Started with creating simple games using Gamemaker, moved to Gothic, then Crystalspace, then Crysis Wars and hopefully CryEngine 3 soon!

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s87 Sep 18 2010, 12:00am replied:

Huh? How do you mean play on Steam? You have a Steam version of Crysis Wars? Anyway thanks for the hint about statistics... will be included in the known bugs list for the release notes :)

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s87 Sep 17 2010, 7:57pm says:

For anyone who just can't wait any longer: ;)

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s87 Sep 15 2010, 1:35pm replied:

Going to be an inofficial sequel.

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s87 Sep 14 2010, 3:08am replied:

In order to check out Outcast you even don't have to search for too long: you can get it for 6$ on

+3 votes   news: Kicking off the Oasis 1.1 release countdown
s87 Sep 13 2010, 12:51pm replied:

Interesting :) We'll definitely take a look at it when it's released (since after Oasis 1.1 our technical dept will start with implementing some different feature)

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s87 Sep 13 2010, 1:47am replied:

Most of our developers come from Europe (ok that may not count). Also there will be some localized versions (subtitles and text) ... more on that in a following posting

+2 votes   news: Kicking off the Oasis 1.1 release countdown
s87 Sep 13 2010, 12:23am replied:

I guess every SDK has its flaws ... the biggest problem with the Crysis Wars SDK is definitely the lack of documentation.

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s87 Aug 29 2010, 7:26am replied:

Absolutely ;)

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s87 Aug 27 2010, 4:34am replied:

all kind of "trading" will be optimized since it took too much time in OC, as you said.

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s87 Aug 26 2010, 3:45pm replied:

Although the main plot is finished already we won't reveal any infos for now.

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s87 Aug 26 2010, 5:12am replied:

Unique enemies are planned along with boss-fights like against the Gorgor or Achondar :)

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s87 Aug 24 2010, 8:04am replied:

if you don't want to release your sourcecode during the development phase (or not at all) and still want free SVN you may try =)

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s87 Aug 23 2010, 3:47pm replied:

Feel free to apply when you have time. The application details can be found on

+1 vote   news: Story infos, Hi-Res artworks, looking for translators
s87 Aug 19 2010, 3:09am says:

Kinda surprised to see that still somebody is working on a mod for this game. On the other hand Icewind Dale was one of those games ... dense atmosphere, love for detail and an amazing soundtrack.

Guess I will install it again and give the mod a try =)

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s87 Aug 14 2010, 6:03pm replied:

Well I think the problem is there isn't much community left around CryEngine 2. Many developers turned away from it because not many great mods get finished after all (MechWarrior Living Legends being the BIG exception) and new people go for UDK or the Source engine anyway. I think that will change as soon as CryEngine 3 SDK comes out ... the list of advantages towards the formerly mentioned engines will be too obvious.
I just hope you are using the time to work on story and general design of the gameworld, and hold out till next spring (Butterfly, another very promising SP mod using CryEngine 2, was put on hold lately as well).

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s87 Aug 13 2010, 5:02pm says:

damn guys ... that's a very interesting list of projects! ;)
I assume you aren't working on all of those at the SAME time, right? With which one will you start?

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s87 Aug 13 2010, 1:55am says:

Now let's see whether you can meet the schedule ;)
Will there be a version for Crysis Wars too?

+1 vote   news: The beta test is coming to an end and we can say it has been very helpful
s87 Aug 11 2010, 2:48am replied:

No problem man, the game works with the free Crysis Wars Trial as well, see =)

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s87 Aug 10 2010, 2:49pm replied:

Lots of characters and locations of the original Outcast will also play an important role in oOC, that's for sure. So playing the original is not that a bad idea ... it was released for modern systems lately as well on

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s87 Aug 10 2010, 10:48am says:

The left one reminds me of the snake guys from Stargate and the right one of the Republic Commando characters :P

Looking forward to see those on some actual ingame screen!

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s87 Aug 7 2010, 5:37pm replied:

let's see whether we can fix the lack of Crysis releases in August =D

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s87 Aug 7 2010, 5:01pm says:

wow, never imagined that those comments are so much work after all :D

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s87 Aug 4 2010, 6:05am replied:

If you have problems with the videos on ModDB simply check out our YouTube channel: =)

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s87 Aug 3 2010, 3:23pm says:

Use the time to develop the story and gamedesign - I'm sure stuff will get going with CE3 again! =)

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s87 Jun 23 2010, 4:59am replied:

I guess everyone is waiting for the release of Crysis 2 + SDK anyway ...

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s87 Jun 23 2010, 2:18am says:

happy birthday =)

+2 votes   news: Deus Ex - 10 Years of sunglasses at night.
s87 Jun 11 2010, 3:15pm says:

I know this word is being used too often (especially on this site ;)) but it's the only one describing this project accurately: EPIC!

+1 vote   news: Nehrim - At Fate's Edge: Release of German version 1.0
s87 Jun 6 2010, 4:47pm replied:

Glad to hear that and thanks! =)

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s87 Jun 6 2010, 3:22am says:

Wish you best luck and congratulations for choosing the CryEngine 2 =)
Did you know that the SDK works fully with the free Demo of Crysis Wars as well? So if you are looking for developers they even don't have to buy the full game.

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