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Hey, so I've got a mixture of mods, I started getting into modding myself and have the basics nailed. I'm making a mini mod out of other mods for my own personal use and I need help implementing vehicles from one mod to another, so uh yeah. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

300 Characters in length blows... Lalala. Anyway, my mini mod... Right... I used "Zombie Mod0.2" as the base mod, but I cut down the infinite mags to realistic amounts, and for Coop vehicles, tanks and APCs just didn't do it for me so I removed those, and the mounted weapons, only garrisonable thing on the map is a Humvee, with the "2 Weeks After" mod's Humvee skin... I modded the Humvee to have very limited rounds, to make it more realistic, 100 to be exact (I think I might make it not respawn) but uh yeah. I've got "Project Reality" and I want to try different vehicles from that mod as a replacement for the Humvee, but I tried the UAZ and it crashes on loadup... Soooo, read the last sentence in the paragraph above. :O Thanks for reading :D.

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