I am a Applied Computer Graphics student with a focused major on Concept Art and story boarding, fallowed by a minor in Studio Arts. I also love working with stories and plot.

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0 comments by Saroko on Jun 2nd, 2014

Amazing to think I have already graduated college. Wow.
As much as I will miss the classrooms and late night bike rides home from the labs it will be nice to finally get some real world experience rather than just what is on the syllabus...
Onto work and such-
Thought I am currently working on several outside games and some concept work for some friends I may be open here and there to do a little work for anyone who needs a bit.
This is not to say I am totally open! If I am in a thick part of my work load from my current groups than I will inform you- but don't be afraid to ask. I tend to be a rather friendly person ^^

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0 comments by Saroko on Feb 7th, 2013

My class just started a new project- looks like we'll be working with go-carts and race tracks this semester. I'm not much for designing carts but go-carts sound interesting- and I already have a racer design idea! haha-
I'm rather excited to start after having to do so many T pose practices.
Let the work begin!

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