3D Modeller and Digital Artist with a knack for modelling battle tanks. Currently attending an Animation and 3D Arts study course in Singapore. Software of choice: Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max. Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop.

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It's been a long time since I made another post, albeit this be another one to declare something of my absence. This time around I would be using this line: No more cubes, only squares.

I am hardly doing any 3D modelling now, mainly due to the fact that I have fallen for digital painting, and have decided to cast Maya or Max away for now. No longer will you see any 3D Models from me unless absolutely, so be prepared to see more digital paintings of anime characters being churned out every once in awhile.

As per the last post, I have shifted to deviantart, not because of it's popularity, but because it is easier for others to have access to a profile more easily contactable. This one has been very, very stagnant.

So again, farewell, my dear modding community.


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Hell, nobody ever visits here anymore. Either way maybe it's because I've turned down almost every project that requests me to help out.

Well... I've shifted to deviantart, whereby I can post more of my stuff, free and easy. I'll most likely be coming back to modding sometime two years later. I've been busy on everyday life, you know, the usual academic assignments or dates with my friends out at the mall. It won't be long before I realise I'm no longer by myself, seated down in front of the computer table, pulling out models out after another from my imagination.

To whomever who still visits this page, thank you again for being together with me, modding Command & Conquer throughout the last 6 years.

I will still post here, just not as frequent as I normally would.

It's been long since I've actually posted something here, and you know, the days of work and life have been catching up with me lately.

Basically, this is pretty much an update post on my return.

Since I stopped modding two years ago and decided to concentrate on my studies, I worked hard for my exams and got myself a place in an Animation and 3D Arts course of study. I'm currently in my second year of learning the arts, and I thus you guys will be seeing alot of crappy digital and traditional art.

Of course, I will still be doing 3D modelling. Although I stay true to my dear 3DS Max, I am also planning to shift to Maya as of April 2014.


Sword of Damocles.

ruby92 Blog

HOMRA's Sword of Damocles from the anime [K] Project.

Modelled in 3DS Max 2012
Modelling time: 6 Hours
11,174 Polygons.

Made by Karias.

Modelling... It's over.

ruby92 Blog

Well, yeah. I've decided that I quit modelling. Of course, that won't do if i don't present something with a Bang. But this time around, there will be no Bangs. I have decided to quit modelling(and all my projects maybe) to focus on studying. Maybe, yes, i'll game a little, but this may be the last time you hear from me. After my Final Exams next year, i'm planning to go full-time coding.

But that's just what i estimate.... Hope to see you guys soon.

So uh, nobody's visiting my profile anymore.

Popularity level decreased.
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Damage is below 9000.


Anyways, i'm recently re-learning back my skills as i've lost them in the oblivion during my time of 'Death'. Basically i'm learning the basics all over again, as well as experimenting wif that powah of 3DS Max's material editor. Also i'm learning Render techniques, such as real-life lighting, HD shadings etc. Also, i'm trying my best to constantly model Anime Heads(Xeno's ultimate skill) I'm hoping i could model without concepts, yet produce the same results as Xeno. Of course, i have a long route to walk, and i shall not run, i shall slowly stroll, to allow myself to enjoy the art of learning.

Anyways, i'm not gonna be very active ATM, due to a few things:

So basically modelling time is reduced.

So i'm gonna stop this blog post here, and i'll head back to my tragic life.
Also, i feel like i'm gonna die. I feel weak everywhere, pains everywhere as well as a mental disorder known as 'Ruby92's Loli Fetish'.

Mod idea...

ruby92 Blog 2 comments

I have this inspiration of a CnC Generals mod that adds in 2 new factions: Heaven and Hell.

Lore: The world is in chaos, the USA, China and GLA factions are at war. None has given in, none have yet to win the persistant foe that stands in their way. Humans alike, the Gods themselves have disputes. Hell has defied Heaven's laws by creating modern weaponry, the one that has nearly destroyed earth. Heaven could stand no longer, and Earth becomes the battle ground of Heaven and Hell.

Heaven: The 'good' side of the world. They destroy all human beings and hellspawn alike. Heaven units are fortified with magic armor, making almost all human created weapons invulnerable towards them.

Hell: The 'bad' side of the world. They disobeyed Heaven's laws by researching and developing modern weaponry. Hell only seeks to give these weapons of mass destruction to the world, hoping that it would end the war between the USA and the GLA with a Big Bang.

No new weapons to USA, GLA nor China.
Heaven and Hell will have a completely new and unique set of buildings and units.

Okay so, what do you guys think of this idea? Of course, i do understand that making -- or even coding one will be extremely difficult and tedious. I don't think i'll be making this though, so i would accept any adaptation of ideas :3

yeah yeah whatever

ruby92 Blog

So basically i've returned. I'll still be posting my stuff here on facebook and on Moddb so check them out when u have the time.

I'm hoping to further my 3ds max modelling skills to anime modelling, much like xenoaisam(i hope he is willing to teach me) So basically right now i'm just modelling the head and trying out different hair styles. I won't go in-depth into texturing cause i'm sure you all know that's my weak point.

Anyways hope to see you guys around. I'm back to serve TSR again so support on that project is welcome(right taxikiller?)

Exams :(

ruby92 Blog

Okay guys so my exams are around the corner and i won't be so free. After the next week however, i'll be as free as a bird that can fly around and birdshit on humans.

Anyways, this ain't the main point of this post. The main point of this post is that i am now currently writing a novel(yes my own novel) called, Presence: Tsuki No Sakebi(Cries of the Moon). The story revolves around Sakebi Atarashii, the main charcter of the story. Apparently this story has huge reference to the game of Persona3, thus, you can say that this is also a fanfic made for it.

I'll be Updating whenever i write finish a Chapter. I think it'll take very long to write. Very. SO STAY TUNED! :D


ruby92 Blog

From now on i won't be so active on Moddb due to some unforseen circumstances at school. Exams are around the corner and theres been alot of hatred at my class. People hating each other etc. I have to try by ending my virtual life and return back to the real life to stop this all before it blows over. Maybe if i try explain it to you guys, i would cry. In my class, there is alot of relationship problems. Friends turned into enemies. Love turned to hatred. I have to try and stop this madness at school within 2 months. I'll see you all. I'll still be here, but not that active.

/lame mode off

Okay i'm just being lame. Basically i am not gonna be so active as exams are near and my class is in a state of disarray. I tried to make the above story epic so i can improve my composition skills. XD

Anyways, see ya hentai freaks and modders!

This is Karias Rubeenia,
Signing Out.

PS: I'll be back at around November!

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