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Salk Jun 11 2015 says:

I wish there was some update going on in here...

+2 votes   mod: Ur-Quan Masters HD
Salk Mar 30 2015 says:

Unfortunately it seems the development has stalled again. It's almost April and no news since the September update that gave us some hope.

+3 votes   mod: FarCry 2010
Salk Mar 23 2015 says:

Unfortunately abandoned.

+1 vote   mod: unifiedDeusEx
Salk Feb 1 2015 replied:

Donating is never bad.

But I am myself worried about the lack of any kind of updates since Sep 2014 when Didjay announced that work had resumed.

I don't know what to think but the future here looks, at best, hazy.

+3 votes   mod: FarCry 2010
Salk Nov 13 2014 replied:


Sorry for not replying sooner. I haven't visited for a very long time. There is no update available at the moment but I know the community is working on a project to improve compatibility between mods modifying the same resources. I'd have to convert it to this new format. I can't say whether or when I'm going to do it though. Thanks for your kind words.

+1 vote   download: Scene Redux
Salk Oct 31 2014 says:

The OffTopicProduction webpage has been down for many days now and a new HDTP version which includes some minor improvements/fixes was in the work there...

What a shame.

0 votes   mod: Project HDTP
Salk Oct 28 2014 says:


+1 vote   media: Far Cry 2010 Chapter 2 mod v0.17.02
Salk Oct 2 2014 replied:

Correction: I meant 20 levels, not chapters. FarCry2010 comes in chapters and each chapter takes care of a number of levels. The first Chapter took care of the first 3 levels of the game. The second one is probably covering 3 more.

+2 votes   mod: FarCry 2010
Salk Sep 29 2014 says:

Very good!

Hope to see this released soon!

+2 votes   media: Far Cry 2010 Chapter 2 mod v0.17.00
Salk Sep 21 2014 replied:

The next version of Far Cry will take care of the first two chapters of the game and it does it in an extraordinary manner, making the game as beautiful as it can ever be. There are 20 chapters in the game.

0 votes   mod: FarCry 2010
Salk Sep 20 2014 says:


Thanks, Didjay!

+3 votes   media: Far Cry 2010 Chapter 2 mod v0.16.34
Salk Sep 10 2014 replied:

It's because the SDK for the 64 bit version of the game was never released but it is possible to install the 32 bit version of Far Cry (patched to 1.4 or even with the unofficial 1.42) and install this mod without any problem.

+3 votes   mod: Iron Sights
Salk Sep 9 2014 replied:

Welcome back, Didjay! What a beautiful morning!

+2 votes   mod: FarCry 2010
Salk Sep 9 2014 says:

Really glad about it!

+1 vote   news: Far Cry 2010 Chapter 2 mod v0.16.32
Salk Jul 1 2014 replied:

I totally disagree. This is a "must have" modification for Far Cry! I will never play it again without it.

+3 votes   mod: Iron Sights
Salk Jun 9 2014 replied:

It'd be great but I doubt it'll happen...

+2 votes   mod: FarCry 2010
Salk May 29 2014 says:

The more I played this first chapter beautified by this excellent mod, the sadder I become for the fate of FarCry 2010.

Didjay did what many developers, with hundred of thousands of dollars if not millions, couldn't often do with their HD remakes: the visuals have been improved so much that it is almost impossible to believe!

Please Didjay consider finding some sponsor for completing your project if donations can not suffice.


+2 votes   mod: FarCry 2010
Salk May 19 2014 replied:

The author is accepting donations and has made an attempt to make people understand that modding is time consuming and that he can not put more of his time into it unless he has some monetary compensation. I think it is very fair. Nobody is extorting money from you or all the other thousands that played this mod and decided to not give one dollar.

What are the "appropriate actions against the author", by the way? There are many modders that accept donations. Do you want to see them all behind bars or something?

So far only a few people have bothered giving very few bucks for a project that has obviously been made with passion and care. It is still free to use it but its development will require some funds, it seems.

I am all for supporting it but I can't do it alone with a few other guys that believe in it.

Rejoice because thanks to your attitude, this project will cease to exist.

0 votes   news: Call For Donnations Far Cry 2010 mod
Salk May 8 2014 says:

I totally disagree with those who say mods should be free.

Why? Is this a rule? People who work hard on something and then share it deserve our support if we use what they created.

I have supported economically (very little because I am not rich) this mod in the past and I will do it again.

I played FarCry 2010 and the work that's been put into it is simply mind boggling.

+1 vote   news: Call For Donnations Far Cry 2010 mod
Salk May 2 2014 says:

Hello Tripmine Studios!

I know this is perhaps not so important but I just wanted to tell you that I'll be one of those who gladly buys Operation Black Mesa on Steam if you ever decide to go for it.

