Started with creating simple games using Gamemaker, moved to Gothic, then Crystalspace, then Crysis Wars and hopefully CryEngine 3 soon!

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CryENGINE  Developers

1. CryENGINE Developers

Fans & Clans with 398 members, open to all members

Welcome to the "CryENGINE 3 Developers" group . The CryENGINE 3 Developers group is all about creating levels, mod, Total modifications, addon's, machinima...


2. QuakeDB

Fans & Clans with 147 members, open to all members

The Quake Database for anything quake 1 related! (YES IT LIVES!)


3. Spotlight

Official with 560 members, open to all members

Each month we bring to you new and old (updated) game and mod playthroughs, trailers and weekly recaps covering the mod and indie gaming scene, so sit...

CryENGINE 2 Developers

4. CryENGINE 2 Developers

Fans & Clans with 217 members, open to all members

The CE2Devs Group gathers teams and individuals that have chosen Crytek's next-generation engine to power their upcoming Map, MOD or Game.

Developer Banter

5. Developer Banter

Official with 379 members, open to all members

A show all about developers doing what they do best, making the Mods and Games that we all love to play. Laid back chat to provide entertainment and advice...

Single Player Modders

6. Single Player Modders

Fans & Clans with 97 members, must apply to join

Welcome to the "Single Player Modders Group". This group is for developers or anyone who wants to add their single player content to the group. If it...

Eternal Outcasts

7. Eternal Outcasts

Developer & Publisher with 20 members, invitation only

We're a bunch of Outcast fans who are also interested in game development. When Outcast 2 was canceled some years ago because Appeal went bankrupt there...

Lua, the programming language

8. Lua, the programming language

Fans & Clans with 31 members, open to all members

Lua is a free, small, simple, powerful, fast, light-weight, embeddable, object-oriented scripting language. Lua is used in many games and applications.

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