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Been A While

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Damn it really has been a while.. we're not already well under way with the new MOTYs and everything is looking fantastic on that front. Congrats to all the nominees and mods that have already won. This will be a very interesting MOTY year, I think.

But enough on that. What has been going on over here? Well, to be perfectly honest, not a whole lot apart from finishing university. In my final year now and the shit really has hit the fan. I got accepted to a masters program at University of Birmingham, so I've got to give it my all for this last stretch. Fingers crossed it'll work out.

Sadly due to me being busy with uni, and trying to work on the side (Worked for London Midland for 6 months doing IT Support in the summer), I haven't really been able to mod at all. But hopefully that will change soon. I can definitely tell you that things are picking up again on the modding front for me and that it shouldn't be too long until you guys get to hear all about it.

Until the next time,


Setis' Blogage Shall Commence!

Setis Blog 0 comments

Well hello there fellow modders,

I have always wanted modDB to have a blogging function, and now that it does, I never found the time or the creativity to post something. Instead, I went off to places like and let off some ranting steam. Ah those were the good old days - until now, seeing as we have the better new days :D.

So, you may ask yourself "why does this guy decide to start blogging now?!" Well, the answer is quite simple: I love games, I love modding and is the place for it! That WAS simple, wasn't it?
I think the services modDB offers to both us modders and gamers alike are quite brilliant and in my opinion, by now we have reached a point where the only way of improving upon those services is by improving the community. Face it, majority of the people here are more likely to flame new members or hopeful modders with, what in their mind might be, a fantabulicious game/mod idea. What ever happened to constructive criticism? Everybody needs to start somewhere, right? Everybody needs to make their own mistakes, in order to learn and improve.

Fair enough, I admit, there are quite a few ideas, which are destined to fail..and some might argue its best to give the hopefuls a heads-up before they end up wasting their time, effort, possibly money and who knows what else. However, there is a difference between giving them a heads-up and simply being verbally destructive.

But enough of my rants and thoughts. The main reason behind my starting of this blog, is to keep friends, visitors and anybody else who may be interested up to date and informed on my on-going projects. This first blog post is generally meant to serve as the ice-breaker if that makes sense. The following posts (aiming for a new post every one or two weeks), will be segmented for the individual projects and their respective updates.

Hope you guys will stay tuned and I'll see you next week!


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