Hello I am shinchan56798. But you can call me Brian or Shin. I love making Half Life mods. As you see I am making a hd pack. That is my first attempt. I am still practicing and I plan on making mods and games in unity3d. So enjoy :D

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10 Review

Mod Review on Dec 19th, 2010 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

This mod was very fun and it had a great story. All three episodes are addicting. Its very awesome :D :D

Afraid of Monsters
10 Review

Mod Review on Dec 5th, 2010

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Half-Life: Redux
10 Review

Mod Review on Nov 30th, 2010

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Half-Life: Blue Shift
9 Review

Game Review on Nov 19th, 2010
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Half Life Blue shift is agreat installment for Half life. In 2001 this mod/game by Gearbox came with a hd pack for all half life mods and games. Ok, enough talking about hd packs and stuff. So in this Half life game you play as Barney Calhoun and well the same thing that happens in Black Mesa. a huge accident that makes a portal to another planet Called Xen and you fight the HECU army and aliens. Well HL Blue shift has no ending boss or gman ending. Its just a car scene. Well, although it was great it lagged most of the time alot of times loading screens would stay there and I had to restart my laptop too many times. ( That was probaly my pc or steam.) This one was really short. But it was still great I'm giving it a 9/10 !

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