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The Zultek Entertainment website up is up ( not finished but its up ) this is the hosting place of 28 marines later so if you are interested in the game head over to the site chill have a chat with the devs, post any ideas you have about the game, anything you want to see in the game and all sorts of other things, see you there :)



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We now have a campaign on Indiegogo :)
We are now hosted on Indiegogo if you wish to support us then head over there if you do not wish to support us then help us by spreading the word about us and our goal :)


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why on earth do games need to use steam?
I just got black ops for chrismass, got it out of the box saw the word steam and started swearing, the game was brought from the store with a disk i do not believe i need steam! and the fact i cant play a game from steam ulless i am online and the game has to be fully updated WTF what if i just wanted to play sigle player????

Stupid game companies are all going to steam but they dont consider the people in the world that dont have a fulltime internet connection or have a limited download cap, my brother and i love games and lanning an such and this stupid steam stops that considering we have a usb internet connection so only one pc at a time can be on the net.

I think im just gona start pireting games if this keeps up, if u want my damn money then work for it! i seriously hope someone important sees this so they can wake the f*ck up.

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