Specialist Technician. PC Gamer. Stargate and Star Wars Fan. Computer Geek. Military Enthusiast. Science Enthusiast (Nut). Mountain Biker. Photographer. Cinematographer. Audiophile. SketchUp Modeller. Video Editor. Audio Editor. (No, my name isn't really Shane M. Schofield...it's an inside joke.)

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First of all the Shocked, Saddened part:
As many of you may know, bushfires have hit Victoria, currently there are 181 people dead and 80 missing. Also 1,831 homes have been destroyed. If you can, I ask you to donate money or help these people out. Even more shocking, is that some of these fires have been lit by arsonists, let justice be done for they have committed mass murder.

But on to the frustrated part of the blog:

Damn Google Sketchup's 10MB file size limit!!! I have been working on this massive model of a modified Imperial - Class Star Destroyer, it has over 1.4 million edges, so it is very detailed (I've done the bridge and hangar too), and I can't upload it!

The Sabre - Class Battlecruiser

The Sabre - Class Battlecruiser.

The .skp file is about 7.7MB, but Sketchup converts it to a .kmz file when you try to upload. This turns the file into a 19MB monster. Why can Google just let us upload our models in .skp format!?

This pretty much means that I'll have to rip weapons off of it, remove detail so it will upload...Great. Or I could cut the model in half then get people to paste the two parts together....
I may upload it here if it is OK to do so.

Now to the gaming/modding/modelling part:

I'm excited about the FoC version of the SG:EAW mod. Looking forward to a bug-free, fully playable English version. Effects should be better and the third faction should be interesting. Keep up the good work SGMG.

Anyway, I've been biking, gaming, modding, you know the usual.

Good Gaming and Good Modding.

You probably had enough of me griping about the hot weather in Australia but I promise I'll keep it to one line.

Well, we got up to 46.4 °C. Other places in the state got to 47.9 °C. Bushfires still raging. Enough said.

UPDATE: the next day, the temperature dropped to 24 °C and it's raining! Yeah.

Have recovered from Stargate SG-1 marathon, I think or I might be high on something called caffeine.
Had a little mountain biking accident. Thank God for helmets. But can't use mouse properly. Stupid brakes.

Started playing DOS games again. Fun, for about 5 minutes. Then went back to the full power of 32-bit computing power and gaming. If 32-bit games look this good...bring on 64-bit already!

Still waiting for EndWar and H.A.W.X. Can't wait for Supreme Commander 2 and the next instalments of Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon.

Just trying to chill. So to speak. That is all.

Good Gaming and Good Modding.


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So tired...need sleep, caused by Stargate SG-1 marathon.

Attempting to type for blog.
Spent good part of yesterday and today fixing computers.
Been modding in-game stats for fun.
Want Stargate SG-1 on Blu-Ray.
Looking forward to Spinobreaker's SG:EAW patch.
Also looking forward to SG:EAW 2.0 or whatever it is.
Wish I could compose music.
Want to get more games for PC.
Editing Wikipedia. Long markup makes my eyes sore.
Still Working on Sketchup.
Should go mountain biking soon.
Bored Out of Mind.
Anyway, that's about it.

Good Gaming and Good Modding.

I have evidence of one person reading this blog...damn can't say that no one reads this anymore.
But on to the blogging!!!

Yes!!! Today was "only" 32 °C much better than that + 43 °C heat. Still want it to rain... Anyway, enough weather.

Tried out some new video capture software, on Star Wars Empire At War with the Stargate: Empire At War Mod. It works pretty well, high quality output, no noticeable lag, all good.( Well, I am running a pretty powerful rig.). Might cut the footage and make a little music video.

Might resurrect a little abandoned modding project of mine...won't tell you what it is right now (maybe later if I decide to restart it).

Besides that, I'm working on more 3D models and I plan to get some better sleep.

Good Gaming and Good Modding.

No one probably reads this, but anyway...

Guess what? Today we got up to 45.1 °C. (113.18 °F for those of you still stuck in the 1960's).
Which means that we broke a record: 3 consecutive days of + 43 °C heat.
Therefore the title of this post is Still Damn Hot.

Heat restricts gaming, any of you out there with an 8800GTS card or above will understand.
I don't want to turn my PC into a pile of molten plastic and metal...

Using Ice packs and several fans to try to keep cool.
No power outages yet. (I'm one of the lucky ones I guess.)

On another matter: public transport in Melbourne is a joke, many trains were cancelled.

Finished header image. For those interested it is comprised of (from left to right): The soldier guy logo from Tom Clancy's games, the UEF logo from Supreme commander, the Team Rainbow Patch, the Tau'ri Origin Glyph from Stargate SG-1 and the Imperial insignia from Star Wars.

Working on Sketchup: modelling more ships for my star fleet and trying to stay cool.


Right, *inspects area*, ModDB, It's nice to be here.

But Firstly, I'll let you know that it's damn hot right now nearly 43 degrees Celsius.
Usually we have 4 seasons in one day, but it's just been hot.
Stupid heatwaves, fries my technology, causes power outages...oh well *turns A/C up*.

I have been long time passive observer of ModDB. Decided to join.
Have yet to make a banner for my page, soon hopefully.

Now to join groups and make friends.