im a 5'0 tall women who loves all types of games i take my work very seriosly and my game's even more some times >,< lol. My pasion is movies and games makeing, playing ,and watching hopefully i will be able to take that passion in to a reality. so come along and join my adventure!

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what to do hmm.

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hey there guys and gals! Sorry I did not get to write yesterday have been checking out ragnarock 2 i am really in to it. Anywho main topic of the day would be new games thats are comeing out and maybe some games idea you would like to see me try to make or play its whatever :). I will write an review on ragnarock when i get to level 25 so i can get good in the game and get my second class set up got to tie up all the lose ends. Anywho message me friend me do what ya like se ya later guys and gals XP.

what to say hmmm.

RunemaBlisk Blog

Well this is my first blog what should i say. Hi i am RunemaBlisk but eveyone can call me blisk for short. First off finished ancient mark episode 1. I actually realy liked it! I thought the graphic art was really good for what it was a little repetitive in some parts and on some of the big riddles there was not a lot or no hints on what to do next. For instance on where to play the flute and such ,but it was creppy good music just i wish it kinda told you a bit more of the story. I read the papers but not really how it happen but more on what it is but thats my opion. Hopefully soon I will be able to start my gameing videos soon. I would like to brodcast games like this or some that have been missed under the radar ,but we shall see what happens i would like to do more for indie games and even if i can up and comeing film artist. For now if you would like to leave a comment you are more than welcome to thanks for reading more later!

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