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sarah_jane_smith Jul 14 2013, 10:33am says:

I've put the 38 frames of this animation up as a screen shot of my sprite sheet editor on my blog, in case anyone's interested in sprite sheets.

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sarah_jane_smith Jul 3 2013, 10:54am replied:

Hey - thanks for the vote of confidence. Its much appreciated. :-)

I'm working really hard right now to get the first playable beta of the game done, so I hope to post more updates here soon. For now I just put up a wip render. More to come!

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sarah_jane_smith Jun 3 2013, 7:48pm says:

Allfather - thanks for the comments but:

Its a graphical game, not a text based game.

Its not for the PC, its for the iPad.

The artwork is "for now". I'm not going to post final artwork 6 months before the game is released.

Will I get a professional artist in? Most likely, but I have to prove the game works at all first, and for that I need at least some animated artwork.

"With today's advanced games..." - on the iPad? Broken Sword is still selling well. If McPixel and games like Tipping Point can do well, with that level of self-authored artwork I think I'm going just fine.

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sarah_jane_smith Jun 3 2013, 10:14am says:

Hmm - I edited the content of this news piece to address some comments that folks made, and now somehow I don't see those comments any more. Thanks to those that made comments - my intention was not to remove them!

Anyway - the mentions about "destined for the trashcan" of text based adventure games: I did originally start work on this back years ago as a text adventure, but now it is very graphical. The amount of text and graphics is going to be about the same as say any of the very successful Broken Sword or Cognition games, and I am aiming for a similar look and quality - or at least as close as I can get with my resources.

Also the mentions about the main characters look. I take your point but please - this is a work in progress.

I am a software engineer, by profession, and I try my best at artwork. The vector artwork you see above is from an animation package, Anime Studio, and thus is a little clunky due to the limitations of that format. I have to do an 8-way facing render of that character so niceties such as getting my character to look like Gwyneth Paltrow at the same time as she's trying to solve mysteries are not something I have had time to address.

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sarah_jane_smith Jun 3 2013, 10:01am replied:

:-) that's my crappy artwork -- It's vector art so I'm either going to improve it a lot, or get a pro artist to do the real thing

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