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Sergeant23 Apr 5 2010, 7:19am says:

Wow, At first glance, I thought the large picture was the resource and the small pic in the box was the finished model. Nice job! (Wait, am I right?)

+1 vote   media: Fuel Rod Gun Texture
Sergeant23 Apr 2 2010, 11:07am says:

Whatever you do, don't cross the proton particle stream!

+3 votes   mod: Ghostbusters Multiplayer
Sergeant23 Feb 16 2010, 10:11am says:

Nice design, try giving it a 'living' feeling. Like breathing, regorgitating (is that correct?) or even some shudders- shaking

+1 vote   article: Alien Harvest Reveal / Spark Q&A Part 2
Sergeant23 Feb 5 2010, 2:45pm says:

Well my version goes like this: Prior to the first Halo game, a Spartan named -insert name here- is on a undercover mission to a covenant camp. He/She hijacks a banshee and flies over some heavy covenant weapon exercise. Since the spartan did not understand a word, he/she flies directly into the firing zone. The banshee turns and flips, until every control is lost. The lone spartan wakes on the wreakage and sturuggles his/her way out. Looking over the horizon, The spartan spots a covenant scout team approaching. Reaching for any weapon he/she could find, (The weapon was lost in the crash) The spartan grabs a banshee wing support and takes a deep breath, then jumps to the fight. Unknown to him/her, another pair of watchful eyes are about to lay on him/her.

Well that's my story. Try naming the spartan less than 1-3 syllables and add a code number behind. For example, Lim-023 (My online nick) =D

+1 vote   media: A sneak peak at a storyboard
Sergeant23 Feb 5 2010, 1:10pm says:

****, I know what it is thinking when it saw you.

+1 vote   media: Primal Carnage - Ingame Testing
Sergeant23 Feb 5 2010, 1:08pm replied:

If it was biological realism, I could imagine it now...

"****! There's a T-rex after me and I gotta take a ****! A ****! Aw god not me, not me" *Gun shakes with no accuracy, no crosshair. The guy just runs like **** since he knows he stands no chance- literally*

"Open the door! Open the god damn door! I can't stop swearing 'cause a chicken minded dino is about to out smart me in an eating contest"

Wow. No guy would stand silently while somehow holding a gun steadily in that kind of situation. Who is he, Issac Clarke? And players can kiss machinimas good bye.

Realistic tho. =P

+3 votes   media: Ingame Test shots
Sergeant23 Feb 5 2010, 1:01pm says:

I just noticed the eyes of the T-Rex actually follows you!

+1 vote   media: Primal Carnage - In-Game Screen Shots
Sergeant23 Feb 5 2010, 12:59pm says:

Hell yeah! You kick *** man! (You're male, right?)

+2 votes   game: Primal Carnage
Sergeant23 Feb 5 2010, 12:47pm replied:

Right on.

+2 votes   article: Unigine - Lukewarm Media - Press Release
Sergeant23 Feb 4 2010, 10:02am replied:

LOL flamethrower

+5 votes   media: OF2 - Barnacle (physics manipulation)
Sergeant23 Feb 4 2010, 9:34am says:

I just finished the Beta, and some modifications were needed:

-The Scout death animation. I noticed the tentacles stood straightly and the explosion sound was too slow.

-Some textures looked as if it was stretched and was killed the environment.

-Map was very confusing, I literally circled 3 times before actually going the right way.

-The suit menu was too amateurish. I couldn't access cloak and the menu seemed too obvious and not much effort was put into it.

But then good job at the cutscenes and the ending.
I was like going "****, Scout in close range? Aw well guess I have to- Aw Shi-"

+1 vote   mod: Crysis Co-op
Sergeant23 Feb 2 2010, 9:44am says:

Hey, If you need storyboard writer, Give me a call or NPC dialogue writer just anything with writing and storyboard

+1 vote   mod: Crysis Co-op
Sergeant23 Jan 26 2010, 1:28pm says:

Hold on! I think I found out how to play the game.
First get rid of the menu screen in here crysiscoop\Game\Libs\UI\Menus_StartMenu.gfx
then, go into game, load the mod.
Enter the online play (not quick play) and you will see a server that is named Euroserver or something.
The map it is on is Alienwar_coop.
If your not so sure, check the server information. It would say

Mod: Crysis_coop
(it is also dedicated)

Join the server, then your crysis wars will tell you that you don't have the map.
Download it right there.
Create your own server, and add the map into the rotation. It is in the Power Struggle category.
Start the server, and the only faction choice is US.
Have fun fighting the aliens!

