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i am a gamer what else is there to say? -i love the C&C sries & the age of empire series im also a regular FPS player. i play twisted inserrection,aoe1,2 & 3,red alert reloaded,dawn of the tiberian age & many other games my name usually under scorpionov Im a hardcore NOD fan but GDI is still cool

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Scorpionov @ Nod Rocket Soldier

will there be a back story behind this armour?

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Scorpionov @ GDI - Gun Truck

cant wait for this! mowing infantry ftw

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Scorpionov @ Mutants Refinery


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Scorpionov @ C&C Renovatio

1. in the late campaign will we the nod temple in development?
2. is it true that your planning 99000 missions for scavengers :)
3. does gdi retire most of their navy except the gunboat by late campaign?
4. Will the allies get the spy and thief?
5. IN the late campaign will the allies disband and gdi take over and fight the scavengers?
6. Will a buggy type vehicle make an appearance?
7. Will scavengers have a hijacking unit soemthing like that?
8. Will we see a prototype oblelisk of light?
9. how will flame towers get phased out?

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Scorpionov @ C&C Renovatio

i think i have phrased that nod question wrong let me rephrase

for example
A scavenger mission
TRansmission begins>
greetings commander i am kane......just kane i have been told by your superiors that you are the most capable commander they have. I hope they are correct.
This is sarajevo it is currently occupied by the allied division known as the black ops you must change that..
I will send some of my elite soilders disguised as allies to get your troops through then you must ensure that you wipe them all out and time is of the essence the bortherhood has big plans for that area

Or a different scenario
This is sarajevo it is currently occupied by the allied division known as the black ops then must be removed from sarajevo but we must not draw attention to you or ourselves.
that is why we will sabotage their efforts the relations between the black ops and residents of sarajevo is hanging by a thin thread it would only take but one act to force the black ops to withdraw an act which you must perform
This is there power grip that is powering all of sarajevo you must knock it out gather you best commandos and have them airlifted south of sarajevo in these mountians meanwhile my elite commandos will infiltrate from the north.
A village marked on your map will be the meeting point from there i will give you command of my team and you do the rest

Tiberium metoer mission
Commander it has happened a new age is upon us! the metoer has fallen here in tiber river italy the allied military is securing the area you must reach there before they do and take as many samples as you can for it is vital for the bortherhood to best the allies in tiberium research

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Scorpionov @ Call of Duty Fans

every call of duty is awesome :)

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Scorpionov @ Battlefield Fans

battlefield 2 rocks but i forgot where i put my CD :/

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Scorpionov @ EvilConker

hey man like your mod when the next version coming out?

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Scorpionov @ Aerosphere Studios

wait if you read this i pressed the join by mistake please reject

thank you

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Scorpionov @ Aerosphere Studios

yep this game is a one of as kind definately getting

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Scorpionov @ Star Wars Fan Group

jedi suck they got spanked by clones

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Scorpionov @ Metal Gear Solid Fans

I only played the first but its good game

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Scorpionov @ mephilisno.1fanclub

lol some the newest sonic the hedgehog was good but bloody hard :/

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Scorpionov @ Assassin's Guild

i love assasins creed i complted the campaign more than 50 times cuz the game is so awesome cant wait for number 2 :)

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Scorpionov @ Oblivion Mods/Total Conversions

hello there im an oblivon modder though i only know the basics it is still fun to mod

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Scorpionov @ Taleworlds

mount & blade is THE best game out there to mod and i have so many mods lol

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Scorpionov @ C&C Paradise

hey a cnc group i mostly play single player cncs and i have the whole seires except for uprising :)

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Scorpionov @ Tiberium Essence

awesome mod though its a shame all the default units are gone i would of loved to mix some advanced flame tanks with devils tounge and scorpion mark 1s with mark 2s

Oh and the mammoth mk2 and titans husks i ask why did you remove them?
What are your plans for the future?
More mammoth seires variants?
More cyborg units for nod?

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Scorpionov @ Recon Side Cart Bike

anti infantry and decent anti armour in one package chirstmas came early :)

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Scorpionov @ C&C Renovatio

btw one more idea

You should put Mr.t in the game with a pimped out abrams that pitys enemies to death like an easter egg lol :P

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Scorpionov @ Flame Tractor

flame tractor spam ftw!

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Scorpionov @ C&C Renovatio

more questions :)

1. Will there be more than 1 sub faction for the scavengers specilising in different areas?
2. Will the scavengers have the phase tank?
3. Will volkov and his dog be a playable unit?
4. Will we see the tiberian dawn power plants in the later stages of the campaign for the allies?
5. Will there be ungrades for units?
6. Will the scavengers have more than 1 way to gather resources?
7. Btw when i meant When does nod come into play I meant actually come into play do they lend alot of aid to the scavengers and manipulate the allies or......
8. How will tanya die or retire?
9 One possible mission you could do as scavengers is raid a top secret allied research facility to steal plans for a prototype laser defense
10. In the scavenger campaign do you fight other scavenger groups as well?
11. Is the M.A.D tank going to make an appearance?
12. will we see a prototype tiberium refinery?
13. Will scavengers eventually switch from a war factory to an air strip?
14. What will make the allies throw away the old war factory and replace it with the new weapons factory?
15. How will the scavengers get their hands on the plans for the allied turret?
16. Are the scavengers going to be wiped out by the brotherhood in the end or absorbed by them?
17. Will we see the ion in the construction stages and the scavengers try to saboutage it?
18. Since there is a span of 40 years will the scavengers make many improvised weapons such a flame phase tank,technical or fake demo truck or something like that
19. Will the guard tower be buildable by the allies?
20. is the scavengers black hand the same organisation as nods black because if i remeber correctly the nod black hand started out as the bodyguards of kane?
21. Will the allies eventually get their hands on the iron curtian?
22. During the scavenger campaign will we recieve assignments for kane himself?

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Scorpionov @ Tiberian Sun Rising

Few questions

1. Are any tiberium flora plants gonna be ingame?
2. Will we see any 1st Tib War remains?
3. Are you gonna go past firestorm into the period between the second and third tib war?
4. Will we be able to fight nod splinter factions to reunite them?
5. Will the mutants make an apperance?
6. Will we glimpse possible clues to the development of the marked of kane because as you know they were developed during the second tib war
7. Will we see the birth of the steel talons?
8. Will the game have a campaign that spans twenty years covering crumbling after the first war?
9. Will we see any new Creatures?
10.Will we see any cut content from the original ts( nod heavy tank, Dropbay.Etc)
11. Will we be able to capture and use first tib war technology?
12. Will we be able to build toxin soilders?
13. Will we see any Red alert 1 tech in city museums perhaps?
14. Can we build more than 1 cyborg commando or mammoth mk2?
15. In skirmish maps can we capture a hovel and recruit various mutants for our army

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Scorpionov @ C&C Renovatio

a Few questions for this mod

1. In the campaign are the scavengers gonna start in rag-tag groups that are unable to contact eachother?
2. When will the Brotherhood come into play?
3. Will the bradley light tank be scavengers or allied?
4. Will we get to play that failed black-ops mission to assasinate saddam?
5. What will happen to the chronosphere and the iron curtian?
6. Will the scavanger faction change thier doctrine from steamrolling to hit N run raids?
7. will the scavengers still have an airforce? or navy left?
8. How will the allies lose most of their navy?
9. Is there going to be an allied mammoth tank?
10. How will the scavengers get a hold of the m11a artillery?
11. Will we see Kane?
12. And the most important one Will chuck norris and Mr.t come in and save the day.........again

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