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I-Threnna Feb 12 2015, 6:06am replied:

There is a myth about Lord_Set. It is said that Lord_Set subdued Lord Gaben and made him his emissary in ancient times, even though there is no proof of this, and have provided Gaben guidance in times of great need.

They also say that Reaper_Armada was behind the founding of Steam and is in 'direct control' of it, and for every Reaper created, they celebrate by providing great sales on various entertainment items.

And someone has heard a small whisper, that Didact have been working undercover with FaZe clan to recruit MLG programmers and modelers to create Half-Life 3 and Portal 3, and plan to release both of them near the end of the next cycle while Reaper_Armada leads the invasion in Milky Way.

(Forgive me if I forget someone)

+9 votes   article: Dawn of the Reapers V3 Onslaught Update
I-Threnna Dec 4 2014, 4:48am says:

Oh my fekkin god. This is stunningly beautiful.

+2 votes   media: Corellia Map - old vs. new
I-Threnna Sep 25 2014, 7:03am says:

Shiny ^^

+1 vote   media: UI Updates
I-Threnna Sep 24 2014, 1:57pm says:


+1 vote   media: New UI Buttons for Ships
I-Threnna Sep 23 2014, 5:08pm says:

Do you even RAM!?

+5 votes   media: Some Recent Steam Screenshots
I-Threnna Sep 1 2014, 4:45am says:

Dark Souls 2 DLC will have to wait a bit. Maybe until the Reapers have been discovered and then eradicated. Shouldn't take long.

+5 votes   download: Dawn of the Reapers V .2
I-Threnna Aug 22 2014, 11:17am says:

Awesome! Look forward to trying it once it's done downloading ^^

+3 votes   article: Thrive v0.2.3 Released!
I-Threnna Jul 23 2014, 12:52am replied:

Not that hard. Anti-fighter frigates and something that packs a moderate punch should do the trick. If not, fighters help a lot with keeping them at bay for a while.

+1 vote   article: Sins of the Prophets Rebellion Alpha v.0.56.1 Released
I-Threnna Jul 5 2014, 1:24pm says:

I personally think they should look at "you," but nevertheless a really fitting victory picture ^^

+7 votes   media: New UNSC Victory
I-Threnna Jul 2 2014, 2:18am replied:

Better just bring them in case they build another space station.

+7 votes   media: Some Things Don't Change
I-Threnna Jul 1 2014, 4:51am replied:

ARC 150 Heavy ACP Repeater :D

+1 vote   media: Mandalorian Infantry
I-Threnna Jun 30 2014, 9:29pm says:

Collector still collecting ore chunks when dropping them. Drills don't pick up every bit, you can use the collectors for catching the bits that don't get picked up.

+1 vote   article: Update 01.036 - Fully functional conveyor-connector system, custom astronaut’s s
I-Threnna Jun 26 2014, 4:13pm replied:

Likely a downgraded version for use as a starbase, or they make something new. You'll see.

+3 votes   media: Sisters
I-Threnna Jun 19 2014, 2:05pm buried:


Wrong mod pal

-6 votes   media: Speaking of Sexy
I-Threnna Jun 16 2014, 7:27pm replied:

Well... because reasons!

- Logic of my brain in the middle of the night when I have absolutely nothing to do when suddenly encountering an update and then coming up with this brilliant parody.

+1 vote   media: Romulans vs. the Borg
I-Threnna Jun 15 2014, 7:05pm says:

"We are the Aroused Borg.

Lower your shields and surrender your explicit materials.
We will add your adult magazines and purposely hidden folders to our own.
Your content will adapt to stimulate us.

Resistance is uncomfortable."

