those other guys” Silent said
“Wait... you think he's off almost getting himself killed by someone else do you?....DO YOU?” Sensu asked getting up off his bed and running out the doorway and disappearing into the dark
“Dude is it just me or did he seem a little sad about that?” Shit-Happens asked
“Who cares we cant leave him out there on his own we gotta go after him” Scarecrow said making his way over to the crate of empty guns
“Here take these and yes I know we have no bullets but if we run a cross someone out there we can bluff our way through” Scarecrow said running out the door after Sensu
“Yeah but what if they call our bluff” Silent asked Shit-Happens
“Were in the Middle East.... if someone does we'll be dead, so it doesn't really matter” Shit-Happens said running out the door after Scarecrow and Sensu
“hmm... sounds fair” Silent said running out of the room after the others
After a couple of minutes the team caught up with Sensu who was leaving the barracks in the second base
“I searched everywhere...he's not here... although nobody is” Sensu said walking past the group and returning to their barracks

"The Weapons"

After their first night and their first air drop, the group was anxious to try out their new weponry... although they hadnt had a chance since keeping Sensu away from the wepons was a full time job since he had made it quite clear he wanted to kill Tactical.
"Come on... i mean its not like anyone likes the guy anyway" Sensu said trying to convince Shit-Happens, Scarecrow, and Sierra to let him kill Tactical
"NO... and wouldnt you feel bad shooting a mentally unstable person?" Scarecrow asked
Sensu while looking over at Tactical who was once again sitting in his corner babbling something about bunnies and chickens.
"Nah.... Tactical isnt a person so it doesnt count" Sensu said while revealing an evil smirk on his face and laughing in an obviously evil way.
"dude that smile and laugh aren't helping get you guns" Shit-Happens pointed out before Tactical got up and ran screaming from the room, distracting Shit-Happens, Silent, and Scarecrow, allowing Sensu to get his hands on one of the M4's, and run out of the room after him firing bullets from the hole in the wall that was their door... while Shit-Happens, Silent-Enemy and Scarecrow sat back

"Should we do something about this?" Scarecrow asked, while Sensu had stopped shooting wildly and had decided to use short controlled burts, leaving the group short amounts of time to talk between bursts.
"Nah... and that actually looks like fun, i may have to join in" Silent said as he got up, pulled an M4 out of the crate and ran out the door to join in on the Tactical shooting fun
"you know what it does look like fun... and if anyone asks were shooting at spots that are near Tactical not at Tactical himself.. ok?" Shit-happens said to Scarecrow
"sound like a plan" Scarecrow said getting up as both Shit-Happens, and Scarecrow pulled M4's out of the crate and joined Sensu and Silent outside shooting at tactical as he ran around in circles, only going inside when more ammunition was needed

10 Minutes later
"I cant believe that all our ammo was wasted on that and not one of us managed to hit him" Scarecrow said breaking the long absence of noise other than that of gunfire
"what a waste of time and ammo" Shit-Happens said as he laid down on his bed, and watched Tactical return to his usual spot in the corner
"well it wasnt all bad... i think Sensu has lost his urge to kill tactical" Silent explained just as Sensu grabbed one of the beds and threw it into the Tactical's corner
"well most of it" Silent went on
"meh... what are we supposed to do now?" Shit-Happens asked
"i vote for sitting around doing nothing" Silent said
"no not that, i mean what are we supposed to do about weapons"
"oh you mean that, i say we blame it on Sen... nevermind" Sierra said
"we wasted all the ammo, and lets not forget about the gun that cant be found since since Sensu threw it out there at Tactical cause we ran out of bullets" Shit-Happens explained
"hey that wasn't my fault... Tactical was askin for it so i gave it to him" Sensu explained
"oh bull crap" Shit-Happens snapped
"No he was... when you went in to get the last of the ammo Tactical was askin for a gun" Scarecrow explained
"Oh.... sorry then but now were a gun short although then again that doesn't really matter since were out of ammo.... fan bloody tastic" Shit happens snapped again
"wait a minute he gets to vote and we don't?... anyway i vote we kill Tactical now" Sensu said
"okay then i vote for sleep" scarecrow said
"I second that" Tactical said as another bed flew into the corner at his head

I recently made the Blade Class Light Recon Frigate and wanted to give more light on the production side of things in the form of points...

- I was originally going to call it the light Assault Recon Frigate.. but when cut down it spells LARF :P
- I was originally trying to make the Normandy, from Mass Effect, but it was too hard and i ended up with this
- I took the idea of having stationary guns in the front instead of turrets from some of the ships also from Mass Effect
- I got the idea of Calling it the Blade class because there was a show about making swords on TV when i was trying to name it, and they said "a sharp blade also allows for smoother and faster cuts through objects"

------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------

I was accepted as an Auto-Sparky TA at Ausdrill, starting the on the 3rd of next month and then will go on to an Auto-Sparky Apprenticeship in June... which is gonna be AWESOME :P

------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------

Finally managed to get the post office to send of my xbox (had some issues about tape on packaging over tracking/information stickers and some other junk) and should be getting it back in a week or two...

------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------

Hopefully i will be able to come up with some more awesome ship models... maybe some more frigates or maybe even finish the transport ship i started but didn't finish (can be seen in my Omega Primus pictures), I might even make... actually not sure of anything more i could make :P

------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------

EDIT: if you havent yet, go to my BLOG section and read the Moddb In The Middle East stories... i am also looking for four more people to add to the stories. If you want to be in the stories then just leave a post and if i have a spot open I'll add you in to the next story...

as the title says my Xbox 360 has slipped into what I'm calling an electronic coma... there is light and it still function but there is not visual or sound being sent to the TV.... it's only 14 months and 5 days old... so i wont be able to play any Xbox games for a while till i either get it fixed or replaced... and i dont have enough money to do either so I'm gonna have to go back to my PC games or the dreaded PS2 *SHUDDER*
and hopefully now with less distractions from Modern Warfare 2 i will be able to get more work done on the McQuinn and more work on my "Moddb in the Middle East" stories :]

EDIT: im trying to see if this Microsoft points thing really works so if you can, can you please go to this website ( Mspointsgenerators.com )and if you want you can take the link in the box and i will go to it and help you get some Microsoft points

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