I am a PC gamer who sometimes likes to try to map for HL1, HL2, and mods. I also really like to play games. I love it.

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Coastline to Atmosphere

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This is such an original Half-Life 2 mod I remember playing in the past so long ago. I played it in 2006, now I give a review in 2015.

The scenery is beautiful. Each level, I become more overwhelmed at the creativity and hard work put forth to create the level. Most people call it "mediocre" or "average", but this mod was made when Half-Life 2 was released, and honestly, some levels in HL2, I bet people call some levels "mediocre" right now. But in my eyes, I just cannot get over each level.

The battles are intense. This might feel like a one-man army, but Freeman is still human. I, at a lot of times, find myself in a situation of low HP or low ammo, and that's fun! I love wounding up in a scenario of chaos and fear, where each step I make, I take another risk into losing more and more of what I have left.

The story is great. I feel horrified at times where I feel the rebels have abandoned me, I'm left alone as I watch my friends die, I realize who my mentor has been the whole time, and more. If I were making the story, I might've not made Gordon's friends be killed off, but stuff like this is what makes a story dramatic. I especially like that end. XD

My favorite moments in the game are the hallucination scene (where all I can keep thinking is "WTF"), the chase scene with the G-Man and Breen, The End, and a lot of battles.

I hope this game still works, because I'm going for another run (maybe even on Hard).


Elevator: Source

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

This is like the best gamemode I ever played. I LOVE the rooms your come to, some even SCARED ME OUT OF MY CHAIR!

Rating 10/10 for sure. I wouldn't say anything else.


Fallout 3

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Missing Information

Mod review

So awesome.


Blue Portals

Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Bestest portal mod ever!


Human Error

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Total Fear

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