+11 votes   media: Romulans vs. the Borg
I-Threnna Jun 7 2014, 6:13pm replied:

Which means that you've all done a damned good job since I would otherwise confuse this with a previous Stark Trek game ^^

+2 votes   media: defiant and ambassador class
I-Threnna Jun 6 2014, 1:57am says:

If it wasn't for the tritanium-asteroid in the background, I would've said this was Star Trek Legacy

+1 vote   media: defiant and ambassador class
I-Threnna Jun 3 2014, 4:14pm says:

Now this is something I'll enjoy...

+1 vote   media: New Skyboxes
I-Threnna May 31 2014, 5:01pm says:

With an impact like that, you need to add a massive shockwave that knocks nearly everything to the ground, and give people a temporary tinnitus :P

+2 votes   media: The other kind of Titanfall
I-Threnna May 26 2014, 12:23pm replied:

So, kinda like Venus. But without plants. Or with plants. Still greenhouse planets. Awesome.


+1 vote   media: New Greenhouse Planet Texture
I-Threnna May 25 2014, 1:45pm says:

So....kinda like Venus, but with plants?

+2 votes   media: New Greenhouse Planet Texture
I-Threnna May 22 2014, 2:42am replied:

Well damn. Ah well, hope it answers your question :P

+1 vote   mod: Sins of a Galactic Empire
I-Threnna May 21 2014, 9:18am replied:

Seems a bit cartoonish. More so than the original sins, but still impressive!

+1 vote   media: Stalwart-class Light Frigate In Game
I-Threnna May 20 2014, 4:28pm replied:

The engine does not use that, not in the original sins either. It would be very difficult to make it as well. Maelstrom has a rotating effect on some ships, but it's static and not dynamic (as in turrets aiming). It would be extremely time consuming and difficult at the same time, while also putting more strain on your computer.

+1 vote   mod: Sins of a Galactic Empire
I-Threnna May 18 2014, 4:29pm says:

*fangirl-bouncing and screaming*

+1 vote   media: Model Rehaul: Praetor
I-Threnna May 16 2014, 2:26am replied:

Aaaaaaah I see what you did there!

+2 votes   media: Model Rehaul: Rejuvinator SD
I-Threnna May 15 2014, 2:11am says:

*Bounces up and down* :D

+2 votes   media: Model Rehaul: Rejuvinator SD
I-Threnna May 12 2014, 1:22pm replied:

Obviously it's incompatible. This isn't Skyrim or Oblivion or X-3. Mods for EAWFOC are fairly limited when it comes to numbers active. Only I can think of is minimods, but this isn't.

+1 vote   download: Super Star Wars: Rise of the Droid Empire
I-Threnna May 10 2014, 3:01pm says:

This is going to be good ^^

Well, already is, but it's only going to get better ^^

+7 votes   media: UNSC Fleet as of 5/10
I-Threnna May 9 2014, 2:29am replied:

Victus! Easy now... I'm not sure if they have preferences. Though they wont complain if you decide to.. erm... do something.

+1 vote   media: Beauty shots
I-Threnna May 7 2014, 3:32pm replied:

I still believe you can capture the asteroids if they add them, or the moons.

+4 votes   article: Planets
I-Threnna Apr 17 2014, 8:15am replied:

Yeah, life is easy when you are the apex of the galaxy.

+4 votes   article: Our Geth Overlord Speaks Again!
I-Threnna Mar 28 2014, 10:48am says:

Look what I found here :D

+2 votes   media: Klingon Negh'Var class
I-Threnna Feb 14 2014, 8:17pm says:

Signed ^^

+4 votes   article: Petition To Add Star Wars: Clone Wars To Netflix
I-Threnna Feb 14 2014, 5:14am replied:

To be more clear: I'l like to learn so that I can help in the future. I'm not saying that me with no experience is going to join these guys who are way more experienced. I'm trying to say that I can try to learn about it so I can start doing similar things in the DISTANT FUTURE. I'd probably screw up the research tree or anything else if I were to start now, especially on this project.

