Writer and source engine mapper. I also have knowledge of working with CRYengine and the various Paradox game engines. Current projects: A New Order

Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Merry holidays!

0 comments by APinkPanzer on Dec 10th, 2013

To the billions of dedicated fans and five star models who check in on my page daily, happy holidays! I hope you all have a grand time this month and for the ones to come. If any of you feel lonely, just remember, I will always be there for you in spirit (not in reality because tickets cost money and I got a business to maintain yo.)

Report abuse Fall of Skopje?

0 comments by APinkPanzer on Oct 15th, 2011

Why yes, I am the co-leader of Fall of Skopje. Although the few people reading this probably already know, PREPARE FOR EPIC. No seriously, this will be amazing if it all goes according to plan. We currently have a team of strong intellectuals and elites working on this as we speak. The game will then be produced by a game of Monkey's and ported to an Xbox made of wood.

Fall of Skopje Falls 2545

Report abuse Eh, what this site needs.

0 comments by APinkPanzer on Apr 29th, 2011

This site seriously needs a 'view posts' button. It really irks me I have to remember every mod I commented on if I am hoping for a reply or a like or some such. Then I have to type in the game (which is painful for big ones like HL2) and search through all of the mods for this one. Tons of others sites have 'view post' buttons, why not this one?

Or maybe I am just missing it, I don't know.

Edit: 5/8/2011:

HUZZAH! I typed my name in the search bar and more or less got what I wanted!

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