Started with creating simple games using Gamemaker, moved to Gothic, then Crystalspace, then Crysis Wars and hopefully CryEngine 3 soon!

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s87 Feb 3 2012, 4:18am says:

Your art style is great and the gameplay sounds to turn out interesting as well. Will it be mainly about smashing creatures in the woods or is there some story planned? Good luck with the application - you've got me signing up for the newsletter for sure :)

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s87 Jan 13 2012, 3:06pm replied:

The funny thing is that CE3 SDK Free only comes with the DX9 Renderer so far :D Let's hope Crytek shows mercy and gets at least DX10 or even a juicy DX11 one out with some patch in the near future...

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s87 Aug 19 2011, 5:50am replied:

Since you have access to the Lua scripts and C++ sources you can do anything with it from platformers over RTS and racing games to MMOs - and well, shooters =)

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s87 Aug 19 2011, 5:49am replied:

I don't think you can use Crysis 2 assets with the free SDK - if you want to mod Crysis 2 you should use the Crysis 2 SDK that was released some time ago already.

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s87 Aug 19 2011, 4:52am says:

Great stuff! Just wondering whether you are considering to go standalone with the title now that CryEngine 3 SDK is out. I think it may be easier to get new team members when the CE3 SDK community gets bigger.

Anyway, looking forward to the release this winter, keep it up guys! =)

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s87 Aug 18 2011, 7:21am says:

CryEngine 3 SDK got released recently... kind a have a feeling there will be something in late September...

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s87 Aug 17 2011, 5:39pm says:

Let's see how it performs compared to UDK and Unity, probably we'll get some more 3D indie games instead of thousands of 2D platformers (have nothing against them in general thought) :)

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s87 Jul 5 2011, 9:33am replied:

Hei dbmember,

if you're following us on Twitter you may have heard that we're totally revising the organisation of the project from pre-production to mass-production. This means infos are extracted from boards into a wiki and the task assignment procedures, etc are rethaught, etc

We decided not to show too much of the new oasis level (besides the screenshots) yet and some other features that will be introduced in Oasis 1.2/Oasis 1.3 aren't polished enough to present the public (fighting talan enemies is possible already for example, but sadly they will only attack you if you aren't looking in their direction :D). The reorganization and preparations for the port to CryEngine 3 bind lots of resources, still we plan to have some final CE2 based demo released by end of this month.

Considering the current situation we can't promise many news till then though, check out Twitter or our blog in the meantime :>

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s87 Jun 9 2011, 6:04pm replied:

We're very excited to see oOC in DX11 too! :)

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s87 Jun 9 2011, 6:04pm replied:

ok, ehm maybe another week - but I promise waiting will pay off, guys!

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s87 Jun 1 2011, 2:23am replied:

patience :P
The thing is that we're busy with preparations for the port to CE3 and documenting procedures, etc so we can start rocking asap after CE3 SDK release. Nevertheless work on our last Crysis Wars based demo is continuing - check again this weekend ;)

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s87 May 29 2011, 11:27am says:

Love it! We may do something similar for open Outcast as well, so it's great how such a rainforest may look like using CE3 :)

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s87 May 23 2011, 1:23am says:

"If the free stand alone Cryengine 3 SDK kit is going to support tablet and/or Kinect features is unkown at this moment. But lets just hope for it."

If there is none, we will implement some :D

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s87 May 19 2011, 12:41pm replied:

Have to agree here. The PSN Hack may be something that interests gamers in 2011, but I doubt anyone will be talking about it in like 5 years, therefore it doesn't qualify as historical moment (not even in gaming history) at all. What about a downtime in *PUTNAMEHERE* MMORPG?

I'm sad for those who really thought about the task and picked historical moments where Geralt/Triss may fit in.

The thing with the baby just makes me think: Funny pic, but historical moment? WTF?

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s87 May 13 2011, 11:41am says:

Lol, now I get it xD

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s87 May 12 2011, 1:52am says:

What's with UDK (or soon CE3 SDK) projects by the way? Officially they are indie but imo have lots in common with mods as well.

+1 vote   news: Modinformer Mod News Round-Up: May 1st - 7th
s87 May 11 2011, 12:07pm says:

Cool video, especially since the ModDB spotlights aren't continued for some reason.

How about integrating some infos about the mods in the video, such as game modded, genre and maybe homepage?

Keep up the good work! :)

+1 vote   news: Modinformer Mod News Round-Up: May 1st - 7th
s87 May 6 2011, 5:00am says:

Any chance to get some new Spotlight videos any time? Or did I miss something and the development of Mods and Indie Games ceased altogether? xD

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s87 May 6 2011, 4:57am replied:

Most scripting is usually done using the visual "Flowgraph" system that can be compared to UnrealEd's "Kismet". AI and entity behaviour is defined in Lua.
While you'll have access to some C++ code and headers, still C++ isn't a scripting language :P

+1 vote   news: First official Sandbox 3 screenshots
s87 May 3 2011, 4:32am says:

Now that's some love of detail. You guys are not only seeing what features may add that little extra to the gameplay, but also have the skill to implement it! =)

+1 vote   news: New Overgrowth a129 video devlog
s87 May 1 2011, 3:14pm says:

Count me in! :D

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s87 Apr 30 2011, 9:20pm says:

I hope they'll include some proper docs for the C++ code and especially Lua/the AI system.

+2 votes   news: CryENGINE 3 documentation and help files.
s87 Apr 30 2011, 9:19pm replied:

Sounds very ambitious, good to have a WW2 themed CE3 project right from the start since the genre is pretty popular :)

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s87 Apr 30 2011, 10:46am says:

I hope you'll include some pub level... pub brawl! xD

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s87 Apr 29 2011, 2:29am replied:

If you wanted to mix the engine you'd need the sourcecode of both and still it would be pretty painful to merge code of totally different engines. So the answer is: no

+3 votes   engine: CryENGINE 3
s87 Apr 28 2011, 6:03pm says:

Good decision to move to CW... will definitely check it out when it gets released.

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s87 Apr 28 2011, 6:02pm replied:

Work on that is a little set back due to open Outcast development but I will get to it eventually.

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s87 Apr 26 2011, 7:14pm says:

Screw CryEngine 3 - let's mod Minecraft! xD

+5 votes   news: Minecraft's Plan for mods and api
s87 Apr 26 2011, 5:13pm replied:

While CE3 supports consoles I doubt that indie devs will get access to those features since you have to get licenses from Microsoft/Sony as well I suppose.
If I'm wrong even the better ;)

+2 votes   group: CryENGINE Developers
s87 Apr 26 2011, 8:37am replied:

We're not planning to go commercial with the project, it's a free game from fans for everyone. Atari owns the IP on the Outcast universe, we already talked with some community staff and they saw no problem as long as we don't charge money for it.

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