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samtam99 Mar 20 2015, 2:51pm says:

Any news? No, I haven't given up hope yet. Sigh.

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samtam99 Jan 18 2015, 9:16am says:

Warcraft 2 graphical style + that feature list = I'm sold.


+3 votes   game: Wyrmsun
samtam99 Nov 26 2014, 10:05am says:

Great news, looking forward to it :)

+2 votes   game: Dustbowl - A Wasteland Adventure
samtam99 Nov 24 2014, 5:59pm says:

Any news about the alpha demo?

+2 votes   game: Dustbowl - A Wasteland Adventure
samtam99 Nov 24 2014, 10:00am says:

This slipped under my radar, but it looks very interesting. It reminds me of the old DOS game MadTV (which was great, btw) and I love the pixel art graphics. Tracked.

+1 vote   news: A year in the making
samtam99 Nov 12 2014, 5:58pm says:

Can't wait to try the demo!

+1 vote   news: Latest from the Dustbowl
samtam99 Nov 7 2014, 9:06am says:

I feel like I'm repeating myself but, aside from the fact that the features are very interesting, I'm totally in love with the pixellated graphical style. Can't wait to try it!

+2 votes   news: Latest Dustbowl News
samtam99 Oct 24 2014, 3:08pm says:

I love the concept and that ICFTD-style map looks fantastic. Definitely tracking this.

+4 votes   game: Dustbowl - A Wasteland Adventure
samtam99 Aug 16 2014, 11:07am says:

This looks very, very interesting. I like the art style a lot (definately unlike anything I've seen before) and the dialogue system gives me a strong Ultima 7 vibe.

Definately going to try this.

+1 vote   game: The Testament of the White Cypress
samtam99 Dec 17 2013, 11:08am says:

Looks truly amazing!

+1 vote   news: One week to 0.4 release!
samtam99 Dec 17 2013, 9:26am says:

It looks beyond awesome. I really can't wait!

+4 votes   news: Heroine's Quest: Frequently Asked Questions
samtam99 Nov 27 2013, 9:50am says:

I honestly thought I'd never see this released... glad to see I've been proven wrong! :D

+2 votes   mod: Desolated - The Crying Fate
samtam99 Jun 30 2012, 9:33am says:

God, this looks better and better every time an update is posted - that paragraph on "world altering choices" alone makes me drool to no end. Can't really wait to get my hands on the beta.

+5 votes   news: Suffering - Angel of Light or Demon? New Character Reveal - Crowley's Tale
samtam99 May 21 2012, 8:36am says:

Just wanted to let you know that I've been following this project for quite a while and I like what I've seen. I like it a lot, especially the focus on making the world as dynamic as possible. I'm rather puzzled by the total lack of built-in quests, though: wouldn't it be better, maybe in the future, to use this advanced AI and world simulation system to implement quests which actually take advantage from those features, maybe with multiple paths, choices and consequences? I've always felt that, in most RPGs (even those more focused on giving players multiple ways to proceed through the game, such as Arcanum and the two Fallouts) most actions made by the player have little to no impact on the gameworld and, most importantly, the PC is the only active entity (actually, NPC parties acting against the player *have* been implemented before in Wizardry VII, but sadly that's the only instance I know of a similar feature making its way into a finished game). So it would be quite an achievement to finally have a RPG with an advanced world simulation system which, at the same time, features complex, branching quests and multiple ways to advance through the game.

Anyway, keep up the good work, because this is really looking amazing.

+3 votes   game: Ultima Ratio Regum
samtam99 May 3 2012, 3:20pm says:

Still nothing? :O

+1 vote   mod: The Chosen One
samtam99 Mar 20 2012, 1:28pm says:

This looks absolutely amazing - I love the focus on choices and consequences, something you rarely seen in indie rpgs (let alone mainstream ones). Should you need some help in beta-testing the game, I'd really love to volunteer.

+3 votes   news: Crowley's Magnificent Adventure - Love Triangles, The World, Dialogue and Choice
samtam99 Dec 26 2009, 3:58pm says:

This project is becoming more and more impressive. I especially like the focus on nonlinearity and world interactivity... looking forward to the final game and I meantime I'll certainly try this new version.

A question to the developers: do you plan to introduce either a faction system or professions (e.g. baker, blacksmith, etc. it'd be complementary with the focus on interactivity - just look at Ultima 7 - if not done in a MMORPG-ish way of course)?

+2 votes   game: Tales of Novostrana
samtam99 May 1 2007, 7:14am says:

Hi. I've seen you're about to release the second hib of Dark Realms mod and I admit that news blew me away! Your mod sure is the most innovative i've ever seen for this kind of game and it'd be a true pleasure for me to betatest it for you. My e-mail is Thanks.

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samtam99 Oct 4 2005, 10:55am says:


+1 vote   mod: Scream Busters 3D
samtam99 Sep 24 2005, 1:51pm says:

Where can i find beta 0.01??? Help please!

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