I started as regular gamer of Savage2 back in December 2008 and got promoted to a moderator in October 2009. Since December 2009 I am in charge over all gameserver of Savage2. Since 21.01.2011 I am Junior Staff Member of S2games and was set in overal charge of Savage2. I see it as my obligation to try to save Savage2 - one diamond of a game from fading without beeing notices by the masses. I formed a team of volunteers who care for Savage2 as I do and together we work on the same goal - bringin Savage2 where it belongs - among you guys :) Cu on the battlefield. Stefan

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1 comment by S2Stony on Dec 29th, 2011

Alongside with some news on the page of "Savage2 - A Tortured Soul" I will try to keep you all posted in here as well about recent activities, news and changes.

As a first action I hope you already saw my news entry here: Desura.com and the new video describing what Savage2 is over here: Moddb.com

Comments and stuff are much appreciated and I will answer to every comment I see - I promise :)
So much for now- I will do my very best to post regularly here and on the official Savage2-page.


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