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Rukishou Jan 4 2013, 1:14pm replied:

I backed up my current install folder and re-installed M4-78EP on top of it. I'm not sure if that's what fixed it, but the planet is available on the galaxy map now and presumably I can actually go there. If not, I'll be back. :P

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Rukishou Jan 4 2013, 11:55am replied:

I just realized that's not even true about my earliest save file, I must have overwritten it because now all my save files are on Korriban, after exiting the Ebon hawk...

Edit: Alternatively, if it's possible to use a save editor to get me to M4-78 without screwing up the save file. Also, I'd need a way to get back unless the galaxy map still functions as it does now (which is normally, just without the possibility to go to M4-78).

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Rukishou Jan 4 2013, 11:44am says:

After finishing Korriban M4-78 doesn't show up on the galaxy map. Is it supposed to be there immediately upon returning?

I had the Coruscant Jedi Temple mod installed but have now uninstalled it (couldn't replace the placeables.2da, planetary.2da, and dialog.tlk files because I no longer had the backups... even then, those would have been from before I upgraded TSLRCM from 1.8.1 and even installing M4-78EP) and at least that planet did disappear from the galaxy map, however M4-78 didn't show up instead of it (or off to the side as depicted in the screenshot).

Am I completely screwed here or is there a way to fix this without starting the game from scratch (40 hours in)?

The only option I can think of is to backup my save files then do a clean re-install of the entire game with only TSLRCM 1.8.2 and M4-78EP (I also had a robe overhaul mod, and improved music and ambient sounds, but I don't think they would conflict?) but even then I'm not sure it would work. My earliest save file is on the Ebon Hawk after landing on Korriban but before getting off the ship...

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Rukishou Dec 30 2012, 7:21pm replied:

Oh really? I thought it was released in like August! Now I feel dumb. XD

Anyway, thanks for clearing that up and so quickly. :)

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Rukishou Dec 30 2012, 6:28pm says:

About to install the M4-78EP mod and before that update to 1.8.2... Except, I only downloaded TSLRCM a week or two ago tops, definitely after 1.8.2 was uploaded here (and I'm at least 95% certain I downloaded it from here since I was using the guide which currently links here), but the main menu says 1.8.1.

I'm asking because I've downloaded the 1.8.1 to 1.8.2 patch and I worry it's not a good idea to run it if I do in fact have the latter version, and at the same time I don't want to attempt installing M4-78EP on 1.8.1 (assuming it's incompatible).

I did copy the entire game folder from ../steamapps/common/ to the desktop so I'll probably run the patch right now and if it breaks immediately I'll be able to restore it hopefully. Although, even then there's the possibility the game won't seem broken at first but will have issues later on.

Any help would be appreciated, I really don't want to have to start over after 20+ hours of gameplay in just under a week...

tl;dr Does 1.8.2 still show 1.8.1 on the main menu (I did not update from that version, installed whichever version I have right away) or did I somehow get a hold of an outdated version of TSLRCM?

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