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Rukus_ Jan 9 2012, 6:29am says:

If you ever decide to make a commercial project, make sure to post it on FoFs moddb page, because you definitely got my purchase

+2 votes   article: Still here: For A Few Frags More!
Rukus_ Jan 6 2012, 3:17am says:

*Ok this looks like a decent post*



+1 vote   article: Reporting Back for Duty
Rukus_ Dec 12 2011, 2:42pm says:

Did you use the cheap mocap that uses the Kinect mod tools? Or the overpriced hollywood tools?

-1 votes   media: Animations | Mocap
Rukus_ Dec 7 2011, 1:57am says:

So each individual object is blurred when it passes quickly instead of the whole screen?

+1 vote   media: Per-Object Motion Blur
Rukus_ Jun 12 2011, 12:09am replied:

A little


+4 votes   article: A letdown - And a dimwit
Rukus_ Jun 11 2011, 11:32pm says:

**** that. Why kill it? I know you're back to 1.13 status and times are tough, but thats no reason to quit! Giving in and dieing is exactly what Potteh wants, he wants to see your mod die by HIS HAND! You must not give in, you MUST KEEP GOING.

+13 votes   article: A letdown - And a dimwit
Rukus_ Jun 10 2011, 5:18pm says:

Ok, so you'll keep the source engine version sitting around, release a demo, and if we like it enough you'll stay on source? Excellent =)

+1 vote   article: HUD Goal Navigation + Engine Switch Talk pt. 2
Rukus_ Apr 20 2011, 6:56pm replied:

shakalaka is pumping another round into the chamber :p

+4 votes   media: Mossberg 500
Rukus_ Apr 17 2011, 1:01pm says:

I wonder if this vault is big enough for its own entire quest branch.

+1 vote   article: Vault 24 Alpha 0.5 Released
Rukus_ Apr 17 2011, 5:49am says:

Love how the combat is so different and so much more engaging!

+2 votes   article: Developer Blog #1 - Hit Detection
Rukus_ Mar 15 2011, 10:42pm says:

Still loving this mod

+1 vote   article: New Suit and Hook Models + Mapping Progress
Rukus_ Feb 12 2011, 11:36pm says:

ladies, please, contain your *******.

+12 votes   media: WIP Orc Face
Rukus_ Feb 12 2011, 11:30pm says:

Needs more destruction

0 votes   media: Gheluvelt
Rukus_ Feb 6 2011, 8:32pm says:

Awww, ****. Gettin' close to beta time!

+1 vote   article: Looking for experienced server admins
Rukus_ Dec 31 2010, 1:08am says:

My computer just came, ******, and **** all at the same time. It did this action because of the following reasons.

1. How beautiful you made the source engine.
2. It realized that its going to be melted.
3. It realized that it is now a biological life form.

+5 votes   article: City 17: Episode One - Part 1 | A New Media
Rukus_ Sep 21 2010, 6:38pm says:

Its a supporting character. :3

+1 vote   media: Curse episode 2 : 12 Eyes
Rukus_ Jul 22 2010, 5:29pm says:


+2 votes   download: Slums
Rukus_ Jul 19 2010, 5:09am says:

One does not simply walk into mordor!

Oh wait...

+1 vote   media: MERP Trailer June 2010
Rukus_ Jun 11 2010, 11:05am says:

You ever think about converting this for play in Obsidian Conflict the Co-Op Mod?

+3 votes   mod: Mission Improbable
Rukus_ Apr 30 2010, 6:05pm replied:

Legacy is a direct sequel, and Tron was made in the 80s.

+6 votes   game: Tron 2.0
Rukus_ Feb 19 2010, 5:07pm says:

Will there be flashlights? It looked a little dark.

+1 vote   media: Radar SMG Gameplay
Rukus_ Dec 5 2009, 8:14pm replied:

Lol $10 being expensive

+3 votes   article: Zombie Driver is now available!
Rukus_ Dec 2 2009, 2:21am says:

GarryWare FTW!

