What can I say?. I am an ambitious mapper, a simple theorist and a compassionate design artist. One of my current dreams is to end up in Blizzard's Irvine Campus working on one of their projects. Sadly I am sure that dream is a little too steep for me.

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Ryusen Jun 6 2009 replied:

Can't *wait to try it.

:P sorry

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Ryusen Jun 5 2009 says:

Just finished playing.

I am impressed, this is really interesting...

I can't say much apart from I wish there was a bit more of a sense of a direction NPC/Story wise.

Like when I reached the two houses with the battery and radio. It didn't make much sense. It would have been real fun if there were some actual mini-quests going on instead of just stealing the gem. so you can earn it.

It is very complex though. I applaud you for what you have accomplished. Some of the mapping is also very nice. Mostly the area where you go down the first hatch. Very new age arcitecture, I also like the melon farm. And of course the design of the outside/inside of the prison. It reminds me of Dreamfall a bit, in the fantasy world.

Sorry for rambling on, but it is a true sign that I enjoyed it none the less.

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Ryusen Jun 5 2009 says:

Keep up the good work.

This is looking better and better everyday.

I can't to try it.

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Ryusen Jun 4 2009 says:

It was generally theorized that all servers were suffering from a few bugs. Such as not being able to pick up ammo in physical form, starting with no reloads, zombies doing no *not including the skeleton zombies* damage, health pick ups not working and possibly a few others. This was not the case with listen servers however.

I believe that the new patch should fix and generally make the game even more enjoyable.

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Ryusen Jun 2 2009 says:


1: Sure, there is only one server at the moment, however I don't see thousands of people crammed into one full server.

2: My community will host a 2nd server if we get a high amount of traffic and by my predictions when 2.0 comes out the mod will be full of a lot more life. so in that case, yeah, there is going to be another server. However nothing is stopping you from hosting your own server.

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Ryusen May 29 2009 says:

I'm going to a college in England to learn game design starting this september.

It really isn't great. I have to do 2 years of 2D game design and game elements along with a bunch of other stuff just so I can get to the other 2 year course, which is in 3D.

but sadly they are still using the unreal engine (I think it was 2004 to be exact.. bleurgh)

I don't know why people don't use steam, the pros and cons far out weigh each other.

I am sure a lot of people can agree with me on the fact that Steam is not only great because of the design capabilities but the ease of learning the basics and the fact that it is free.

Steam really is under-rated and basically unknown among colleges, it pains me to think that colleges like my own still use unreal as an engine and even some more undeveloped engines.

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Ryusen May 29 2009 says:

For those of you looking to play Shotgun Sunrise, =GU= is hosting a server and we hope to keep it there indefinitely.

Shotgun Sunrise is really an awesome mod and I'd recommend you try it yourself.

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Ryusen May 8 2009 says:

Hey 2Fine Team.

I've been checking up on progress from way back to when you guys were just about to do beta sign-ups.

I can honestly say that what you guys have done so far is amazing and I am glad to see one of my old favs still alive.

Keep up the spirit and morale, I wish I could help out in any way possible just to make it easier but sadly I don't have any hardcore skills.

Can't wait to see what you guys do next, goodluck and godspeed.

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Ryusen Apr 26 2009 says:

Simply stunning, I have set eyes upon a great thing (and played it too!).

I can't wait for the next part, I hope you guys stay motivated.

I'll even try to help with the voice acting if it produces the sequel faster!

Anyway good job again for creating a super single player mod with depth and story.

PS: Maybe by The Ink Spots was a good choice :P

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Ryusen Jan 23 2009 says:

Forget the mod, sort yourself out first.

There is no mod without it's project leader.

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Ryusen Jan 16 2009 says:

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Ryusen Jan 15 2009 says:

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Ryusen Dec 27 2008 says:

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Ryusen Dec 23 2008 says:

I'll get working on a map then I'll send it to your gmail

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Ryusen Dec 22 2008 replied:

Hello Jazzbyte, I know you mentioned that you didn't want help or any team, however I was wondering if you wanted a Mapper to help out a bit?

If you don't need one that is fine, but as I was watching your video, it looked like you could use a hand with the maps.

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