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Rukus_ Jan 15 2012, 9:36pm says:

Rest in Peace. I feel for ya man, and every time I hear stuff like this it reminds me of how old my own pop is ;_;

+4 votes   article: The Bad News First
Rukus_ Jan 9 2012, 6:05pm replied:

I think he means the chest part. It needs to move a bit when he takes a step. I'd use the Jurassic Park t-rex chase as a reference.

+1 vote   media: T-rex walk animation
Rukus_ Dec 17 2011, 9:05pm replied:

You mean increase the size of the map

+2 votes   media: Half life 2 Wars: Reintroduced Factions
Rukus_ Dec 14 2011, 5:23pm says:


For a second there I thought you were going to try to make a HL game on the UDK. I was about to call you guys something unsavory.

+4 votes   article: Big News for 2012!
Rukus_ Dec 8 2011, 9:57pm says:

Am I to expect a different story? Or is this just a remake?

+1 vote   media: Release date media!
Rukus_ Dec 7 2011, 1:54am replied:

Look at the way the light wraps around the model, not the texture.

+1 vote   media: Subsurface Scattered Skin and Eye Shader
Rukus_ Dec 2 2011, 7:30pm replied:


+3 votes   article: Och med dom orden så passar jag micken.
Rukus_ Nov 29 2011, 1:48pm says: this RP?

+1 vote   article: Battle For the Colonies Returns for 2.1.1
Rukus_ Nov 7 2011, 5:16pm says:

This is Source 2007 correct?

+2 votes   download: Shotgun Sunrise Source
Rukus_ Oct 30 2011, 8:54pm replied:

Yeah, thats what I meant.

I'm sad that Marcus isn't played by the original voice actor :(


+1 vote   article: Happy Halloween with a video and more!
Rukus_ Oct 29 2011, 10:01pm says:

Why is Civil Protection wearing a dress?

+4 votes   media: HD NPC Skins
Rukus_ Oct 22 2011, 7:43pm says:

Dead god those eyes o_o

+3 votes   media: Media release coming soon...
Rukus_ Sep 29 2011, 4:40pm says:

The whell isn't sitting in the well.....or is it?

+2 votes   media: High-Resolution APC
Rukus_ Sep 22 2011, 4:02am replied:

Won't they basically be Ministriders (IE really fast and melee attack?)

-2 votes   media: Test Render
Rukus_ Jun 13 2011, 10:45pm replied:

Hes a nazi sympathizer that in his own words "smiles when a marine dies". He deserves everything coming to him.

+11 votes   article: Heads up for you guys
Rukus_ Apr 28 2011, 10:25pm replied:

The blood needs to be much darker.

+1 vote   media: Meat Clever
Rukus_ Apr 23 2011, 9:38pm replied:

All games in the numbered series have mod support shithook.

-4 votes   article: Black Ops to add mod support in May!
Rukus_ Apr 6 2011, 12:01pm says:

looks like some map I played on Fortress Forever.

+2 votes   media: New "Attack/Defend" Map [WIP]
Rukus_ Mar 28 2011, 8:51pm says:

Of course. Another source mod jumping into Unreal.

+1 vote   article: Mindworld: Making the Jump to IndieDB!
Rukus_ Feb 21 2011, 6:41pm says:

WHAT? You should totally give him the delorean, have him like vintage cars.

+2 votes   media: Solomon waits
Rukus_ Feb 17 2011, 5:37pm replied:

even just desura would be awesome.

+1 vote   media: Few Dollars More back.
Rukus_ Feb 15 2011, 6:44pm says:

if I send you a picture of me in a blue shirt can you send me a foldable?


Hello, girlfriend. What do you do when your man mines like the miner your miner can mine like? Look over there, back at me, at the ground, he says marry me, YOUR MINECRAFT IS NOW DIAMONDS!!

+4 votes   article: Notch is back in the building! (for two weeks)
Rukus_ Feb 5 2011, 9:27pm says:

Did anyone else think of this

-2 votes   media: Mickey
Rukus_ Jan 27 2011, 5:31pm says:

Looks like 2, might be one with skins tho.

+1 vote   media: Zombie Master
Rukus_ Jan 14 2011, 12:30am says:


Silent for SO LONG.

+1 vote   article: Update 3.5 Released!
Rukus_ Jan 13 2011, 5:10pm says:

looks like the ending of portal...

+8 votes   media: OF2 - Dark Passage
Rukus_ Jan 9 2011, 5:54pm replied:

Not really, in 28 weeks later the city outbreak took place in the day.

+12 votes   media: Playing with shaders
Rukus_ Dec 28 2010, 1:17am says:

3, 1 looks like the scattergun from tf2, and 2 looks mis-balanced.

