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SFSW Dec 3 2010 replied:

Glad you're enjoying the game, thanks for your comments. Responses below:

1 - Some objects allow for collisions, some don't. Some are shielded, so the two shield spheres of two ships will repel each other. You can collide with asteroids all you want though, no shields around them. And if you go fast enough, you'll explode from the impact. You can also do things like thread your way through a station's structures and crash into a planet if you want to (just fly fast enough to counter the auto-hover mode of your ship).

2 - Easy to improve, tough to draw. Some graphics do suffer from 'programmer artwork' :-) There are already some graphics mods available on the official forum for things like background nebulae.

3 - Keep in mind that the demo only provides a small fraction of what's available in the game and it takes some exploring and learning to utilize everything planets offer. Here are some things you can do:

- Atmosphere dogfights (including with contracts).
- Recover sellable water, metals, oxygen, and biological material (from plant-life).
- Explore for wreckage and hidden containers.
- Place satellites in orbit and recover damaged satellites.
- Dock at cities for trade.
- Shelter from attackers.
- Useful as secure meeting places with other players for private trades.

4 - If the player base reaches a level where the current limit isn't enough, I'll likely be working on expanding it. The bandwidth needs of this game are very high, so it may require some form of sharding across multiple servers or something.

5 - Certainly subjective, but the game is easily moddable if you'd like to redesign them to your liking.

6 - Kind of a demo thing again. There is a big in-game universe with things like this in it (asteroids in planet rings). The demo only offers a small fraction of the systems available in the full game (and many of the systems aren't even charted on the nav map, being 'off the grid' and open for exploration/discovery).

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SFSW Nov 9 2010 replied:

Not sure, could be something software related then. If you'd like me to review your configuration for possible causes, just follow the steps here:

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SFSW Nov 8 2010 replied:

That can happen if your system is running low on disk or memory resources, or if disk or memory resources are being blocked. Check your background tasks and also try right clicking on the game's desktop icon, then click on 'Run as administrator'.

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SFSW Oct 22 2010 replied:

Interesting, that's a pretty peculiar thing to claim for this game. You refer to 'these games', but have you actually played this one or are you just opining on your experience with older/other ones? To claim 'nothing' is pretty severe and while certainly subjective, does not seem to correlate with the reality of other player's experiences with the game or the feature-set of the game (particularly for combat). For example:

- Combat can take place in planet atmospheres, open space, asteroid caves, or radar and targeting restrictive nebula clouds. Each environment impacts how combat unfolds and the tactics involved.
- You can fight as a civilian or enlist in a military role for war zone battles.
- You're not limited to attack combat alone, there is also spying, escorting, pilot rescue, and more.
- Different locations offer different options, including more skilled enemies, more advanced technology, and different combat objectives.
- You can join cooperatively with other players to take control of territory through combat (either PvP or PvE).
- Your claim of 'buy bigger' is false. Many of the best weapons have 'smaller' numbers and have unique attributes not available in the 'bigger' options. For example, kinetic, shield, energy depletion, and high firing rate weapons. It would be pretty absurd to make the claim that the weapons just get 'bigger numbers'.
- In a combat role, you can provide support to your team. You can deploy repair stations, refueling stations, shield arrays (excellent for defensive purposes), and sensor stations for long range target tracking. All this while in battle or between battles.

So to make such a (false) blanket statement like you did about what isn't available to players looking for combat seems to ignore a wide array of options available in the game. It suggests you haven't actually played this game or are just ignoring/denying what it offers. Might be worth taking another look if that is truly what you are after.

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SFSW Sep 10 2010 replied:

You make a good point Prez and that's a direction I've been pushing toward with this game. Can't say there'll be much 'character narration' as I generally tend to avoid that anyway, preferring a more technical approach in the games I play and make. However, there are a number of new 'life' type additions to the game including (a lot) more AI's that fly in groups in populated traffic patterns, more trade offers inbound, more interaction between AI ships, mining activities by AI ships when near asteroids, variable city designs, player-built station options to dynamically expand AI behavior/traffic and economies/inventories, persistent background radio chatter in highly populated areas, player group/coop territory control system, and some other things. Plus, there's even voice chat in multiplayer which seems to have a nice way of making things feel more alive online. Should help the game take some new steps in the 'living universe' direction. If you've got some other ideas, please do send them to me via e-mail.

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SFSW Jun 18 2010 says:

Regarding download size:

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SFSW Jan 8 2010 replied:

It is a full installer and I'm not aware of any issues with it, so I'd suggest redownloading it as you may have just had an incomplete download.

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SFSW Dec 20 2009 replied:

That error means Direct3D isn't yet enabled on your system. So your drivers are may not be installed properly or your installed version of DirectX is not up to date. If you're on XP, you can use DXDIAG to check the 'Test Direct3D' buttons. If they are grayed out, then D3D is not yet enabled. If you're running Vista or 7, then you probably just need to update DirectX 9.0C to the latest version as the version that comes with Vista and 7 is a bit outdated and lacks several important DirectX files. Use the Microsoft web updater for DirectX available here:

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SFSW Dec 20 2009 replied:

'thevegimobil' - Error 37 is a result of resources being blocked on your system, usually caused by some other program running in the background interfering with the game, preventing it from loading media it needs. Visit this forum thread for details on solutions:

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