I hope it makes sense and help you guys.
Cheers =D

+1 vote   download: Crysis Co-Op Beta V2
Sergeant23 Jan 26 2010, 12:51pm says:

Kinda reminds me of Gears of War- I mean the horde, aliens kicking humans' ***, Mankind fighting for survival and ugly *** enemies.

+1 vote   media: Wraith Horde
Sergeant23 Jan 26 2010, 12:42pm says:

Another Halo mod? Don't get my hopes up. But still, got my support.

+2 votes   mod: halo mod
Sergeant23 Jan 26 2010, 12:42pm says:

Time to shoot people off giant discs by shooting small discs into the disc of the friggin universe. o.O

+1 vote   mod: Ricochet: Source
Sergeant23 Jan 26 2010, 12:36pm says:

Version two? So worth going to internet at 1 AM in the morning

+1 vote   download: Crysis Co-Op Beta V2
Sergeant23 Jan 26 2010, 12:25pm replied:

Nah, I'll just get the OJ

+1 vote   media: Do you like coffee?
Sergeant23 Jan 26 2010, 12:23pm replied:

Say whut?

+1 vote   article: Romeo & Juliet.
Sergeant23 Jan 26 2010, 12:19pm says:

Your story explination kinda confused me... Might wanna fix that a lil'?

+1 vote   article: Living Hell: Noname Island 2 - Mod Released
Sergeant23 Jan 17 2010, 9:37am replied:

Hey man let the guy be. If you think you're so ******* good and why don't you make a halo based mod yourself? Dude, you can only see what is bad about this. But seriously, bumtown? Nice name you hobo

@H4CK3R117 Yeah nice job starting a halo mod. I've been waiting for a halo story in other engines...

0 votes   mod: Halo 3 ODST: The Fall
Sergeant23 Jan 17 2010, 6:41am says:

Awwwwww ****.

+1 vote   media: Frozen Apocaylpse Beta
Sergeant23 Jan 17 2010, 6:40am says:

Ahhh the good ol' refinery, I was like going wtf when I got separated from the eagle team in Crysis Wars

+1 vote   media: Level 1
Sergeant23 Jan 17 2010, 6:39am says:

16mb? hmmm I'm surprised

+1 vote   download: Crysis Co-Op Beta V2
Sergeant23 Jan 16 2010, 12:49am says:

Can you make the UDK version? Cuz' I got rid of UT3 few days ago and apperantly too lazy to install it again. =D

+1 vote   download: AFF:Planetstorm - build RC8
Sergeant23 Jan 16 2010, 12:45am says:

Soldier on the front: "I got sand in my groins."
Soldier behind him: "Yeah you do."

+1 vote   media: AIA Poster
Sergeant23 Jan 16 2010, 12:44am says:

If they want a posing contest, we'll give 'em a posing contest

+1 vote   media: Forwards! For the United League!
Sergeant23 Jan 16 2010, 12:38am replied:

Aw yeah, Time to kill the admin *Gets kicked out*

+2 votes   article: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - Released!
Sergeant23 Jan 15 2010, 9:56am says:

I know what your thinking, and it's crazy.

+1 vote   media: Frigates vs Assault Carrier
Sergeant23 Jan 14 2010, 3:50am replied:

I know what I'm gonna do for 250 hours when multiplayer mode comes out...

+1 vote   game: UnrealStarcraft
Sergeant23 Jan 12 2010, 1:10am replied:

Halo is the worst FPS ever? What have your mother has been feeding you?

+1 vote   article: Solitude - Exclusive Interview
Sergeant23 Jan 12 2010, 1:04am says:

I heard you guys teamed up with the NS team. Congrats and good luck (Not that you need any)

+1 vote   game: Overgrowth
Sergeant23 Jan 8 2010, 4:04am says:

Adrian and Jake?

+1 vote   media: OF2 - Phoenix Ambush
Sergeant23 Jan 22 2011, 11:11am says:

... So how will snipers work?

0 votes   game: Augustine: Despondent
Sergeant23 May 18 2010, 1:19pm says:

Gowd, I hope there aren't any tentacles moving slowly under his skin in game... That would freak me out.

+1 vote   media: Textured/Rendered
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