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Hey IndieDB. My name is Alex, two friends of mine and I have started working on our next game. I'm saying next, because we made our very first one two months ago.

"A16"(code name) is a project of our dreams, we've been bearing it in our minds for a couple of years, but back then we couldn't make it. Well, perhaps now we are ready.

We like sandbox games, horros, post apocalypses and RPGs. Though,sandbox games give much freedom to a gamer, what is actually fun, but after a certain amount of time wandering about the world without any objectives doesn't makes one bored (this is my personal opinion). Another aspect of games that always has dispirited me since my early gamer's days was inability to finish some games, and I felt like a looser among my mates how did it.

In this game, we want to try to create a big interesting world open for exploration, with small sides quests and options which will shape your character's destiny and rethink the concept of the in game death. When your character dies you are not winning or loosing, it’s not a penalty or a reward, it’s just the end of the game, the end of your character’s life.

I will keep updating this blog and on our website about all progress we make, though it's just a very early concept and we don't have much stuff to show.

the Game description
Genre: 3rd person sandbox survival
Setting: the alternative post apocalyptic reality of Soviet Union(after global pandemic),the mid 1940
Location: secret zone, somewhere in Western Siberia

A concept sketch of a character

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