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It's been over a year since my last update i thought I'd do some reminiscing... also since it won't be that long and I'll have been a member of this, the most awesomest of websites for 5 years...

...Count em' 5 years...

Something that's been Awesome in that time is watching some of the best mods/games I've ever played go from nothing more than an Idea and one Picture to a full blown download. there is nothing better than not only playing a mod/game, but to watch it grow and evolve, that's what makes it even sweeter. I remember in the early days playing an early (Pre-SGMG) version of Stargate: Empire at War (Star Wars: Empire at War), Being Confused as all hell with Cube Experimental(Fallout 3), playing god knows how many Mods for Mount and Blade... and loving every minute of it.

Looking back on some of the fun and mental anguish that has happened I have to say... Its been a pretty damn good time, watching members come and go, and return out of the blue months later, Starting a war between Sierra and Piper by simply changing my username and almost starting a second between Australia and the Kiwi's (Got so close). I started a Stargate video project, that ultimately crashed and burned (mostly because work and life got in the way for everyone on the crew). Also made some 3D Models for a few projects around the place... God knows if any of those projects actually survived.


3D modelling has been another major part of my life on Moddb. started off creating VERY basic models and eventually with the help of more than a few people, mainly SCARECROW, have become a bucket load better and totally rebuilt a few of my earlier models or even scrapped and replaced many. Unfortunately in the last few months i have had very little time for it, which saddens me since I used to love to spend hours at a time making ships and weaponry. And even tried my hand not long ago at a, for lack of a better word, "droid", which like many models, such as the McQuinn, the Rifle, the shuttle and many others, remain unfinished.


The "Stargate ModDB Fan Group" has got to be the only project I've had that has really survived. 4 and a half years and it has 584 members, couldn't be happier, Well i could be if the show was still on the air :[. Unfortunately even it seems to be dying since the end of the show and the 0.001% chance that we somehow manage to get a proper Stargate game that's not a mod or on tablets, no matter how awesome those mods are. Hopefully the group can survive on the little trickles of news that manage to get thrown in.


When I joined ModDB back in 2008 I was still in school, working in a fish and chip shop 3 nights a week and had a good 40 hours of free time a week... now im working in a giant hole in the ground called the super pit, which is just as dirty and smelly, work 5 days, 12 hours a day, and only have about half the spare time, which means less time on what I'd rather be doing... scouring ModDB for those hidden Gems.

The Next 5 Years...

I hope to god im still an active member of this site in another 5 years. Would be over the moon if I was, and i also hope that most of the awesome people I've met in the last five years are right there with me.

Who knows what might happen. I may finally get that War with the Kiwi's, or finish of some of those unfinished 3D models, or hell we may even get a Stargate console game (if we're EXTREMELY lucky). All i can hope for Is that in five years I'm still here, the most awesome people (you) are still here... and that there's a bucket load more fun, mods and indie games to come from ModDB

I'd like to end this with some wise words from Colonel Jack O'Neill: I'd like to apologize in advance for anything I may say, or do, that could be construed as offensive, as I slowly go NUTS!

been a fair while since i posted a blog on moddb... thought it was about time i did so....

been fairly hectic these past few months, been working 12 hours days 5 days a week and a half day Saturday... i think i may have actually died the first few Saturdays but now im kind of used to it... and im especially used to the big paycheck, which has not gone unwasted :P

so far in the last 3 weeks I've bought

  • A 2.1 speaker system for my computer (its downright awesome)
  • A Razer Black Widow Keyboard
  • A Razer Lachesis Mouse
  • A 3.0 litre diesel Holden Rodeo
  • A new stereo for said car
  • An ME3 Vault for my Xbox
  • 3 Model ships (Death Glider, F-302, SR2 Normandy)
  • A New dishwasher (Don't Ask, please for the love of god dont ask)

and my bank account has not really liked me since i started actually spending money, but I really love it :Dunfortunately because of all this i have had bugger all spare time for 3d modelling which has sort of depressed me :(

