I am full of idea's and have so far got 3 projects on the go. It helps to be unemployed in that i have all the time i need to work, but kinda sucks that i dont have any funds. I'm a gamer and since i first layed my eyes on wolfenstein 3D i knew what i wanted in life. To make my own game. so here i am over 15 years later with 2 short termish projects and one longterm release project. Skills----- texturing(moderate)

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Has anybody else played this game?

It sucks major donkey

It is a generic copy of a certain Star Wars game i could mention and a poor copy at that.
It's missing wookies and lightsabers.
I don't know if its because i'm a violent person or if its because it took me over half an hour to be alowed to shoot somebody but I wanted to stick on F.E.A.R after playing Mass Effect.
I actually played it for at least 30 hours trying to make it worth the money.
It was like trying to use a MAC Notebook, sure it looks kinda cool, then you use it and you wake up in the woods 2 days later with a broken condom in your eyesocket, wondering where your wallet and virginity went.

They saw me comming in Gamestop I tell you.

Don't let them get you!!!!!


I say it's a good game, but then I play Project Reality, so I'm good with waits between action scenes.

and by FEAR I do hope you mean the original, where the AI was actually good.

I suggest for your next, uhhh... 'review' you include some specific reasons as to why it's a bad game, that'll keep people from playing it.

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SAS_Elite Author

It plain and simple sucked balls. The story was bland the levels were bland and repetitive "some exception to the levels being repetitive when it came to following the storyline" (though less than interesting)
I wouldn't call it a review as such but more verbal diareah at the fact that they expect people to pay for **** and we still fall for it.
I can't wait to play project reality i don't care about waiting if the game is good.
Of course I mean the original i still can't beat the bastard ai on hard let alone hardest (I got stuck on one level) it took me a day to clear it on normal, F.E.A.R files i've yet to finish but F.E.A.R 2 lasted about 4 or five hours on hardest. ITS LIKE PLAYING HALFLIFE 2 AFTER HALFLIFE 1. the ai in half life were so agressive.

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