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Kedgeree May 27 2013, 4:32pm replied:

Survival is playing the game the way the devs intended involving loot/zombies and such. Whereas Sandbox allows you to customize how rare loot is, how observant zombies are, etc.

As for the story, it'll be back soon. Possibly the Steam release, iirc. *shrug*

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Kedgeree Apr 12 2012, 2:22pm replied:

I... think it may have been a suggestion of adding a bigger bag for more inventory slots.

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Kedgeree Mar 4 2012, 11:32am replied:

$10 minimum for donator items, last I recall.

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Kedgeree Feb 26 2012, 7:46am replied:

It has been mentioned a few times that they ditched the normal save method for their own.

The tape recorders you can use to save the game are in various areas and you can see them rather easily, they're rather large to see, and have a red light glowing from them.

Oh, and if you're playing on Nightmare difficulty you'll have to find tapes, as mentioned in the hint, they can only be used 5 times each. Where those tapes are? I don't know, I've only played Medium so far.

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Kedgeree Feb 25 2012, 1:19pm replied:

Alternatively, if you have certain items in the quick keys:
1. Knife
2. Glock
3. Mobile Phone.

Pressing 1+2 (default quick keys) at the same time on your keyboard you can duel wield the Glock and knife. And 1+3 for the Glock and phone, and you get the idea. Altough remember that with the Glock duel-wielded with another item you can't reload unless you put away the second item/weapon.

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Kedgeree Feb 25 2012, 1:06pm replied:

Look at the apartments (near where you found the ladder), look at the wall and it should give you a signal on where the ladder goes.

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Kedgeree Feb 7 2012, 7:57pm says:

The detail reminds me of Call of Pripyat's swamps on High. And considering that game uses a more developed engine, this is a compliment.

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Kedgeree Jan 21 2012, 10:16am replied:

What wazanator said is true, as for why the Dreamcast failed despite being up there agaisnt the PS2? Last I recall it went bankrupt or something. Which is a shame because it -was- a decent console.

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Kedgeree Dec 11 2011, 1:46pm says:

A personal recommendation over the nuclear waste pools - if entity limits allow it of course. Is to just have the nuclear waste as a regular brush (water flag in the texture's name makes it just regular liquid automatically, if all else fails, use it as a regular func_water). And place a trigger_hurt over it, where the player can step on it.

The reason being is that the trigger_hurt has a damage delay similar to Doom's. Whereas setting the func_water type actually rapidly drains health, a bit inconsistent when compared to Doom.

Another note about the trigger_hurt, is that when you set a damage value, the actual damage taken seems to be halved (I may be wrong on this part), so I would recommend doubling the value on how much the player will be damaged by the pools.

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Kedgeree Nov 2 2011, 7:17am replied:

There was a confirmation of a curse censor way before NPCs were involved. As for how immersive/immersion breaking such a filter is? Is up to the individual I guess.

+1 vote   news: Simulated Fear and Loathing in Knox County
Kedgeree Nov 1 2011, 6:55pm says:

Players can get tossed about, lovely. Now I can imagine situations where the player gets tossed into mobs and ganked by a horde of whatever-they-are.

On a plus note; no other Gold-Source mod did that, right?

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Kedgeree Oct 14 2011, 8:57pm replied:

Half-Life actually used a heavily modified Quake engine, and borrowed bits from Quake 2.

Was surprised to find out it was mostly Quake 1, and not Quake 2 stuff.

+5 votes   mod: Knee Deep in the Dead
Kedgeree Sep 30 2011, 1:57pm replied:

And then said NPC wanders to your building, glitches through the barricaded door. And makes all the zombies try to enter your safe house. :D

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Kedgeree Sep 26 2011, 8:43am replied:

Fortunately I have no comment to it. No experience since I live quite a distance from Aberdeen. :D

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Kedgeree Sep 25 2011, 6:23pm replied:

Wales and/or Aberdeen (in Scotland).

