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sath Oct 25 2006, 4:19pm says:

i looked and it can be donwloaded via his site link
it's a silly method compared to direct download i know but be grateful that we can download it at all

+1 vote   mod: WH40K: DOW: King Sized/More Realistic
sath Oct 25 2006, 2:25pm says:

probably not, they could just be neglecting mod database... Or maybe they are young like some of us and are presently going through GCSE hell...

+1 vote   mod: Depth of Heresy
sath Oct 25 2006, 2:19pm says:

heavens no, the pathfinding only takes minimal editing to do, i would imagine that movement would be something like ground movement, minus the obstacles: rocks, dense jungle covering etc

plus i'd also imagine that 'theheretic' thought about homeworld but decided that a 40k space mod would be feasible

+1 vote   mod: Battlefleet Gothic Mod for Dawn of War
sath Oct 25 2006, 2:13pm says:

never mind those tinned fish people
necrons are the way to go!

+1 vote   mod: Battlefleet 40k
sath Oct 25 2006, 2:09pm says:

3.8 Ghz!? bloody hell and i thought 3.2 was the current latest...

yeah about that thing saying you have this or that on your computer like trojans or spyware:
it isn't actually from Microsoft... It's an advertising company trying to get you to buy their second rate cr*p, merely by clicking on the link you have exposed your computer to spyware and an uncountable amount of other things that don't show up on most AS and AV's
To be blunt; if you have fallen for such a lame trick than the thought of what else the web tries to fool you with and you just click on is almost horrific

The thing with the xbox is like any other marketing move: if your boss expects you to sell something as fast as possible then your going to do everything in your power to get people to buy your product, if you don't sell your product then of course the company is going to liquidate and you would lose that job, it's a companies job to avoid that.

+1 vote   mod: Halo: Retreat and Retaliation
sath Oct 25 2006, 1:57pm says:

gee i'd reckon that the meta-map thingie is a campaign thing, but then again i'd imagine that it is also a skirmish type thing for larger (much larger) games so as long as the meta map function is available off the campaign mode than the 'nids will surely be there for all your bio matter hogging needs.
speaking of dark crusade:
I'm pretty sure that America got it on the 2nd of October (lucky...) , while us folk in England gotta wait until November 3rd (not long to go! but still... Damn!)

+1 vote   mod: Tyranid Mod
sath Oct 25 2006, 2:53pm says:

Todays subject: Hackers
Hackers are timid creatures that have adapted to urban environments, using their cameleon skin ability and their sticky fingers to snare thier favourite prey: peoples private computer data
Hackers can be found all over the world where there are computers and they are hunted for their fingers and their eyes which can be used for a variety of things from ornaments to the manufacture of oil.
Hackers should be approached with caution since they can spit a caustic virus infested secretion at would be attackers and those who try invade their domain now this secretion can cause dizziness, nausea and in the most extreme cases death other wise you'll escape with a nasty boil containing an airborne virus that can spread to other people so quaruntine is recommended.
Despite their cute looks, they are so downright nasty and destructive Hackers are not on the Geneva list of protected animals, not even the RSPCA cares for hackers.
So if you see a hacker: STOP! procure a blunt item and procede to cudgel the poor bloody hacker into the floor, stop to think about your actions, steal it's shoes and call for help removing the corpse to the nearest bonfire site and burn the body until there is nothing, then take it's computer and wipe it clean ready for resale.

+1 vote   mod: Dark Eldar - The Kabal of Evil
sath Sep 2 2006, 9:37am says:

maybe they have relocated to a top secret nuke proof bunker with the very latest in stealth defence technology and the best computer componants and xbox 1120's :lol:

+1 vote   mod: Starship Troopers: Archived
sath Sep 2 2006, 9:22am says:

i forgot to say:

judging from the about section you seem to have a lot on your plate... but then again good games and mods are those that are carefully done and sport huge amounts of depth and not just as a gimmick like so many games have, saying that they have huge depth but from a gamers perspective it seems rather short and overrated which i'm sure you have encountered

+1 vote   mod: Adventure Middle Earth
sath Sep 2 2006, 9:11am says:

no, if you read the about, it has merged with another mod...

+1 vote   mod: 40k: Tides of War
sath Sep 2 2006, 9:06am says:

ARG! gamewinners *spits*
you know Gamewinners has become a breeding ground for pop ups that can for a not so mysterious reason can get past most pop up blockers?

+1 vote   mod: Adventure Middle Earth
sath Aug 28 2006, 12:17pm says:

this is unfortunate... EOE has been knocked down, rolled up and shipped off...
this involves now trying to wait out till Dark crusade...
october 12-13 2006... damn it's longer than it seems...