I do know that all you guys deserve full support. And that includes financial. I am sure there are many others that feel the same.


+9 votes   mod: Operation: Black Mesa
Salk Apr 26 2014 says:

I am experiencing random crashes to desktop when FCAM loads new levels. Anyone else having the same issue?

Also, how did Crytek manage to create such a crappy system where you can so easily get stuck with the controls just by walking some stairs? In a situation, I could no longer move and I had to reload. Really poor design there.

+1 vote   mod: FCAM (FarCry Addon Mod)
Salk Apr 25 2014 says:

Come on, guys!

We can't let this project die. Let's all donate what we can in order to keep it alive. Didjay deserves all our support!

I just wish he had made this call for donation much earlier, when the latest public release was out.

+3 votes   mod: FarCry 2010
Salk Apr 22 2014 replied:

I solved the problem doing this:

- Boot up 64 bit Windows
- Install Far Cry from DVD
- Patch it with the 1.4 Cumulative Patch
- Install FCAM 1.99
- Delete the shortcut it creates since it wouldn't start the game when choosing Launch FCAM (this is being reported by many)
- Create another shortcut to FCAM 1.99 from the Game's Folder "Mods" where FCAM.exe is located (it's possible of course to just click on FCAM.exe directly)
- Make sure the 32-bit option is selected on FCAM Launcher
- Launch FCAM

Everything seems to be working fine.

+1 vote   mod: FCAM (FarCry Addon Mod)
Salk Apr 21 2014 says:

The Iron Sight option is grayed out when using FCAM 1.99 on Windows 7 64 bit.

Does this happen to others as well?

+1 vote   mod: FCAM (FarCry Addon Mod)
Salk Mar 24 2014 says:

My question (as modest modder myself and mod user) is a generic one about modding: why would many (most?) modders keep "local" versions that improve in many ways over the latest released ones for their own instead of making them available, as Beta releases perhaps?

I follow the development of many mods and there are some that have been dormant for literally years and had been reported by the authors to have many improvements done already 1-2 months after the latest public release was out.

Provided that no modder owe us anything, I always rejected this philosophy for my own few productions (FF VII, Knights of the Old Republic, Baldur's Gate): whenever I made even a single improvement to a mod of mine, a new version would be out. I'd like to know what you, as modders, think of it.

PS - Specific questions about the Hazard Course mod I had in mind had been covered already by others...

+2 votes   news: Development Updates - Got a Question?
Salk Mar 19 2014 replied:

I will treasure your advice but fact is, while I care for graphical improvements, I am mostly interested in bug fixing patches and, possibly, gameplay changes (I am a big supporter of customization).

The System Shock community is working on SCP which is going to be the ultimate unofficial patch based on the New Dark engine.

I know that the wait will be worth it.

I'd just not procrastinate though if it was not for a slew of great games that I still have to play and are in their final form. So it's not that I am really "suffering"...

But thanks again for the advice! ;-)

+1 vote   mod: unifiedDeusEx
Salk Mar 19 2014 replied:

I am really sorry to not be able to volunteer to be of any effective use for this project, kocmo. The reasons why I can't/don't want to get involved in DeusEx modding are multiple:

1) I never really even finished the game - I loved it but I put it on hold because years ago I found out about the modding improvements that were being worked on and I decided to wait (for years...) for them to be completed - I am doing the same also for several other PC games (ex. System Shock 2)

2) My know-how is zero - I am close to be a computer illiterate. I doubt my assistance could be of any benefit

3) I can't unfortunately allocate time to modding - I know it's a very time consuming activity because I've been part of it too in the past (Baldur's Gate, Final Fantasy VII and Knights of the Old Republic)

Again, I am sorry I can't lend a hand.

+1 vote   mod: unifiedDeusEx
Salk Mar 19 2014 replied:


I can safely say that your vision is also mine. I do wish you the best of luck and I'll love to read your updates whenever you have something to share with the community.

+1 vote   mod: unifiedDeusEx
Salk Mar 18 2014 says:

Hello, kocmo.

First of all, thank you for your job.

I was wondering if you might consider including in your nice package also those fixes that are at the moment present only in G-Flex's Human Renovation patch.

Since you posted already at OffTopicProduction, I can direct you there if you're interested in it ( The same person (G-Flex) is also working on a Map Patch here (

Since your modification also aims at bugfixing the game (praised be you!) I thought you might be interested.

And speaking of bugfixing, is your mod currently compatible with the unofficial Deus Ex 2.0 patch?

+1 vote   mod: unifiedDeusEx
Salk Mar 4 2014 says:

Godspeed, Hazard Dev Team!

+4 votes   mod: Black Mesa: Hazard Course
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