+2 votes   article: Fretta Gamemode Coding Contest
Rukus_ Nov 20 2009, 7:06pm says:

Sounds like performance art, and by performance art, I mean I dont know what the **** it is.

+1 vote   article: Live performance project by thechineseroom
Rukus_ Nov 19 2009, 8:27pm says:

Machete wins always, unless its a chainsaw!

+1 vote   media: Ingame screenshots+ many gore and blood
Rukus_ Nov 15 2009, 4:27pm says:


Make space control more fluid. Star Wars Battlefront 2 did it right, you guys have struck out with it thus far.

* You can lose track of the objective (and enemies) VERY easily with the first person perspective, making the game extremely difficult for new users.
* Shooting accurately is a slow process, the target usually has to be flying in a straight line if your a driver.

You can partially fix both of these by having 3rd person driving.

-1 votes   article: Eternal Silence: The Next Generation
Rukus_ Nov 14 2009, 7:28pm says:

So many awesome things coming out. First, it was Nazi-controlled dinosaurs, now, its robots versus raptor humanoids in a battle of life and death over a seemingly useless ball.

+1 vote   article: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - Deathball
Rukus_ Oct 24 2009, 3:14pm says:

How many polygons? It appears to be very high, and it needs sights.

+1 vote   media: remodeled :p 92f
Rukus_ Sep 30 2009, 2:27am says:

A 36 map long campaign? This could either be really good or really bad.

+2 votes   mod: Cold Case
Rukus_ Mar 4 2011, 9:57pm says:

Get this on Desura on DAY 1

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Master 2
Rukus_ Mar 4 2011, 9:07pm says:

Is FoF coming to Desura? I'm trying to put all my mods over

+3 votes   mod: Fistful of Frags
Rukus_ Mar 2 2011, 7:55pm replied:

2 or 3

+1 vote   media: Phase Gate concepts
Rukus_ Feb 22 2011, 5:13pm replied:

crack, that is all.

+4 votes   media: Promo art 2
Rukus_ Feb 21 2011, 6:41pm says:

WHAT? You should totally give him the delorean, have him like vintage cars.

+2 votes   media: Solomon waits
Rukus_ Feb 21 2011, 6:12pm replied:

Umm, this game was released...then its sequel went indie. So kindly suck dix.

+1 vote   article: Long live the new Curse!
Rukus_ Feb 21 2011, 6:07pm says:

cel shaded is better. Also fix the shadows.

+2 votes   media: Post-Process Comparision
Rukus_ Feb 20 2011, 9:46pm says:

Good looking until I noticed....OH MY GOD THE STREET *VOMITS EVERYWHERE*

I predict a 17 car pileup because the street goes one lane in less than 3 feet.

-3 votes   media: NNY WIP
Rukus_ Feb 20 2011, 9:44pm says:

I have the weirdest boner right now...

+4 votes   media: Marilyn Monrobot 2
Rukus_ Feb 20 2011, 9:42pm says:

Coolio. I'll buy it.

+1 vote   article: Long live the new Curse!
Rukus_ Feb 20 2011, 4:21pm says:


+2 votes   media: Marilyn Monrobot
Rukus_ Feb 17 2011, 5:54pm says:

youtube link please? Always had a problem playing MODDB videos.

+1 vote   media: Few Dollars More back.
Rukus_ Feb 17 2011, 5:37pm replied:

even just desura would be awesome.

+1 vote   media: Few Dollars More back.
Rukus_ Feb 17 2011, 8:45am replied:

Just got this PM from him

"I think you'll find that I was actually defending the mod, which is what the whole point of that post was. I was advising people on whether to let them join other teams due to this problem. You assume I was out to hurt those people indefinitely, wrong. The post was about the Mod, not the people. If you cared for the mod rather than the drama, you would have saw that."

Where exactly in your egotrip were interests outside of your own shown? This isn't the first time I've been around selfishness on this site (Insurgency and Dr.Speilman anyone?), the only thing that appears to make this different is rather than money you want full credit.