After only several hours of work I've just completed the Rebuild of the Pistol i made a while ago... i feel this one looks Much better even considering it took bugger all to modify
I haven't gotten to making anything on the list i set for myself to build... oh well :P

Black - Means nothing has been done since the last update
Red - Means i have done some but not completed
Striked Red - Means it has been completed since last update
Green - New to the list and nothing has been done

these are my Current Build & Rebuilds Lists


  • Battle Mech
  • Small planetary shield emitter
  • Large drop ship (large- being able to drop in roughly 200 soldiers)
  • The Bridge and several key areas to the McQuinn
  • Variations for the Infantry Weapons D10 Pistol- R-95 AR - Q78 SMG - QH980 SR
  • Variations for the Manned and Remote Fighters
  • A Light and a Heavy Bomber


  • Fixing up my weapons and the ammunition to make them look more realistic (D10 Pistol- R-95 AR - Q78 SMG - QH980 SR)
  • Building the Cabin for the new corvette and some final touch ups to the ship
  • The Small Transport Shuttle - that i did not really release apart from glimpses in other models with a full 'refurbishment'
  • The Omega Class Heavy Attack Frigate - just clean up some of the rough edges i left and make it a little more realistic

Recently (after about 5-6 months of not doing anything), i picked up Google Sketchup again, and started doing some more 3d modelling. As you can see in my recent images and in the previous blog, i made a new corvette ship, which isn't quite finished and so-far unnamed.

this is just a quick list of the several things im currently working on and the lower one is what i will be working on some time soon son expect a few pictures in the next few weeks

Working on

  • Fixing up my weapons and the ammunition to make them look more realistic (D10 Pistol- R-95 AR - Q78 SMG - QH980 SR)
  • Building the Cabin for the new corvette and some final touch ups to the ship

Going to work on

  • A Battle Mech (already a work in progress with only legs completed but not currently working on it)
  • A Small planetary shield emitter
  • A Large drop ship (large- being able to drop in roughly 200 soldiers)

not sure whether i'll get around to actually finishing these anytime soon but i reckon i'll try :P

New Tanean Ship

[$#!T-Happens] Blog

Today i got bored... REALLY bored... and such i decided to crank the music and open up Sketchup for a total of 8 hours today and managed to get a F***load done on remodeling a Fighter concept i made about a year and a half ago into a Corvette...
The original concept I made...

What I achieved after my neck wrenching, eye burning, ass numbing work XD

PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Click on each picture and it SHOULD take you to photobucket where you can get a better/larger view of each picture

Currently I still need to do some work on the interior and exterior of the Cabin and the inside of the cargo area... i also need to add in the Jack legs and the loading elevator
I havent come up with any statistics about this yet... all ive come up with is that its fast, hard to hit and is often used as a stealth transport ship...


Well its been a while since I posted a blog... so i thought it was about time that I did......

3D Modelling

i have done absolutely nothing in the way of 3d modelling... I haven't even so much as opened Google Sketchup :/
I have been planning some buildings for my Tanean Civ... but havent gotten past that... as usual :P


Been preety laid back at work... not much to do except the odd repair here and there... Apparently i'll be going out on site soon so with the longer work hours (12 hour days) my time on Moddb may drop even more than it already has D:


Since SGU ended I've been trying to find other shows to fill the void.... I've still got Good ol' Sanctuary which is going really well into the end of the third season, NCIS which is still going strong in season 8 on Aussie TV, and Criminal Minds which is in Season 6 on TV and is still going strong and is bloody mind boggling :P, and have I recently picked up on Falling Skies...
If you haven't seen or heard of this show you can read a small overview at the bottom of the next section and you can find a link to the wiki page there as well