+1 vote   mod: Eclipse of Existence
sath Jul 26 2006, 4:36pm says:

out of interest i noticed that you referred to EOE having more to offer than relic's version i am aware that you pointed out that dark crusade probably won't have the destroyer lord etc but what i am trying to get at here is:
just how much do you reckon is (or was if the mod doesn't get back up to speed) in the mod compared to relics expansion

this seems to turning into a merry debate\Argument isn't it

+1 vote   mod: Eclipse of Existence
sath Jul 14 2006, 6:02pm says:

if i was a mod deveolper then it would be prudent to make the mod known when it is nearing completion that way people won't pester the the mod team and there is less chance of mod death been made known to all tracking the mod
not being negative or anything; just spitting it out

+1 vote   mod: Borg Invaison
sath Jul 14 2006, 5:50pm says:

what a strange and fun to play mod

+1 vote   mod: Mini-games and Parodies
sath Jun 29 2006, 4:02pm says:

now fellow 'nid's concentrate... make the mod work go faster... use your connections to the hivemind to will the work to move swifter, yet smoothly...

+1 vote   mod: Tyranid Mod
sath Jun 29 2006, 3:44pm says:

but what i will agree on why mod progress must tarry, surely there is someone who can continue it should CLR find him/herself in a situation that he/she can no longer participate in the making of EOE
as long as the mod is finished, i'm good

+1 vote   mod: Eclipse of Existence
sath Jun 29 2006, 2:42pm says:

it would make perfect sense if the expansion had things like the heavy destroyer or just about anything in the mod since wether CLR is a head of department or a lowly coffee bringing person, CLR would at least get a say in what goes and so on

but i have looked at some of your past posts and i noticed you said something about the necron lord being possessed by one of the C'tan and need i remind you of the story of how necrons came to be? how the necron'tyr made the C'tan bodies in to inhabit and for a reward they got their immortality at a price and since the C'tan are beings of pure energy they could probably easily use one of their souless warrior husks as a vessel to catapault them selves into a more physical manifestation

+1 vote   mod: Eclipse of Existence
sath Jun 28 2006, 6:00pm says:

dude, whats wrong with halo?
sure people at halogen can get extremely agressive but hey whats stopping people against downloading halogen when it's done to just annoy them that way? i mean, it's not violent and they can scream and go ape sh*t all they like about it but one way or another getting the mod would be easy

+1 vote   mod: Renegade MOD
sath Jun 28 2006, 5:53pm says:

gar, ye be right gar!

+1 vote   mod: Nomad: Fate Animalia
sath Jun 28 2006, 5:51pm says:

still got some stuff to do but i can imgaine the finished mods visage will be wonderful!

+1 vote   mod: Tyranid Mod
sath Jun 28 2006, 5:49pm says:

dude if he said to be part of relic, then by saying that you are also taking the **** out of CLR! :umad:

+1 vote   mod: Eclipse of Existence
sath Jun 22 2006, 4:52pm says:

looks like this mod will add everything that people wished for like that tiberium tank! (weeeeeee!)
but alas the mod is still young and may fall to predators that have deveolped an appetite for mods... so it is important that this mod can fight off those nasty mod killing things like computer theft and disinterest

+1 vote   mod: Tiberium Desolation
sath Jun 22 2006, 4:38pm says:

yes i'm afraid to say that according to they stopped work on the ZH version quite a while ago so they could work on the mod for Empire at war

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: Imperial Assault
sath Jun 22 2006, 4:27pm says:

bahahahaha! now no one can stop the mod now that it is so close to 100% release!

0 votes   mod: Quake II: Lost Marine
sath Jun 22 2006, 4:09pm says:

i'll second on that comment

+1 vote   mod: Diseased
sath Jun 22 2006, 4:07pm says:

gee wouldn't it would make more sense if you got the mod AND the expansion when they come out?

+1 vote   mod: Tyranid Mod
sath Jun 22 2006, 4:04pm says:

excellent! now artillery is useful for more than just attacking defences, now it can defend in it's own special way!

+1 vote   mod: Support Services
sath Jun 22 2006, 4:01pm says:

now it occurs to me that when someone says: singleplayer, they mean: campaign since skirmish is a multiplayer thing wether you like that way it or not
right now the air is heavy with tension on what is going to happen to the mod...
it seems to be teetering on the brink of collapse, it's fragile balence cannot hold for long without a progress revival

+1 vote   mod: Eclipse of Existence
sath Jul 21 2006, 2:38pm says:

CLR couldn't possibly of forgotten about us
hmm me's been doin' some thinkin' an' i rekon you could take over mod, IF CLR for some enigmatic reason, decide to stop mod production permantly, you know... just to provide some mod devolpment until someone more qualified comes along

+1 vote   mod: Eclipse of Existence
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