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Sajuuk-Khar333 Dec 3 2010, 6:53pm says:

While it's good looking, and REALLY good looking, stuff like "duck city", quacking and aliens from AvP are seriously making me question how serious this mod is supposed to be.

+2 votes     media: Alien vs Anatidae
Sajuuk-Khar333 Dec 1 2010, 2:48am says:

Duuuude, this is extremely interesting! I really hope this turns out well!

+2 votes     mod: MERP | Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 28 2010, 11:58am says:

This, dear sir, is...GORGEOUS

+1 vote     article: Late Saturday News Update
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 25 2010, 12:27pm says:

It's SWEET!!! A mix of two of my favourite worlds!!!

+1 vote     media: Splash and Menu Screen
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 24 2010, 12:18pm says:

Oh how I loved the other older fallout games...I always felt that FO3 and FONV don't belong to that atmosphere, that feeling. I hope to see this ASAP! I will just love it!

+2 votes     mod: Fallout: Project Brazil
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 23 2010, 1:10pm says:

lookin' great so far, what does it feature? (weapons = ?)

+1 vote     media: NCR Type-74 MBT
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 20 2010, 7:08am says:

Hmmm so you mean things like those I've shown were already implemented but not revealed? Damn, you know how to make a person boil with excitement :D

+1 vote     media: BETA version of Anatidaes
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 20 2010, 7:06am says:

Hmmm this looks really nice so far. I like the Pah sound though.

+1 vote     media: Revenge of Revan Images & GUI color change
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 18 2010, 8:55am says:

Oooooh everything is clear now! So you want bipedal mechs like that one, well, they look much better than the steampunk style liberty prime.

Also, may I suggest some other mechs that I see as fitting? I dunno, I always seem to mix the atmospheres of Fallout and DX:

Thought they might interest you, they look suitable for base defense.

+1 vote     media: BETA version of Anatidaes
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 16 2010, 5:10pm says:

This is E P I C

+1 vote     article: Third Age Total War 2.1 Released
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 15 2010, 6:51am says:

OK, this is indeed suitable! mounting guns on radscorpions is simply genius. Using animals as war machines rocks!!!

+2 votes     media: Scorpion Tank
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 14 2010, 12:46pm says:

Anatidaes? Did I miss anything? Well, the truth is, everything looks extremely interesting, although that walking pyramid is kinda out of place, and so is that giant robot. But then again, it's only my opinion, ignore it if you want. I was only hoping for more realistic models, in a post-apocalyptic game, such are mechs that are physically balanced and not humanoid.

+1 vote     media: BETA version of Anatidaes
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 14 2010, 5:06am says:

Hmmm now this would be a huge comeback? May I also have the link? Hope Chris will be back soon too.

+1 vote     mod: A Homeworld Universe Mod
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 13 2010, 1:11pm says:

I see, thanks for the reply :)

+1 vote     media: Metal Slug
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 12 2010, 6:43am says:

Also, another question: I don't have experience with this engine, but I remember being able to mount horses within Oblivion. Is this possible within F:NV in order to "mount" (actually enter) tanks?

+1 vote     media: Metal Slug
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 12 2010, 6:41am says:

I think Konnrad was talking about the REAL Vertibirds which could be seen in Fallout 1 and 2

+1 vote     media: NCR Apache Gunship
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 12 2010, 6:40am says:

Didn't the Enclave use normal troops in power armor? Or will those be present too?

+1 vote     media: Enclave Powerarmor
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 12 2010, 6:37am replied:

I did watch it, but I don't quite understand the mechanics behind that. It's genius nonetheless!

+1 vote     media: Metal Slug
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 11 2010, 5:33pm says:

this looks awesome, but my question is...while using a vehicle, I guess it has to be an item, does the player disappear? OR?

+1 vote     media: Metal Slug
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 11 2010, 5:31pm says:

OK, I can't really wait for this...

+1 vote     mod: Wargame: 2073 A.D.
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 8 2010, 6:16am says:

This will be EPIC, I hope it won't die.

+1 vote     article: Warcraft: Total War Features and FAQ
Sajuuk-Khar333 Jul 13 2008, 5:52am says:

Yes, the communications problems were solved, everything's fine, and yeah, two days of delay were because of me, I had to translate everything and correct the older english errors, so now you will have a higher-quality mod. Please enjoy the new icons, and the clear, understandable English!

+1 vote     article: What happened to Fx v1.82 + Change of plans
Sajuuk-Khar333 Jun 20 2008, 2:29am says:

the FX mod did

+1 vote     mod: Homeworld: Empires
Sajuuk-Khar333 May 8 2008, 4:52am says:

there is, and ships from HW:cata won't be included because it's non-canon...BUT (there always is a but), the bentusi WILL contain somtaaw ships, because in hw:cata we can find out that some of their ships are bentusi-related

+1 vote     mod: Homeworld 2: FX - Commander
Sajuuk-Khar333 Mar 2 2008, 12:32am says:

uhm I really love this mod, you should fill it into another race adding mod, it's of great quality and the sounds are really cool

+1 vote     media: Pirate Light Bombers prepare to attack a Hiigaran carrier
Sajuuk-Khar333 Dec 26 2007, 7:34am says:

OMG I'm looking forward to getting it!!!

P.S.: DX2 was pretty nice too but...I hope this one will have a story and places/feeling just like DX1, mixed with some aspect from DX2

+1 vote     game: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 4 2007, 2:22am says:

O.o new skyboxes???!!!

+1 vote     mod: Hardcore DX
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 4 2007, 2:13am says:

hmmmmm interesting

+1 vote     mod: Deus Ex : New Order
Sajuuk-Khar333 Nov 4 2007, 2:20am says:

I'm Sajuuk from gameflood, nothing moved since the last year, what's happening?

+1 vote     mod: RolePlay Coop
Sajuuk-Khar333 Jul 21 2007, 4:55am says:

can u pls help me with hw2? pm me pls...

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