Falling Skies

Falling Skies tells the story of the aftermath of an alien invasion that not only neutralizes the world's power grid and technology, but also destroys the combined militaries of all the world's countries in a short amount of time. It is alluded that over 90% of the human population is killed within a few days. The story picks up six months after the invasion, and follows a group of survivors who must band together in order to fight back. The group, known as the Second Massachusetts (an allusion to a historical regiment from the Continental Army)[3], is now led by the retired Captain Weaver and Boston University history professor Tom Mason who, while in search of his son Ben, must put his extensive knowledge of military history into practice as one of the leaders of the resistance movement

Wiki Page: En.wikipedia.org

Right now the Tanean civilisation is doing my head in... i was going to take Marauder's advice on how Tanea would be ultra advanced but have somewhat decided against it because that means a lot more work on the back story :/... so i've decided to make them from a completely new galaxy, where they left to go to the Pegasus galaxy and after hearing about Earth they ventured into the Milky way to observe different civilisations.That's likely the depth of information you'll get about Tanean history (for a while atleast :P)

on the other side of Tanea, the McQuinn (which will be renamed) is coming along nicely... the bridge is about 65% done, the rear half of the ship is about 75% done with only turrets, hangar, and engines to be placed

I've started some work on a Heavy Armor Penetrating Rifle that is about 30% done :P... only really the basic shape is done XD... I've started on an Assault Mech which only the legs and feet are done, so about 30% done on that one aswell.... I've started overhauling the manned fighters so they look a bit more complex and actually better overall (not so jury rigged XD)... IF i get around to it i'll write up an information sheet on the ships i've made so far to get a more in-depth look into the and try to explain some things that ned to be explained :P

I know that in November last year i said i would write two more parts to Moddb in the middle east.... but unfortunately i havent had the time nor the drive to write them... i do have a little bit written for part nine, that i've written in like 5 minutes a week.... so probably wont be up for a fair while....

I have started writing a little bit about my Tanean race and their history.... I have decided to build them into the Stargate Universe (Not show just the general universe :P)... ive had Four ideas on how the tanean civilisation started to grow...

1. Milky Way Galaxy: Tanea, was once under the rule of Ares until 300 years ago the people rebelled and he left the planet.

2. Milky Way Galaxy: The Tanean population was transplanted to the planet, by an unknown Goa'uld as an experiment to see how long it would take humans to grow enough technologically to become a threat, but this Goa'uld was defeated and everyone who knew about them was killed along with him.

3. Pegasus Galaxy: Tanea was once a rich feeding ground until the wraith who culled their planet disappeared leaving them to grow unculled for hundreds of years.

4. Pegasus Galaxy: Tanea was uninhabited until hundreds of years ago people from many different civilisations banded together and found a safe planet unknown by the wraith and started anew.

I would love if you could give me some feedback and which one you think would be better.... or if you think you have something better please share..... for the love of god SHARE XD

Great news... And KiwiWarrior you are gonna love this :P
i have started writing the next part of ModDB in the Middle East :D
Also a couple of things i think you might like to know:

1. I will be doing 2 more parts (Part-9 and 10) then i will have a LONG break (not sure how long) and then start on "Season 2"

2. I will be trying to make each Part a little bit longer which will most likely mean there will be bigger breaks in between parts

3. I will TRY (no promises) to work on my Grammar and how much sense the stories make (again no promises)

And Finally
4. Anyone who has any and i mean ANY suggestions about the stories just leave a comment and I'll see how i can TRY to work them in
Anyway apart from that fabulous news... had a hell of a weekend... out at the Kart track all weekend for a huge meet that involved people from all over WA and some people from the rest of Australia and even some international racers... over 800 people were there and it was AWESOME

Also I'm stoked for Black-ops which comes out tomorrow... but unfortunately cause of work i cant pick it up till Thursday night :[
Personally from what i have seen the new multi-player system is gonna be awesome and a hell of a lot of fun... :D


[$#!T-Happens] Blog

My cousins decided to start their own random ass podcast show... (its damn funny-and explicit :P)
Its called "The 30 Minute Maad Hour"
Heres the link to the facebook page where you can find the link to listen to it, if for some reason you want to check it out :P

or if you want to DL through ITunes then heres the ITunes link : Maadh.podbean.com