+2 votes   article: The Great Tremor Art Vote - Part 2
Rukus_ Nov 17 2010, 8:23pm says:

Make sure you have to "set it up" to be able to use it (meaning crouched or prone with the a bipod down). Or it'll be a rush weapon like in CSS.

+4 votes   media: M24
Rukus_ Oct 23 2010, 1:49am says:

Processing -_-

-1 votes   media: Overwatch 1.3.0 Preview
Rukus_ Oct 16 2010, 4:57am says:

Damn, I wont be here tomorrow. Oh well.

+1 vote   article: WHEN ?
Rukus_ Oct 1 2010, 10:21pm says:

Add some displacements or some more objects in the road, it looks very blocky. Also some recoil would be nice.

+1 vote   media: Army Men III Gameplay Video
Rukus_ Sep 23 2010, 9:04pm says:

ERROR! 404 on the images

+1 vote   article: Party of Sin: Level Design
Rukus_ Aug 4 2010, 11:48pm says:

Looks great aside from the third image. That fan is casting a mystery shadow upon the floor, this happens with most props attached to ceilings, I recommend disabling shadows on that prop.

Also, in the same image the light doesn't seem to correspond well to the sky around it....The lighting says clear morning but the sky says rainy afternoon.

+5 votes   article: 1187 August Update
Rukus_ Jul 31 2010, 3:02am replied:

Hes right, the tree line is ugly.

The rest is good though.

+1 vote   media: Dock, Breakwater, Lighthouse
Rukus_ Jul 30 2010, 4:29am says:

Yeah, singleplayer. Definitely.

0 votes   media: ORION - Mystery Days Event - Day 03
Rukus_ Jul 22 2010, 11:01pm replied:

Reduces gore health and damage.
Changes Fiend Leap Mechanics (doesnt instakill anymore unless you melee attack mid pounce)
Lowered Fiend Melee Damage
Added new cvn_outskirts

+2 votes   download: Coven 3.1 Patch EXE
Rukus_ Jul 15 2010, 6:42pm says:

Sweetness. Also, the models should have eyes.

+1 vote   article: New Updates and Name Change
Rukus_ Jun 29 2010, 5:23pm says:

The SDK is working ok for me right now..

+1 vote   article: Exodus: The Future Of The Mod: Part Deux
Rukus_ Jun 11 2010, 9:32pm says:


0 votes   media: Lift Gameplay 06/11/2010
Rukus_ Apr 10 2010, 1:32am says:

A little more than a month with no development, I can live with that.

+1 vote   article: Development Information
Rukus_ Mar 12 2010, 10:21pm says:

I think most of the work currently is coding. So it uses HL2 alot.

+1 vote   download: Coven 2.5 Install EXE
Rukus_ Feb 10 2010, 10:36pm replied:

You can make an 18 inch (total, not just barrel) out of any shotgun, you just have to get it re-registered. At least in Arizona you can. An 18 inch sawn off is small enough for me to conceal in a jacket.

In dumbshit terms, you're wrong.

+5 votes   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Dual Sawn-off Shotguns!
Rukus_ Dec 23 2009, 6:34pm says:

W00T, now its recognizable!

+1 vote   media: demolitions training
Rukus_ Dec 20 2009, 5:42pm says:

Can anyone provide some feedback on this? It sounds promising but there isn't enough information to say if it works well or not.

+1 vote   download: Shadow Source (v1.75)
Rukus_ Dec 12 2009, 5:40pm says:


+1 vote   article: Darkness Mod for Zombie Driver Released
Rukus_ Dec 11 2009, 8:28pm replied:

NAW! We're just ******** you, it'll come out alongside episode 3!

+4 votes   article: Orion - Beta 1.0 Delay REDUCED!
Rukus_ Dec 2 2009, 1:18am says:


+1 vote   media: Shadows On V_Models
Rukus_ Nov 23 2009, 11:31pm replied:

You have to PAY for to register for Fileplanet. A $6 a month fee.

+2 votes   media: Fileplanet - Exclusive Closed Beta Event!
Rukus_ Nov 19 2009, 10:41pm says:

Looks more like a grenade launcher to me.

+2 votes   media: Revised Rocket Launcher Model
Rukus_ Oct 26 2009, 6:33pm says:


+1 vote   media: mexico drug packs with c4 bomb
Rukus_ Oct 24 2009, 3:21pm says:

You should make those screws part of the texture, rather than having its own geometry.

+2 votes   media: aw 50
Rukus_ Oct 22 2009, 6:58pm says:

The texture alignment to bottom of the right window looks weird, put a frame around the window, try to fix the texture so there is a full tile before the glass, or get rid of that window.

