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ServoIS @ Shyssiryxius

Thanks for Watching our Interceptor Shield Game

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ServoIS @ Interceptor Shield

When the time comes we will release a demo that will be multiplayer, and a player will be able to buy a key from the GG website to get the full virsion when the time comes.

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ServoIS @ Interceptor Shield

To answer some of your guys questions about Interceptor Shield

1. We are developing IS to run on most modern day computers. I have tested our current build out on a 4 year old computer and still get very fast frame rates. If you have a computer capable of playing most modern games you should be able to handle IS. Also at this moment it’s too early to give the full system specs for IS since the game is not yet finished and changes may change required specs when we are closer to completion.

2.Interceptor Shield will be single player and multiplayer, we will be implementing a lobby system and player stats system so it will be easy to find and track other player ranks and host games.

3. Diplomacy will play a part in IS from arms reduction agreements to treaties on basing your missile defense systems or cruise missiles in overseas deployed bases. So game play will be more in-depth then C&C or Defcon diplomacy ;)

4. Interceptor Shield will be sold as a commercial game online from the GG web site

5. Interceptor Shield will be able to be modded allowing players to add new game play modes and make costume missions

Hope that answers some of your guys questions please feel free to post any more questions you may have.

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ServoIS @ Patriot unit in the old TGE engine

Thanks for the comment, we are working on getting the patriots reskinned. the above image was taken back when we were useing the older TGE engine. and we already know about limiting how much mirco management the player has to do ;)

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ServoIS @ World map

Yes game play takes place world wide.

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ServoIS @ Interceptor Shield

I have been working on Interceptor Shield long before defcon came out. I first started on documenting the game play for Interceptor Shield way back in 2004. and started expermenting and doing models. I did a simple test mod for UT2k4 with low poly meshes to test out how it would work. then I bought the TGE engine and had been working on it for awhile by myself until recently last year getting a larger team together to work with me on my project.

So no we are not a rip off of the defcon game. and the only thing that our game has in common with Defcon is the fact that we have missiles and nuke warfare.

hope that answers your question ;)

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ServoIS @ Interceptor Shield

The the only units in IS are Navy ships and Submarines and air force planes, and patriot and THAAD Units. Since Combat is focused on global nuclear warfare and protecting your cities and air defense from incoming attack while moving your units and subs to strike at enemy cities and missile complexes. there will be no tank building or troop rushing since we are not focused on troop combat.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

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