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Mod Review on Aug 26th, 2014 - 14 people agree 2 people don't

Stolen Content without any of the other Modder's Permissions.

Not a Very cool or Sexy thing to do.

Some people never learn..

Dark Angels: - Repent! For tomorrow you die!
10 Review

Mod Review on Oct 23rd, 2013 - 2 people agree

Sakura's Ultra Mega Delayed Dark Angels mod review!

Well I finally got around to reviewing this even though I said I would ages ago *whistles* But Sempai has kept me busy as of late so here it is!

Balance. 10/10 This race Mod is built around Vanilla balance with Vanilla Gameplay in mind. It works well and seems to co exist with the other Vanilla races as well perfectly fine.

Modeling, effects, art etc. 10/10. Well done models as usual, with seemless movements and flawless shadowing. It was quite Impressive, one gripe I did had was that sometimes the bolters looked as if the muzzle flash was to far back, but hardly noticeable over all and not a big deal. The banners and colors are very authentic and was quite pleased.

AI. The Ai seems to work well and I have noticed it behaves much like the vanilla races. It does what it is meant to do. Since this isn't a huge mod and the AI works fine with no flaws I will not give it a numbered rating as this mod is not a total overhaul.

Bugs glitches, etc. 10/10 Not much game breaking bugs or glitches I saw. besides the usual engine issues that may arise like screen tearing, or bad shadowing and lighting..but that isn't the mod's fault.

Content. 10/10 Although I am not usually a fan of race mods, I find this teams work very good. If you always wanted to play the Dark Angels you won't be disappointed. It seems very authentic to the Codex and lore from GW and had a blast playing my favorite Space Marine Chapter. ((although not a big fan of marines lol))

Support and future. 10/10 This mod has accomplished what it was set to do so I don't think you will see add-ons to it so to speak. Although Patches will be likely I am sure for bugs when discovered, it is also possible to add this mod into other mods with a little work but I would not advise it unless you know what you are doing. In the future I am quite sure the team will release another race mod in time but they take their time on it because they belive in quality :)


zXx Combine Mod
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Mod Review on Aug 11th, 2013 - 6 people agree

Sakura's Easy Peasy Nice and Breezy zXx Combine Mod review!

Well if you are all wondering why this review is easy read below!

Content. 0/10 Stolen without permission from other modders. Like Demonhunt, Tyranids ETC.

Modeling, effects Art ETC. N/A. What ever the STOLEN mods and their Versions were at the time, as well as Vanilla etc.

AI. N/A Likley default.

Support Future of the mod etc. 0. Why? Because I don't see this Mod being here for very long or you having a very good reputation once word gets out in the DoW community that You stole Content. You will have Zero Support.

Next time maybe just ask ok? It's not very hard the Worst that some one can say is no..

Well I guess if you make a mod in the future that is what the Answer will be anyways!

Thanks for reading and sorry it was not as in depth as my other reviews but I'm sure you guys know why it wasn't :)


5 Review

Mod Review on Aug 7th, 2013 - 6 people agree

Sakura's ZMS Mod Review!! ((Requested))

So I play-tested this mod a bit ago but never got around to writing the review Until now..well here it is.

Balance. 6/10 I found some factions to be quite op, and other to be underpowered. Necrons are just plain ridiculous, and Eldar are Just bad.. Maybe it's just me but yeah..I think some things need to be worked out...

Content ((New Units Buildings maps etc)) 9/10. This mod brings a lot of new Units and such to the game, even the Giant Titans. ZMS does try to do new things and it's nice to still see a mod for Dark crusade. If you like your mods to have a lot of new units and don't like Soulstorm this may be for you.

Moddling, effects, art ETC. 4/10 Besides the Models from the Amazing Boy Chaos, all I really saw was poorly Implemented models from various other mods..((I cant say they were stolen because I have no proof and I'm not going to get into these stupid mod wars)) I found some of the texturing to be choppy and animations to be stiff at times on some units..Titans had poor animations and some of the Vehicles seemed not to fire. A Major Miss.

AI. 2/10 Not to be Harsh..But what AI? I found Units standing around at base More often then not in DEV mode and didn't see any logic in their pathing when they did move, a lot of times it was just a hodge podge of Random Units shooting at Random things.

Bugs Glitches etc 4/10 This mod is full of them, from Screen tearing, to weapons not firing, Pathing issues. It is down right annoying and game breaking at times. CtDs are rare but they have happened and I get a lot of in game Freezes. Occasionally I see a bad texture as well being Greyed or white, but not often.

Support, Future of the Mod etc. 6/10 ZMS has been quite..well Abrasive to others in the past but he seems to answer people when they ask him about his mod. I find it Great that ZMS does try new concepts that most people wouldn't dare..Also it's Nice to see a Dark Crusade mod.

Well here is my review TY for Reading!

10 Review

Mod Review on Aug 5th, 2013 - 4 people agree

Sakura's DoW Pro review updated! Now With Witch Hunters!

As I have stated before with my old Review, DoW Pro is perhaps one fo the greatest mods ever made and one that I play quite often.

So here is my Mega Cute Breakdown!

Balance 10/10. Dow Pro's Balance is amazing, the Factions feel like how DoW should be. No Op Units, no stupid WMDs, Just a nitty Griity Battle in the Grim Darkness of the Future. Not much else I can say really it just has been Masterfully Perfected.

Content,((New units, abilities, Buildings Maps ETC))8/10 Although it doesn't bring much in the way of anything new this is not the point of DoW Pro. DoW pro is meant to Bring Balance,give experienced players some replayability , and to perfect vanilla Gameplay, not overload the game with a bunch of new units that would likely be OP or Pointless anyway. DoW pro does add a few but not much. And the ones that are added are implemented with Great perfection.

Modeling, Effects, Art, ETC. 10/10. Achived with great perfection. Light Bloom is very realistic so are weapon's effects, Shadowing and Colors mend with the models as well, As of the latest Update gone are the Ugly SS SoB Models replaced with the amazing Witch Hunters. other races also have great Resolution updates on their models as well as textures.

AI. 9/10 One of the most important things of any mod for Sakura is a good Challenging AI. DoW Does not disappoint, Although not perfect it is better then most Mods as the Units now Dance Correctly, as well as even Follow better pathing routes and Counter attack. I am quite pleased with it overall!

Bugs, Glitches etc. 10/10 Besides a few Minor texture bugs, or pathing issues that I see once in a great while, this mod seems to have been play tested quite Throughly and Nothing game breaking or annoying is to be seen!

Support.9/10 This mod seems to be updated regularly and the team does post screenshots of it. Although there seems a chance the mod is finally completed.

Give this mod a try! Really!<3

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