+17 votes   article: Help Wanted / Production Will Continue
I-Threnna Feb 14 2014, 2:14am says:

I'm afraid I don't have any experience with modding Sins other than hull/shields/weapon damage on already existing files, so I can't help there. Though I'd like to learn about it. Do you have a link to a tutorial of some sort, because I'd love to help.

+1 vote   article: Help Wanted / Production Will Continue
I-Threnna Feb 5 2014, 4:15pm says:

Ho shiz

+4 votes   media: Crystalline Entity
I-Threnna Feb 3 2014, 4:16am replied:

The folder is in one of two locations.

C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods


C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Mods

In my case it was located in the first. Also, when you create the folder, it has to be a lowercase name and not capital (I think) : "Mods"=NO, "mods"=YES

+1 vote   article: Installing Tiberium Essence on Tiberium Wars for STEAM
I-Threnna Jan 22 2014, 2:34am says:

Wait, is that the reaper you see during the last cutscene in Mass Effect 2?

+1 vote   media: ME
I-Threnna Jan 22 2014, 2:33am says:


+1 vote   media: ME
I-Threnna Jan 21 2014, 3:26pm replied:

Nice to see you again! I've missed this mod :3

+3 votes   download: Infinite Space 1.2 for Rebellion 1.82
I-Threnna Jan 13 2014, 1:46am says:

How many US dollars would you get if you sold this ship?

+1 vote   media: Cardassian Galor class
I-Threnna Dec 26 2013, 3:13pm says:

I be findin' this pleasin' to me eye.

+4 votes   media: Temuera Morrison Becomes An Honorary Mandalorian
I-Threnna Dec 23 2013, 7:18am replied:

Haha, thank you! Quite the groups one can find here ^^

+1 vote   member: I-Threnna
I-Threnna Dec 22 2013, 10:09pm replied:

Ah well, can't go against the author ^^

+2 votes   media: Jason Ward and Argus Roegr
I-Threnna Dec 20 2013, 2:47pm replied:

Wait, you can't see that the White Mandalorian is female? You can see the shape of the armor is narrower and the chestplate is curved on the edges, hands are smaller, thighs are a bit larger compared to the stomach and so forth.

Either that or I am reading this all wrong.

+3 votes   media: Jason Ward and Argus Roegr
I-Threnna Dec 16 2013, 3:34am replied:

Too much epic for my computer to handle.

+1 vote   media: Gameplay by Capt Shack at XPGamers
I-Threnna Dec 16 2013, 1:00am replied:

True to design or not, none of us would be getting out alive. Perhaps an arm would fly out of the arena, but that's probably all we'll get ^^

+2 votes   media: Demon the Champion of Geonosis
I-Threnna Dec 14 2013, 10:59am replied:

Nah, just his legs being too short ;)

+1 vote   media: Dar Kyram
I-Threnna Dec 14 2013, 10:58am replied:

His armor feels like it has a touch of a modern samurai in it, with a mixture of a Forerunner (Halo) design. Looks epic.

+4 votes   media: Demon the Champion of Geonosis
I-Threnna Dec 12 2013, 4:11am replied:

Dem colors.

+3 votes   media: Republic patrol fleet
I-Threnna Dec 12 2013, 3:30am says:

Dat background.

+5 votes   media: Republic patrol fleet
I-Threnna Dec 10 2013, 8:41am says:

All I can think of right now is "Building a sentry!"

Regardless, awesome picture!

+3 votes   media: Theros Bralor
I-Threnna Dec 6 2013, 6:25am says:

Reminds me of the Flood from the Halo universe.
Scary when you see your own ships going against you, not-so-scary when you are the Plague :P

A note though. Have you thought about updating that^ banner? It looks fairly old. Perhaps smoothen the edges/transitions between the shapes or something? Not that it matters since you only see it for a few seconds, but still.

+1 vote   media: More Intuitive Activation?
I-Threnna Nov 18 2013, 4:19am says:

Looks interesting, I'll give it a try!

