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Schoon May 12 2010 says:

hey, can i use blender to put models into homeworld 2?

+1 vote   mod: Path To Victory
Schoon May 11 2010 says:

can i use blender to get models to put into homeworld 2?

+2 votes   group: Homeworld 2 Modders Group
Schoon May 8 2010 says:

+ if anyone knows how to convert model files please tell me :)

+1 vote   download: SpaceShip
Schoon Apr 23 2010 says:

i love you :)

+1 vote   media: ...anything you want it to be...
Schoon Feb 27 2010 says:

awesome, i love this mod!!

+5 votes   media: AT-TE render
Schoon Feb 26 2010 says:

Looks fun and youv'e done a great job on the models :)
thanks very much
and good luck

+1 vote   mod: Modern Warfare 2.0
Schoon Feb 8 2010 replied:

i don't agree with what you said in your previous comment the Germans would have won if the US had stepped in. Your new comment is, in my opinion (stressed), correct. Sorry about the rudeness :)
and you did say that Britain and France couldn't win on their own!

+1 vote   media: Map/trade zones
Schoon Feb 7 2010 replied:

yes of course "historians proved" it even though the debate continues between historians, you are a narrow minded fool. I simply voiced my opinion. And obviously if thats your evidence for the americans won the war you must have got a bad mark on that term paper. 100,000 men is nothing compared with the losses of Britain and France. You're one ****** up mother-******* ****!!

-2 votes   media: Map/trade zones
Schoon Feb 6 2010 replied:

Americans ugh! the British and the French had already defeated the Central powers by 1917. The final march offensive in 1918 destroyed Germany's remaining combat strength. An offensive which involved negligible participation by the Americans. Sure, the Americans helped speed up the end of the war contributing large drafts of troops but the new combination of tactics, technology and the restructured allied command under Foch had already defeated the Germans. общие.яжкие i take your point that the Americans supplied Britain and France with money to stabilize their currencies and continue the war but the blockade imposed by the Grand Fleet crippled the Germans economically. B + F won!

0 votes   media: Map/trade zones
Schoon Feb 2 2010 replied:

and by the way did you buy that?
cause i found a 30 day free trial for autodesk 3ds max

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: The Clones of War
Schoon Feb 2 2010 replied:

what would be a program to create a texture?

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: The Clones of War
Schoon Feb 1 2010 says:

i would like to help with this mod
have no experience
but i want to try out the program you use for modelling and get some experience...
basically tell me what program you use and ill come back in a couple of months

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: The Clones of War
Schoon Feb 1 2010 replied:

i did a bit more research and found a program called gmax
would you recommend 3ds max or that?

+1 vote   mod: Deep Impact
Schoon Feb 1 2010 says:

just a quick question on modding zero hour
what modeler do you use to create your models
i'm interested in making some of my own
thanks in advance

+1 vote   mod: Deep Impact
Schoon Jan 19 2010 replied:


+1 vote   mod: Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare
Schoon Jan 19 2010 says:

is there any chance of listen servers?
by the way great work!

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare
Schoon Jan 13 2010 says:

please can you release a pre alpha just so we can try out those droids! :):):)
this mod is INCREDIBLE
my 2 favorite things mixed together

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: The Clones of War
Schoon Jan 13 2010 replied:

I had the same crash on startup after applying the hotfix
I then reapplied the English translation after hotfix and it worked again and then crashed after one turn
I then uninstalled third age and tried again so far its been working but i haven't played more than two turns so ill get back to you on that :)

+1 vote   mod: Rage of Dark Gods: Total War. (Warhammer FB)
Schoon Jan 13 2010 says:

it is no longer crashing at the first turn
it seems that the third age total war was conflicting with it in some way
i have not continued any further than the first turn so far as i have no time so fingers crossed :)
maybe there should be a notification on this page that the mod will not work with the Third Age; unless i'm the only one with this problem. :)

+1 vote   mod: Rage of Dark Gods: Total War. (Warhammer FB)
Schoon Jan 13 2010 says:

i installed the mod first by deleting Teutonic folder
i then used the installer
used the patch
and added translation files for 1.02

+1 vote   mod: Rage of Dark Gods: Total War. (Warhammer FB)
Schoon Jan 12 2010 says:

The game seems to crash for me every time i end my first turn on the campaign. any suggestions on what could be wrong would be appreciated.

+1 vote   mod: Rage of Dark Gods: Total War. (Warhammer FB)
Schoon Jan 2 2010 replied:

the mod is not being made at the moment the dev team is working on a similar mod for sins of a solar empire
they say they will return to it once they are done with this

if anyone is having a problem loading the universe try fewer players this works for me most of the time
and is a right pain in the neck

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: Warlords
Schoon Nov 13 2009 says:

!??!?!?!?!!? what the hell???
that looks insane
but in medieval 2 total war, how does that even work!?
Great model! :)

+1 vote   media: The Balrog
Schoon Nov 6 2009 says:

is there an english version around?

+1 vote   mod: Future Wars - Tactical Simulator
Schoon Oct 11 2009 says:

this is coming along really well nice work!

+1 vote   media: ...
Schoon Jun 22 2009 says:

looking forward to this just cause i love killing zombies!!!!!!!

+2 votes   mod: Undead shopping spree
Schoon Jun 10 2009 says:

Personally i can't beleive that this is a mod, in fact i cant beleive this actually exists its inhuman. But could you maybe tell us when we could have a go at playing it rather than spending our lives looking at the amazing pics!

0 votes   mod: MechWarrior: Living Legends
Schoon Jun 9 2009 says:

Great mod, only problem i can see is the lack of vehicles in stalker, maybe you could extrapolate a bit and add a few in cause it would be hard to make an infantry only game interesting for a long time.
But great work so far i especially like the way you've done the shotgun without editing the engine!:)

+1 vote   mod: Stalker (The Zone)
Schoon May 25 2009 says:

the download does not work

+1 vote   download: Third Age Total War 1.0 (Obsolete)
Schoon Aug 18 2008 says:

are you going to add the pacific war into this? Also would you accept maps with a ww2 style with no bots but just the landscape, you could then add the bots in, this would probably speed development. Also i must compliment the modeler, it looks great!

+1 vote   mod: BK-Studio
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