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sath Feb 8 2006, 12:34pm says:

wha!? why is it all the good mods which are near releaseed but are a mere 10-2% away?

i am very worried now 13 months ago since the last update and it's 2006 now


+2 votes   mod: NecroRise
sath Feb 8 2006, 12:25pm says:

aw wha!? why is it the good mods which are either dead, incomplete at inappropiate times or completed but not even close to being released?

+1 vote   mod: Skaarj Fest
sath Feb 8 2006, 12:03pm says:

cannibel horde? sounds very much like resident evil: apcocalypse

but hey everyone likes it so why shouldn't i?

+1 vote   mod: BrainBread
sath Feb 8 2006, 11:45am says:

Here is what would really make things go CRAZY and fun but send things through the roof and off into space and out the solar system:
haw haw haw 2 baneblades on the attack MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
2 blood thirsters to show what that annoying avatar what i think of his big light house of a head.
2 chapains with 2 force commanders and 2 librarians plus 8 apothacaries backed with 2 landraiders filled up with terminators and assault terminators WOW!!
having 2 avatars would increase the eldar production line on a gargantuan scale!

oooooh dear people say that DOW and WA are unbalanced as it is and now with this mod now i will not stand a ghost of a chance against even standard enemies now; the swarms of units the comp sends on insane difficulty! it's like they all sign a truce and don't go for each other until i'm dead.

+1 vote   mod: WH40K: DOW: King Sized/More Realistic
sath Feb 8 2006, 11:29am says:

everyone take up your chainswords and prepare for a violent mod massacre!

+1 vote   mod: weapons manufacturers badges and banners
sath Feb 8 2006, 11:26am says:

Don't die on us
this mod is a far cry of the zero hour version only its a nice smooth models when you zoom up at their faces (obliterators are not exactly something a girl would want to kiss on its cracked, pale, rancid breath and bloodied lips!)

+1 vote   mod: Halo: Retreat and Retaliation
sath Feb 8 2006, 11:11am says:

this is gonna spice up renegade big time love the weapons

+1 vote   game: Tiberian Sun Reborn
sath Feb 8 2006, 11:02am says:

and it looked like it had promise...

+1 vote   mod: Renegade MOD
sath Feb 8 2006, 11:00am says:

thats right and besides PR sits high on the mod chain where you can never get to it! because you are blind to real modding specialists skill.

yes you can have a go at me as too for defending vanguard see if i care

+1 vote   mod: Project Raptor
sath Feb 27 2006, 1:53pm says:

the necrons have a form of tank from the table top version and it is a necron destroyer and it is a whoop *** hovering battle platform with a very big boom stick of a gauss cannon it is on a wallpaper from games and wasn't in the game unlike the monolith and the necron warriors which are at the end of WA and you very quickly find yourself surrounded on 6 sides by 6 monolithes pumping out additional warriors to replace the destroyed ones (this was for all you people who don't have a clue)

+1 vote   mod: Eclipse of Existence
sath Jun 19 2006, 2:23pm says:

not to worry help will arrive, your comms may of been answered
i am transmitting a small tube of luck that should guard you for a while, best of luck with the mod!

+1 vote   mod: DOW (TC): Terminator mod (untitled)
sath Mar 16 2006, 3:23pm says:

oh look... another mod dead and buried


+1 vote   mod: CnC Darkness
sath Mar 16 2006, 3:10pm says:

the fact that the mod is inactive and it hasn't been updated in 2 monthes is a jarring stab wound

(comment service could with an edit function)

+1 vote   mod: Eclipse of Existence
sath Mar 16 2006, 3:08pm says:

it's hard to say since although CLR is out somewhere i hope we get our mod after all...

who knows how much longer CLR will be?
maybe CLR forgot us poor folk at moddb
perhaps CLR has lost the spirit and given up?

NO! negative thoughts baaaaaaaad

of course the necron mod will be completed uhhh *nervous laugh*... right?

i would say lie if you have to but that wouldn't do us any good grab a deck chair and a mag, who knows how much longer this may take...

+1 vote   mod: Eclipse of Existence
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