+3 votes   download: E4X Optional Minimods 1.7
I-Threnna Nov 4 2013, 11:19am replied:

It is (or looks a lot like) a factory that is supposed to be part of a space station complex, for producing parts, weapons, ship(parts) and other things. Destroying it would have severe impact on the station overall, since it will (probably) be more difficult to repair the damage done.

And yes, it looks awesome ^^

+1 vote   media: X Rebirth Pre-release Screenshots
I-Threnna Oct 13 2013, 4:35am replied:

Hello there! I'm not the modder, of course, but I can help you with that. If you scroll up a bit, you will see that you are now on images. On the far left, there is a tab called summary. Click on that one.

When you're there, if you look to the right and scroll down, you'll see a white tab called "Profile" with some basic information about the mod and author. Near the bottom of it, there is an option called "Track this Mod." Click on that one. There you go, you are now tracking this mod.

+4 votes   media: Sonya companion
I-Threnna Oct 1 2013, 5:33am says:

Hadn't it been for the sun shining at my screen, I would probably need a couple new pants. Nice work!

+3 votes   media: Vampirelord replacer
I-Threnna Sep 30 2013, 1:09am says:

Aww, you bastard. How am I supposed to walk in there now!?

+4 votes   media: spiders and hellhound
I-Threnna Sep 25 2013, 3:29pm says:

If I weren't a watcher, I wouldn't have seen this.


+16 votes   media: Don't forget to become a watcher!
I-Threnna Sep 20 2013, 7:26am says:

Impressive design! Has given me a couple of ideas ^^

+1 vote   media: UpdateSet4
I-Threnna Sep 5 2013, 12:49am says:



+4 votes   media: Queen with eggs
I-Threnna Aug 30 2013, 12:33am says:

Looks fantastic! Great to see that you are still here! :)

+4 votes   article: Luftahraan Update #9.5 - 29/08/2013 (More Dungeons)
I-Threnna Aug 16 2013, 8:14am replied:

It depends on what kind of unzipper you have. .rar and.ZIP are common. Either works.

+2 votes   download: SoGE R1088 release for SOASE Rebellion 1.52+
I-Threnna Jul 23 2013, 4:40am says:

Oya, manda!

+2 votes   media: Spartains of the Star Wars universe
I-Threnna Jul 19 2013, 9:18am says:

Thank you very much for the update! This is one of the better mods to SoaSE: Rebellion. I'm glad to see you are still active as well :)

+4 votes   download: Infinite Space 1.1 for Rebellion 1.52
I-Threnna Jun 20 2013, 6:05pm says:

You're really working now. That much is not being questioned. Keep it up, you're making great progress on it! Looking forward to trying it out :)

+4 votes   article: Progress Update
I-Threnna Jun 13 2013, 9:55am says:

Haha, I find the helmet a litle bit too big :P
Looks funny actually xD
Still, good work nevertheless. but you need to fix the size of it.

+3 votes   media: MP Helmets
I-Threnna Jun 7 2013, 3:33am replied:

The Mandalorians have conquered over 10 interstellar species'. You are but a bug to be squashed of the things we have to do. However, we were not affected by a genetic altering as your species have, so that have given us an edge. Perhaps now as the Genophage has been cured, you are able to show your true strength! A fight to remember!

I may see you as an enemy today, Wrex, but perhaps one day we may fight together, casting fear into the hearts of every species and create doubt among the Reapers! One day I might see you as my brother, but first you must prove yourself. You may be dishonorable with your current actions, but you are the alor, the leader, of the Krogan people, and therefore judged as a worthy opponent.

Consider it a compliment. You are a worthy opponent, and the Mandalorians have few they even judge worthy to battle.

+1 vote   media: Cerberus Carrier
I-Threnna Jun 6 2013, 11:50am replied:

How dare you even touch me? You cannot even grasp the magnitude of our power! None of your people have honor. You have much to learn, Urdnot, and when we come to conquer your wasteland, I look forward to teaching you. You are no warrior. You are a soldier without honor, and do not deserve a warriors death.
Show me in battle if you have honor! Only the strongest shall rule! Oya!

