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I know that in November last year i said i would write two more parts to Moddb in the middle east.... but unfortunately i havent had the time nor the drive to write them... i do have a little bit written for part nine, that i've written in like 5 minutes a week.... so probably wont be up for a fair while....

I have started writing a little bit about my Tanean race and their history.... I have decided to build them into the Stargate Universe (Not show just the general universe :P)... ive had Four ideas on how the tanean civilisation started to grow...

1. Milky Way Galaxy: Tanea, was once under the rule of Ares until 300 years ago the people rebelled and he left the planet.

2. Milky Way Galaxy: The Tanean population was transplanted to the planet, by an unknown Goa'uld as an experiment to see how long it would take humans to grow enough technologically to become a threat, but this Goa'uld was defeated and everyone who knew about them was killed along with him.

3. Pegasus Galaxy: Tanea was once a rich feeding ground until the wraith who culled their planet disappeared leaving them to grow unculled for hundreds of years.

4. Pegasus Galaxy: Tanea was uninhabited until hundreds of years ago people from many different civilisations banded together and found a safe planet unknown by the wraith and started anew.

I would love if you could give me some feedback and which one you think would be better.... or if you think you have something better please share..... for the love of god SHARE XD


G'day mate, long time no "see" LOL :)

Intriguing idea, here is an idea, the Taneans came from a distant galaxy, traveling in massive generational ships from galaxy to galaxy. Stopping in each galaxy to create a solar system and colonize the planet in each galaxy they come across (including the Milky Way/Pegasus and Ida galaxies) they live in seclusion but are heavily technologically advanced, living under the surface of their worlds so on the planets surface it looks uninhabited. They do not require the use of a Stargate therefore they have never been noticed by any races. They are a very old race, far older than the Ancients, they were old when the molecules of the Ancients homeworld began to form.

That is all I got mate, but it is an idea :)

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[$#!T-Happens] Author

good to hear from you :]
and once again the first word that comes to mind is..... wow...

that is epic :D...

though probably wouldn't go so far to say "they were old when the molecules of the Ancients homeworld began to form"... i would go with "The Ancients seeded Humanity.... The Ori gave birth to the Ancients... And the Taneans came before them all..." that way it could be anywhere before the ori... but it still BLOWS my ideas out of the water :P

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Well, as I said, it is just an idea.

The Ancients and the Ori are the same race, they came from the same homeworld, the Ancients preferred to leave their homeworld than go to war with the every growing legions of Ori followers.

Reason why I put in "they were old when the molecules of the Ancients homeworld began to form" ... was because all planets form from base molecules, and it takes a long time to form a planet ... borrowing from the legends of Doctor Who, the Time lords were the first race before everyone else watched all the other races develop ... and from Babylon 5, Lorien was the first of The First Ones, he saw all the races homeworld come into existance before the races developed on their respective worlds ... and borrowing also from Stargate Universe, when they discovered that planet and the theory was announced that there could be a race out there who has the technology to create solar systems, so they are probably older than what the Ancients would have been.

You can play with the idea how you like, I just hope it gives you an understanding behind my thinking and helps you with more ideas :)

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[$#!T-Happens] Author

meh... close enough :P .... i was just thinking that none of my ships look advanced enough to pass off a being MASSSIVELY ADVANCED..... but through the miracle of me being the creator :P... i think i'll go with your idea and say that they make their ships look "not too advanced" to avoid calling outright attention to themselves :D

i'll work up more detail when i have time and post it in a blog :D thanks for the "help" XD

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No problem mate :)

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