-2 votes   media: Maintenance area
Rukus_ Oct 20 2009, 9:14am says:


+2 votes   media: Plasma Cannon
Rukus_ Oct 15 2009, 12:23am says:

I have only played Quake 3 once and I recognize the style.

+2 votes   media: Decay
Rukus_ Oct 11 2009, 10:51pm says:

Some of the new models are a little strange, I like the Kineses Rifle though.

+1 vote   article: Movin' Right Along
Rukus_ Oct 7 2009, 11:48pm says:

You need a hanging animation, and an animation where the predator is hanging the bodies. Good stuff though, looking good.

+1 vote   media: vid01
Rukus_ Oct 1 2009, 10:17pm says:

This time can you modify the HL2 maps to include the new weapons, then throw them into the mod?

+1 vote   article: Missing Information 1.5.2 delayed!
Rukus_ Oct 1 2009, 10:16pm says:

This drawing and tournament are online, correct? If so I'm in.

+1 vote   article: October! The month of Cold Case
Rukus_ Oct 1 2009, 12:11am says:

Source bullet physics? Realistic?


Last time I checked you can't flick a desert eagle bullet in any direction in real life. Its fine as-is.

+1 vote   article: Not good. Not good at all.
Rukus_ Sep 26 2009, 1:20am says:


EPICNESS! You guys are great!

+1 vote   article: BG 2 1.5a RELEASE!
Rukus_ Jul 9 2009, 2:22am says:

I need to go to the bathroom.

+4 votes   media: I couldn't wait... here... enjoy!
Rukus_ Jan 12 2011, 12:10am replied:

Its actually an older (or maybe the same) model, we're using INS 2007 content after all.

+2 votes   media: Bunch o renders
Rukus_ Jan 9 2011, 5:55pm says:

This work is great even if it was the HL2 engine.

+4 votes   media: Playing with shaders
Rukus_ Jan 9 2011, 5:51pm says:



I love you reactor

+1 vote   media: The battle continues
Rukus_ Jan 8 2011, 2:53pm says:

sweet, this game might actually turn out good

+6 votes   article: OMG They're everywhere!
Rukus_ Dec 31 2010, 1:08am says:

My computer just came, ******, and **** all at the same time. It did this action because of the following reasons.

1. How beautiful you made the source engine.
2. It realized that its going to be melted.
3. It realized that it is now a biological life form.

+5 votes   article: City 17: Episode One - Part 1 | A New Media
Rukus_ Dec 30 2010, 5:10pm says:

So where does it go....

+15 votes   media: Robot Stripper
Rukus_ Dec 30 2010, 12:05am says:

How the hell do you mod a PS1 game???

+2 votes   mod: Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3
Rukus_ Dec 29 2010, 3:54pm replied:

Pardon my english impaired friend. Insurgency: Redeployment is a mod based off the source code of Insurgency 1.0c, one of the pre-steamworks releases.

The reason for us to have such an early version is because a long time ago (shortly before INS 2.0 I think), the development team switched from Jeremy and Agrll to Dr_Spielmann and jaboo224. Shortly after releasing Insurgency 2.5 through steamworks, they stopped working and demanded $10,000 each in return for the source code and content. Therefore they killed the mod themselves.

They can do this because presumably all work done on the project beyond 2.0 is their intellectual property.

Shortly after that, Jeremy released the source code of Insurgency 1.0c to the general public. I picked it up and posted it on the forums, hoping to pick up a few team members. I succeeded, and our WIP project is what lays before you.

+3 votes   mod: Insurgency: Redeployment
Rukus_ Dec 28 2010, 9:37pm says:


+1 vote   media: Shotgun Upraded WIP model
Rukus_ Dec 28 2010, 9:36pm says:

Weird sights...could you make it a normal ghost ring?

+2 votes   media: Shotgun Basic Model
Rukus_ Dec 28 2010, 9:35pm says:



+2 votes   media: Grenade Launcher Concept
Rukus_ Dec 28 2010, 7:14pm says:

Writer speaks foriegn language, decides to write story in english.

> foriegn language, write story in english.
> write story in english.
> english

learn to speak it correctly or get someone to rewrite your story in english and maybe I'd be interested.

0 votes   game: The Revenge
Rukus_ Dec 16 2010, 3:30pm replied:

You deserve karma for giving someone karma for giving someone karma who deserved karma.

+7 votes   media: Promoimage
Rukus_ Dec 16 2010, 1:01am buried:



-5 votes   article: The best 3 words in the universe
Rukus_ Dec 15 2010, 9:39pm says:

Consider this, Duke Nukem Forever is coming out BEFORE Black Mesa. Literally.

