Just an adorable girl who likes planes, cars, camping, RTS games, Sim Games, 4X games, Warhammer, Star Wars, Space, Dinosaurs, reading, Poetry, Writing, Drawing, Politics, History my friends and Sempai. I also Bite.

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Hello I would like to take this time to announce something new I will be doing once a month on my page.

I have decided that Every mount starting in September that I will be selecting one Indy Game to give out to a lucky winner on Mod DB as a random drawing.

All you will have to do is just say you want your name to be entered in the drawing for the said Game.

Rules are.

Winner will be picked at random.

You Must have a Steam Account!

All entries will have to be posted on the Image Of the said game I will be posting.

For Example if I post a Game such as Plague Inc. Up you must post on that image in my image section.

I have decided to do this to give more indie games more exposure because most of my give -a- ways have been AAA titles.

Well enjoy my Generosity as I have surplus mud now that the Grail wars are coming to an end!

The Kindness.

Sakura Matou Blog 7 comments

AvatarHello visitor, feel free to take a look around!
link 1 | link 2 | link 3A kind soul I tried to be, I was born into a cruel world of malice that I wanted to hate and destroy..

A Cruel world that I have despised for so many years.
A cruel world that showed me that nothing has changed.. but then this cruel world gave me a Loving Sister.

It gave me hope it made me think..It made me feel love..It made me feel Compasion.

Then they gave me away..Gave me away to a worse Devil then myself.

Made my body feel those things that I never wanted..I could have stopped it..but I didn't.


Because I had hope. Hope she would rescue me some day. For the first time I just had hope,

The old man and foolish priest thought I was pure..

They thought my hope was pure. I could have killed them..I could have Expelled those things..I didn't because I had Hope for her..I wanted to see if people were worth saving and enduring suffering for.

I came close..very close..to ending everything..I gave up..she would never come.

Then he came to me. He was Kind..I had to endure.

I had to endure it once more..for him. He would hate me if I showed him who I really was yes?

I pretended for sometime more..pretended to be pure..My jaws clenched around the world tighter as I had to deal with that foul thing I had called a brother..but I endured..he protected me..he..fell in love with me?

Why do I feel this way..am I in love too? Why do I care? I never cared..Why do I feel warm..I never felt like this..Am I weak?

I had to protect him..I had to make sure somehow the best and greatest would protect them..it was Fate they met that night I am sure..I Know this...don't ask how I do..I just know ok?

It was nice..Then she came back..wanted to be in life again after all these years..How dare she!
What was her motive? Ahahaha...it was to take my Sempai.. That has to be it..I know!! I know what I will do!!

I told Sempai some things..I even told him I would Harm myself..I even acted as if I was ill but was I really? He came to me every night, he took care of me..yes I like this..I'll give myself to him. But this time out of this thing called love..Not like the other times..where it was an act..

I decided I wanted to eat again..I felt his warmth..I wanted to eat more..I started to go out and eat.. I liked it..I missed it. Stupid bugs..Get chewed between my teeth once more. But he couldn't find out..no no no I won't allow it.

The devil found out what I was doing..He dared harm my poor Sempai..No one but me is allowed to do that..I had enough..I had to end this..I had to reveal, but I played the priest's game. He was still

Usefull..he could bring me more mud.

I could have ended everything..but I still wanted my Knight and Princess to come save me.. I knew my knight would come..it's why I left that preist..I wanted to have a test perhaps?

But my Princess did come..but she threatened me..How dare she?

I was tricked..so very Tricked..by her..everything she said was..was a lie..she had no power over me..I was foolish ..I was thinking about Sempai..and her..and despite my threats..I never wanted to harm her that bad...just have some fun..and keep her by my side forever..

She hugged me..I so wanted to feel this feeling..is this why I endured? To Feel this kindness?

He came..He passed my trial..My knight arrived..but he wouldn't live long..I had to sustain him..perhaps I won't be selfish..I will help him..so I did..He showed me kindness..I shall do the same..That is love right? Your supoosed to do this when you love.

The peace and happiness went on..for so very long..I could walk among them..I even enjoyed it..

Then the event happened..One that showed me the true nature of this world once more..

It needed order..I shall give it such..

People want a Devil..they want monsters..I shall give them that too, it's what they desire..

I won't allow anyone to take my happiness again..

So I decree..Will they remember who I am? Will the Bugs remember me from ages past?

Cultivate the Mud Servants! We will grant them thier wish! I decree!I will bask in the very Kindness of those who showed it to me before..

And will grant the people of world the Very Kindness it has shown to me in the past..

Wait no that isn't right..

I will grant the people of the world the very kindness they show to each other...


A blog about stuff.

Sakura Matou Blog 43 comments

So this is a blog about Stuff!!

Like what Kind of stuff?

Well I have a lot of people on my friends list and I don't feel like I know you all that well so...like...

What Kind of Music do you guys like?

What sorts of games do you play?

Any Hobbies?

Favorite Movies?

Favorite Sports teams?

Or just anything you want to share with me Little tidbits!

Don't be shy now come on tell me things!

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