+2 votes   article: WWI Source, nature is cruel.
Rukus_ Feb 17 2011, 12:12am says:

John, you're a ******* *******. Its people like you that keep the success rate of mods under , you need to grow the **** up and face facts. No one asked you to devote your life to the mod and no one asked you to be up all hours of the night working on a hobby. The right thing to do would be humble, but that seems to be beyond your train of rational thought. I suggest that you apologize right quick and think about what you've done.

You're acting like a child, even younger than me (17). I wouldn't tolerate your **** or work with you either, I'm surprised James didn't figure out you were such an ******* beforehand!

Heroism isn't about exceeding the ability of your teammates, its about assisting your teammates to the best of your ability. Without my team, I'm nothing, the same goes for you.

+3 votes   article: WWI Source, nature is cruel.
Rukus_ Feb 15 2011, 7:15pm says:

Hey, can you classify this game as a first person ADVENTURE rather than shooter? Especially since you don't shoot anything.

+5 votes   article: Just a quickie
Rukus_ Feb 15 2011, 7:12pm replied:

Troll more

I never said I didn't support them, they just seem to have a hard time understanding why people would be angry, and people like you aren't helping calm people down, and if you don't want people to calm down then you're a troll. Either that or you're an idiot and only read the first and last sentence of my comment.

I apologize if I'm trying to keep the flames down by being the neutral party in this scenario, if ya feel like trollin' you're talking to the wrong guy.

-4 votes   article: Just a quickie
Rukus_ Feb 15 2011, 6:44pm says:

if I send you a picture of me in a blue shirt can you send me a foldable?


Hello, girlfriend. What do you do when your man mines like the miner your miner can mine like? Look over there, back at me, at the ground, he says marry me, YOUR MINECRAFT IS NOW DIAMONDS!!

+4 votes   article: Notch is back in the building! (for two weeks)
Rukus_ Feb 15 2011, 6:36pm buried:


That post didn't make me feel any better (in fact maybe a little worse), its basically saying "sorry we deceived you but oh well". Like I said previously, this shitstorm wouldn't have spawned if you said WAYYY back before Christmas that you talked with Valve. Then people would have been prepping for you to go indie even before you got an answer from Valve. If you had done that instead of posting loads of media in between then and announcing this no one would be mad. The game community (especially one that is as active in watching development as Moddb) is a very touchy business, and once you have a trusting community, they have to be 0 sure of your intentions.

I will buy your game, but only on the condition that it does not break the $10USD mark.

-8 votes   article: Just a quickie
Rukus_ Feb 15 2011, 6:02pm says:

It comes out TODAY :D!!!

+4 votes   mod: 1Week
Rukus_ Feb 15 2011, 5:58pm says:

I call em concept scribbles when I make these.

+1 vote   media: Behind the scenes
Rukus_ Feb 13 2011, 2:20pm says:

After you complete the kings quests you get a barber.

+1 vote   media: Items: Barber Kit
Rukus_ Feb 13 2011, 2:18pm says:

It should be a lot heavier. Maybe 10-15wg

+2 votes   media: Items: Tool Kit
Rukus_ Feb 13 2011, 1:21pm says:

You only have 2 days guys. Just 2 days. Get that **** textured (dev textured guns, for great justice)

+2 votes   article: Day 5 Update
Rukus_ Feb 13 2011, 1:18pm replied:

If the price for this non-game I've already played is any higher than $5 I'll stick with the free version.

-1 votes   mod: Dear Esther
Rukus_ Feb 12 2011, 11:45pm says:

This mod scares me, tracking...

+1 vote   mod: 1Week
Rukus_ Feb 12 2011, 11:45pm says:

0_0 wut?

+1 vote   media: Orbital - By Pelf
Rukus_ Feb 12 2011, 11:43pm says:

There should be a contest of who can make the most awesome mod in 1 week, I'd compete.

+1 vote   mod: 1Week
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