Wait- Hey, I'm Scottish... :<

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Kedgeree Sep 13 2011, 1:10pm replied:

I survived an accidental axe swing once. But I don't think my character had any hopes in reproducing afterwards.

AKA: I got an axe to the groin according to the body condition. :<

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Kedgeree Sep 12 2011, 10:42am replied:

While a cheaper price can indeed infuence a person to buy instead of pirate. There is still people who would pirate the product even if it was £1 or less. Hence my reference to the Humble Indue Bundle.

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Kedgeree Sep 12 2011, 9:23am replied:

In all honesty, as Metalspy said, no matter what the price is, some people will just pirate it regardless.
One helluva example would be the Humble Indie Bundle, you paid whatever you wished to pay to recieve the games. Yet people still pirated it.

One source:

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Kedgeree Sep 12 2011, 6:16am says:

Lemmy103 released a video on YouTube recently, involving save on exit and map transitions!

"Project Zomboid Save on Quit and Multiple Map Section Support Sneak Preview"

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Kedgeree Sep 7 2011, 11:47am replied:

As Gorgutz said, you will. It follows the Minecraft style of releasing. You pre-order the game as-is. And get subsequent updates for free. And the game will increase in price at some point in development (like Minecraft's shift from Alpha to Beta lifting the price by about £2).

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Kedgeree Sep 6 2011, 5:21pm replied:

The Fanboy edition is for people who want to 'donate' more money to The Indie Stone right now. There isn't anything special that you get with it. However Lemmy101 says they'll try to reward the Fanboy edition purchased in the future.


Ehh, you'll need to do some searching or direct copy/pasting of that link to see the tweet. Not sure where I went wrong in linking it.

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Kedgeree Sep 3 2011, 6:32pm replied:

When you play, do you have the option for Sandbox mode? If so, it's the current alpha. Whereas the tech-demo is just straight to Bob & Kate.

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Kedgeree Sep 3 2011, 2:42pm replied:

Or it could be that I've played too many fantasy games that make swamps a browny colour..--

Wait, it's always been greenish/dark green... Whatever the case maybe the water could use a bit of a change in the biome?

+1 vote   media: Swamp Biome.
Kedgeree Sep 3 2011, 2:31pm says:

Hm, I'd say the grass should be a bit more brownish/gloopy to resemble a swamp. The vines coming down off the trees are spot on though.

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Kedgeree Sep 3 2011, 12:19pm replied:

Ever thought of the fact that a sand pressure plate would be perfect for any desert dungeon traps?
After all, if you're not the most observant person in the world you can easily walk right onto the pressure plates - guaranteed it's the same block that it was placed on like wood-wooden pressure plate/stone-stone pressure plate - and not realise until you hear the following *click*.

+1 vote   media: "Two" new things finished up!
Kedgeree Sep 3 2011, 7:44am says:

When I looked at this screenshot in the Minecraft forum - the sand looks a bit like those wooden/stone pressure plates given that it seems to be one unit high. So... sand pressure plates?

"What are you on about?":

+1 vote   media: "Two" new things finished up!
Kedgeree Sep 1 2011, 5:25pm replied:

For the FPS issues, have a look here and see if this works:

As for the zombies hitting you one floor above/below where you are? Yeah that certainly is annoying, but hopefully it'll get fixed at some point.

If some of you don't visit the forum, here is a challenge to attempt with the paid version: Play with every single negative trait in the list. Including agoraphobic & claustrophobic!

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Kedgeree Aug 31 2011, 8:41am says:

Howdy neighbour...

+8 votes   media: Project Zomboid Trailer
Kedgeree Aug 8 2011, 5:56pm replied:

Read Notch's twitter until you come across one that was re-tweeted by him from The Indie Stone (lemmy101's tweet).

+1 vote   news: Bethesda are suing us, here’s the full story!
Kedgeree Jul 6 2011, 7:08pm says:

I'll admit, looking at the screenshot reminds me of Doom 3 back when it was first released. Amazing to just stare at.

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