+1 vote   media: Cerberus Carrier
I-Threnna Jun 5 2013, 12:38pm replied:

Bah! Your Krogan way of life is an affront to the Mandalorians. You go against the most important tenet of them all! Your family! "No one cares about the father you had, only the father you will be." I have lost my respect for you, Urdnot Wrex. You are a great warrior, but this...breeding? This is something I would never accept if I were you, Wrex.

+1 vote   media: Cerberus Carrier
I-Threnna Jun 5 2013, 12:09pm says:

Now this gave me a Night Club feeling ^^
You're doing pretty good out there, keep it up!

+1 vote   media: Revamped Nar Shaddaa
I-Threnna May 31 2013, 3:56pm replied:

Humanity first.

+3 votes   media: Cerberus Turret
I-Threnna May 16 2013, 3:06pm replied:

Alright, thanks for answering :)

+1 vote   media: Updated UI *Council*
I-Threnna May 16 2013, 1:55pm says:

Looks absolutely fantastic! Though I wonder, why does the "Underworld" window have the symbol of the Elite skull from Halo, as when you play on legendary? Are you co-working with the ones from Sins of the Prophets?

+1 vote   media: Updated UI *Council*
I-Threnna May 16 2013, 1:52pm says:

I'm very excited for the next release of this mod!
Still, what is a Fandalorian?

+1 vote   article: Final List of Mandalorian Heroes
I-Threnna May 8 2013, 1:50pm says:

Badasses. Enough said.

+1 vote   media: Mandalorians
I-Threnna May 8 2013, 1:37pm says:

Buir bal ad.

+1 vote   media: Yaimpar be te Mando'ade
I-Threnna Apr 20 2013, 5:23am says:

Wow, this is pretty impressive. All of them. I salute you sir.

+2 votes   media: Raxus Prime
I-Threnna Apr 9 2013, 1:36pm says:

Finally! An SWRC mod! I'm looking forward to testing it! :)

+2 votes   download: Republic Commando Order 66 Kamino Demo
I-Threnna Jan 16 2013, 3:12am says:

That looks much better than the last one. I guess I'll be playing with max settings then :)

+4 votes   media: Turian Battleship: Rebellion HD
I-Threnna Jan 6 2013, 6:29pm says:

I can only hope they point the other way when I try to destroy them.

+10 votes   media: Reaper Hades Turret
I-Threnna Dec 8 2012, 6:45pm replied:

Meh, the Reapers will no longer excist when I fly my Cerberus fleet to them. They'll commit suicide just by the sight of the paint job. The guns will make a great firework light-show.

-1 votes   media: Cerberus Battleship: Skinned
I-Threnna Dec 7 2012, 4:22pm says:

Beautiful! This mod never cease to amaze me :D

+2 votes   media: Mineral World
I-Threnna Sep 13 2012, 4:36pm replied:

If you have played "Star Wars Empire at War" you've seen an Imperial interdictor cruiser. It had the ability to block reinforcements from jumping to it from a wide area around it, as well as hinder reinforcements from jumping to hyperspace if the got outnumbered. It could also Jam Missile's tracking systems.
In short, it's a support cruiser with powerful abilities, but judging by the game, it is a very weak cruiser. Very slow, and can only take a small punch. It is similar in size to the Victory class Star Destroyer, a large cruiser.

Well, that's the star wars version at least. No idea what this one will do ^^

+1 vote   media: Batarian Interdictor Ship
I-Threnna Apr 12 2012, 8:24am replied:

I've browsed through all these images, and think they are all great, but I'm a little unsure about the Reaper fighter.
After what I've seen, the Reaper fighters are just the same as the Collector drones, though they fire red shots instead of orange beams. Though it's a good design, indeed.

+1 vote   media: Reaper Frigate/Fighter V2
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