-2 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Rukus_ Dec 15 2010, 5:44pm says:

You can make a smooth pillar by making a block the size of the pillar you want, then make two copies and stack them horizontally. After that make the sides into a displacement (not top and bottom, unless they are visible to the player), then subdivide all 3 sets of displacements. The top and bottom pillars will be deformed, but the middle one will be perfectly smooth.

So you won't have to work with those having to align all those vertexes to the grid to keep brushes from colliding.

+2 votes   media: Screenshot
Rukus_ Dec 15 2010, 5:07pm says:

You considering passing on the source to someone else (not me, I'm a source mapper :p) but someone.

0 votes   download: Zelda World 1.9 Alpha (OUT OF DATE)
Rukus_ Dec 10 2010, 5:58pm says:

Can it be disabled? I don't have a good PC.

+1 vote   media: Smoke trails
Rukus_ Dec 9 2010, 6:26pm says:

This looks like a dead ringer for the battle scene with O-Ren Ishii at the end of Kill Bill vol 1, is that where you got it from?

Except with less snow :p

+4 votes   media: Winter
Rukus_ Dec 9 2010, 6:24pm replied:

You know hes actually right....1 bullet can kill one zombie....

+1 vote   media: Map Spotlight #1 - Broadway
Rukus_ Dec 6 2010, 6:10pm says:

The teaser was disappointing. There was only one map, the animations looked choppy, poor editing, and very little action. You released this much too soon.

+1 vote   article: Dino D-Day: On Spike TV tonight!
Rukus_ Dec 6 2010, 6:00pm says:

aa_bridge....those walkways should be thicker than 1x1 with some sort of supporting structures between them.

0 votes   article: Content Update 3
Rukus_ Nov 29 2010, 7:32pm says:

Go down to a butcher shop and and buy a mass of bulk junk meat, then tear into that sucker and record the sound, but make sure to let the meat thaw first, I want it to sound juicy >:D

+3 votes   media: Chainsaw/Pipe Sample Recordings
Rukus_ Nov 21 2010, 8:42pm says:



+1 vote   media: Museum
Rukus_ Nov 21 2010, 1:48am says:

First I was like :D then I looked at the Ion Canon...then I facepalm'd.

Its almost a dead ringer for the Halo 3 flame thrower, image below.

-3 votes   article: New team members, next stop: Steamworks!
Rukus_ Nov 18 2010, 9:05pm says:

I like the clean AK. Its kind of stupid how for some reason people can't imaging the possibility of someone taking GOOD CARE of their firearm. After release is there any chance of giving us the clean versions of guns in a separate texture pack?

+2 votes   media: AKM Day Two (image 2)
Rukus_ Apr 29 2011, 9:27am says:


-4 votes   media: Sentient being
Rukus_ Feb 17 2011, 12:12am says:

John, you're a ******* *******. Its people like you that keep the success rate of mods under , you need to grow the **** up and face facts. No one asked you to devote your life to the mod and no one asked you to be up all hours of the night working on a hobby. The right thing to do would be humble, but that seems to be beyond your train of rational thought. I suggest that you apologize right quick and think about what you've done.

You're acting like a child, even younger than me (17). I wouldn't tolerate your **** or work with you either, I'm surprised James didn't figure out you were such an ******* beforehand!

Heroism isn't about exceeding the ability of your teammates, its about assisting your teammates to the best of your ability. Without my team, I'm nothing, the same goes for you.

+3 votes   article: WWI Source, nature is cruel.
Rukus_ Nov 16 2010, 5:22pm says:

Hmm, never seen a flare gun that isn't "safety" or "blaze" orange. I'm in America BTW.

+1 vote   media: Flaregun
Rukus_ Jun 25 2010, 9:24pm says:

That many physics objects in a multiplayer atmosphere = Lag, so you might want to make those explode or disappear.

+1 vote   mod: ACME ANNIHILATION
Rukus_ Mar 16 2010, 5:35pm says:

Cool, but will you include an optimization option to simplify the animations or models for lower end computers?

+3 votes   media: Dev Video
Rukus_ Dec 23 2009, 6:29pm says:


+3 votes   mod: Too Many Crates!
Rukus_ Nov 10 2009, 1:08am says:

There better not be a stupid part where there is a stockpile of these boxes behind INVINCIBLE GLASS or a fence.

+4 votes   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Weapon Crates!
Rukus_ Oct 23 2009, 10:39pm says:

loved this game

+3 votes   mod: Global Operations Remake Mod
Rukus_ Jun 3 2009, 3:48am says:

^^ your a creative mapper, took me a half hour to figure out the first puzzle. In case anyone else cant figure it out, drop the spray can in the fire and duck into the indent in the wall.

0 votes   mod: Random Quest
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