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Amnesia: A Coward's Debt

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After playing many custom stories for me the fear factor has for the most part been lost as I have gotten used to the mechanics, but this story changed all of that. I was genuinely terrified after the first monster encounter. The custom monster, creepy alternative music and custom objects from A Machine for Pigs went a long way to raising this story higher the most of the competition.

However I do feel the story could have been so much more had you incorporated more traditional aspects such as more puzzles, hiding from monsters, more location variety's, etc. Outdoor areas would have been particularly welcome.

Knowing you (SPOILERS) cant escape from the monster and have to die over and over diminishes the replay value. When you know a dangerous monster is lurking somewhere it always heightens tension, but now I know the monster in this story cant be avoided it reduces the scare factor for future play throughs.

BUT the high quality mapping, excellent pacing and chilling music made it a very memorable story, which I would highly recommend to others. I hope in the future you incorporate the unique elements of this story into a more traditional style one.


Amnesia: Rain

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