I'm a horror addict... and i have been since 2003. I First Played Penumbra in 2006 when it was first released and i loved it, Ever since i played penumbra i followed Frictional's Projects... Then came Amnesia. Once i played it i instantly knew this was the scariest game in years. Once Custom Stories became more popular i decided to grab an old Horror Story of my own and turned it into a mod... and the result was shit. I Became better at the HPL 2 Editor and soon i started working on In Her Memory. I've suffered from Depression for years and it doesn't bother me so much but since last month it's gotten worse. I'm a very talkative person and i'm quite friendly. That's it i guess...

Summary List Top Rated Game Development
Iron Grip: Warlord
Iron Grip: Warlord

92% - Iron Grip: Warlord

3 years ago Released Nov 5, 2008 Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

What would you do for freedom? In Iron Grip: Warlord, the nomadic civilization of Atelia is being swallowed by the massive Confederation. It's a hopeless...

Iron Grip: Marauders
Iron Grip: Marauders

68% - Iron Grip: Marauders

2 years ago Released Jan 17, 2011 Single & Multiplayer Turn Based Strategy

The next installment in the Iron Grip series from ISOTX, makers of Iron Grip: Warlord, Iron Grip: Marauders is a browser game unlike any other. Using...


95% - Pac-Man

1 year ago Released Dec 27, 2012 Single Player Arcade

You miss Pacman? You have the opportunity to play the good old Pacman! Sorry for bad english.

March of War
March of War

63% - March of War

1 year ago Released Jun 27, 2013 Multiplayer Turn Based Strategy

Welcome to March of War, the online turn-based strategy game. Your actions will shape the world! Be one of the first players to participate in a whole...

Hard square
Hard square

80% - Hard square

2 years ago Released Apr 19, 2013 Single Player Platformer

Hard square is frustrating indie platformer game designed for the seers and for players with strong nerves. Movement - Arrows Requires - OpenAL32.

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